The Most Amazing INFP Anime Characters (A list)

In this brief article, we will look at some amazing INFP Anime characters that personify the best traits of the INFP personality type.

List of INFP Anime Characters

Here is a list of some INFP anime characters that we will take a look at in this article.

  • Alphonse Elric
  • Akane Tsunemori
  • Rinko Yamato
  • Shikamaru Nara
  • Mitsuha Miyamizu
  • Shizuku Tsukishima
  • Light Yagami
  • Chiyuki
  • Ryuk
  • Toboe
  • Shizuki Tsukishima
  • Sawako Kuronuma
  • Nozomu Itoshiki
  • Iroh
  • Mayuri Shiina
  • Kallen Kozuki
  • Ciel Phantomhive
  • Sakura Haruno
  • Rakka
  • Ryugu Rena
  • Misaki Nakahara
  • Osono
  • Itsuki Koizumi
  • Shizuo Heiwajima
  • Unalaq
  • Jiraiya
  • Kurisu Makise
  • Neji Hyuga
  • Kayo Hinazuki
  • Kou Mabuchi
  • Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Donquixote Rosinante
  • Erwin Smith
  • Katara
  • Johan leibert
  • Ryuji Takasu
  • Tatsuhiro Satō
  • Nunnally vi Britannia 

Who are INFPs?

INFP stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting and this is a personality type in the Myers Briggs Theory of personality based on the theories of Carl Jung.

Myers Briggs is a personality test and brief theory of personality that was based on Carl Jung’s principles of intuitiveness, perceiving, and feeling aspects of personality, as well as Eysenck’s theories about Extroversion and Introversion.

Myers Briggs personality test, shortened often as MBTI, provides 16 personality types that revolve around the dominance of these traits.

INFPs are high on Introversion, primarily, which means that they have a tendency to be by themselves and find more peace in themselves as compared to being with other people.

INFPs are also called Mediators, and their primary traits tend to be centered around their shy, quiet attitudes.

Mediators or INFPs only make up about 4% of the population, which makes them a rather rare personality type.

They are usually quiet and open-minded and tend to be creative and imaginative, with a caring and novel approach to everything they do.

INFPs are also known to be quite idealistic and altruistic, and they are likely to believe the good in all people, perhaps even to the point of naivete.

A common problem that almost all INFPs face is the risk of feeling misunderstood is, and due to this reason when they do find like-minded people to spend their time with, they are loyal and joyful to a fault.

Mediators or INFPs are part of the Diplomat Role group, which means that they are strongly guided by their principles, rather than by logic, excitement, or practicality.

Where there is a decision to be made about moving forward they are more likely to look for honor, beauty, morality, and virtue, as the INFP is more concerned with the purity of their intent, rather than rewards and punishments.

INFPs are justifiably proud of this quality, however, sadly for them sometimes, not everyone understands the drive behind these feelings and decision-making processes like this, and it can often lead to them feeling lonely and isolated.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Details of INFP Anime Characters

Alphonse Elric is an INFP Anime character from the show Full-metal alchemist, and he is one of the characters that have the most in common with the descriptions of INFPs.

Alphonse lost his body during an alchemical experiment which was meant to bring his deceased mother back to life and in this experiment, he had his soul attached to a suit of armor by his older brother Edward. As a result of this experiment, Alphonse is now almost invulnerable as long as the armor’s seal is not erased but is unable to feel anything.

The armor that he has on all the time may be seen as the metaphorical armor introverts wear, that shields them off from the world and keeps them safe and cocooned inside their neat little space.

INFPs in particular tend to keep to themselves much more than they want to deal with other people, and Alphonse being a shy timid kid stuck inside an armor personifies that.

His quest for the Philosopher’s stone to get his body back personifies the INFP traits of creativity and Dedication, while the experiment he lost his body in to bring his mother back speaks volumes about the sensitivity and feelings aspect of this personality type.

Perhaps the most INFP thing about this anime character is however his devotion to his younger brother despite his own young age, and his willingness to sacrifice himself for the good of others.

He is seen as sweet, intelligent, and moral, which are some of the most central traits of INFPs. Another exceedingly INFP thing about this character is his tendency for doubt and insecurity. He also makes sure he is always concentrated on moving forward with determination, which again speaks to the INFP trait of being hardworking and energetic about the job at hand.

He is also often left taking care of the deep philosophizing bit of their mission, which is also a unique INFP trait.

Akane Tsunemori

Akane Tsunemori is the lead character in the anime Psycho-Pass. She is also the Point-Of-View character in the show.

It has been seen that very few INFP personalities are women, although it doesn’t seem to be the norm in Anime, where there are quite a few female characters with INFP traits.

Akane is described as “shy and timid” at the time of her recruitment into the police force, and she has also been called idealistic on occasion. These traits describe INFPs perfectly and it makes sense to classify Akane as such.

Another big INFP trait that can be seen in Akane is the doubts and insecurities about her existence, and the philosophical ideas she has about the same.

INFPs tend to mull over the purpose of everything fairly often and seeing that particular trait in Akane is just further proof of her MBTI personality subtype.

With the passing of time, Akane comes out as intelligent, insightful. patient and compassionate Inspector, which are also specific INFP traits according to the personality description for this subtype.

She is also seen to be polite and respectful, which may be seen as an introverted trait, and the fact that she can be headstrong, growing angry or upset with others for doing things with which she disagrees philosophically, only give further proof that she is, in fact, INFP, as this personality can clash heads with people they don’t agree with on moral or philosophical points, and they can come out rather strong on these as well.

It has also been noticed that Akane has her own sense of justice, which stands in line with the moral nature of INFPs and their strict code of conduct about right and wrong. This INFP trait is also reflected in her choice of profession, which is all about catching criminals and righting the wrongs done in society, and ultimately helping people.

Rinko Yamato

Rinko Yamato is a secondary character in the Anime Ore Monogatari.

She is shown to be a shy, petite girl who the lead Takeo Gouda saves from a molester on a train.

She is described as pretty and timid and a quiet girl who has a silent crush on her savior. These traits are often seen in INFPs, and it is understandable why they would be seen in Rinko.

She is also shown as a very sentimental personality, with intense feelings of love for the character that saves her, and the feelings of her crush and love for him are usually a core tenet in scenes that feature her. INFPs tend to be rather sentimental as a rule, so this fits into her characterization as an INFP.

She’s also been described and shown as patient and understanding, which are also INFP traits, and her shy, quiet nature are core characteristics of INFP people.

She is energetic, kind, and likes to help people, while at the same time not enjoying being helped particularly much. INFPs tend to be very altruistic and caring in their attitudes, always looking out for other people but not really that keen on receiving help themselves, which is seen very clearly in Yamato.

Rinko also has a fair bit of insecurities as well, and she is seen as reserved about wearing a bikini at one point as she is concerned about her childish figure. Insecurities about the body and having low self-esteem often plagues INFPs, and in fact, it has been shown to make them quite prone to depression as well.

When Rinko is shown to be jealous, her jealousy tends to focus more inward, making her sad and lonely, rather than lash out towards the objects causing said jealousy. Introverts, and INFPs in particular, tend to internalize ordinarily aggressive negative feelings like jealousy and hatred, which extroverted people might express in such circumstances. 

Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Nara is a character on the popular anime Naruto, and he is another quintessentially INFP anime character.

He is seen as lazy and shy most of the time but he is also in possession of a rare intellect that helps him be spectacular in combat, which describes INFPs rather well. While they may not be involved in combat, they do have qualities of shyness and timidity that belie stronger tendencies and intellect on the inside.

Shikamuru’s background consists of a story about him having been rejected from playing ninja by his peers and his subsequent trip to a hillock where he then sat and watched clouds. 

INFPs usually retreat to their shells when they are refused something or when they have been hurt in some way, and often they find solace in nature or ambiguous things that they can project their creativity on.

Shikamuru’s goal is often shown to be to live and die unremarkably without having done nothing at all. 

While this in particular is not an INFP trait, it can be seen as a metaphor for being an introvert. 

The desire to be left alone and unbothered is a driving force behind a lot of what introverts do, and this desire of Shikamuru’s to be unnoticed through life and in the after life speaks to many INFPs strongly.

Shikamaru often calls himself “the number one coward”, however, like a true INFP, he actually has a strong moral compass and is loyal and dedicated to his friends.

His INFP traits can be seen in his friendship with Chōji Akimichi’s as well, and like a true INFP that can be caring and sweet to beyond expectation, Shikamaru was one of the first people to look past his weight and find value in who he naturally was.

Mitsuha Miyamizu

Mitsuha Miyamizu is the female protagonist of the Anime Kimi no Na Wa.

She is a 17-year old high-school student who lives in a small rural town called Itomori, and she serves as a priestess in her family shrine.

However, it is shown that Mitsuha is dissatisfied with her small-town life and due to the strained relationship with her stern father and the criticism she faces when performing as a shrine maiden, she wishes to live as a handsome boy in Tokyo.

Mitusha has a desire to be away from things in her life and is shy and timid in front of her stern father. These characteristics can often be seen in INFPs and make Mitusha one as well.

In addition, she has idealistic views of the world she has never seen and thinks about it often, wishing that she would be there and thinking about it all the time.

Imagination and wishful thinking are big INFP traits, in fact, it is these traits that draw them so much to fantasy and fiction, and these traits are seen in Mitusha, who imagines Tokyo to be this wonderful, amazing city, and eventually becomes a schoolboy in this city as well.

Mitsuha is also described as a kind, caring, organized, and a supportive girl who is also determined, some key INFP traits.

She is also seen as being tired of her close-knit lifestyle in the small and rural town of Itomori.

She is also seen as persistent, which is another trait that defines INFPs, as when they put their mind to something they can be rather hell-bent about it.

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the main protagonist of the show D-note, which started out as just Anime and has been adapted into a mainstream show as well.

Light Yagami is described as hard-working, talented, which are very specific INFP personality traits, and also as a natural genius, who is highly perceptive and good with problem-solving.

INFPs also tend to be very detail-oriented people and true to this characteristic, Light has been shown as being a skilled planner and is consistently good at mapping out scenarios.

Light also has a strong sense of justice, which is another characteristic of INFPs, as they can be rather rigid about their moral code and be seen as strict and unmoving about their principles surrounding right and wrong.

He also shows a great deal of loyalty, even giving away his beloved notebook in exchange for his sister rather than figure out some other way around it and keep his beloved prize.


Ryuk is another character on D-Note that shows some great INFP traits, especially ones that are not usually seen in people or even on characters on tv shows or movies, that is, some of the more negative traits of INFPs.

INFPs are usually seen as shy and reserved people who prefer being by themselves, however, they can also be rigidly idealistic in terms of what they want with almost ignorant of everything else that might go against such an attitude, like hurting other people.

Their tendency to be alone and isolated can also turn inward and make them cold and detached, and with their imagination and creativity in the mid, it can make for a formidable villain like Ryuk, who drops the D-Note into the world just to see what happens and eventually abandons Light despite having been associated with him for so long.

Ryuk also has a taste for the material things, like apples from the Human World, but other than that it does not seem like he holds anything sacred, apart from ideals that he decided for himself. INFPs can stick to their ideals like glue, and they often have trouble breaking out of old patterns due to this.

INFPs are also notoriously hard to get to know, and often all we know about them are scraps they decide to grant us at opportune moments. 

Perhaps this is metaphorically reflected in Ryuk, and in his tendency to stay in the shadows for the most part and only tell Light what he needs to know when they get to the relevance of that information.


As stated before, many women in Anime seem to have predominantly INFP traits, and yet another such example is Chiyuki, a character from D-Parade.

Described as a pale girl with dark hair, Chiyuki seems to have an appearance somewhat resembling a stereotypical goth person. Some of her core traits include innocence, niceness, kindness, and joy. Her name too means Happiness and Wisdom, and these are quite central to INFPs.

Like a true INFP, Chiyuki is quiet but extraordinarily nice to those she cares about, and she can be rather sweet to her friends.

She has also been described as skeptical and strong-willed, at later points in the story, and this proves that she is very INFP at heart.

She also has very valuable insights most of the time and this is seen in the assistance she provides Decim, which is another INFP trait that does not get talked about enough. INFPs have very good judgment most of the time and they are good people to ask for advice. 

They also tend to be very caring people so they will also give out the advice rather freely.


Toboe is a wolf on the show Wolf’s Rain, and he has a youthful exuberance about him and acts more like a wolf pup than a wolf.

One of the chief characteristics of Toboe that make him an INFP anime character is his fierce loyalty to friends, and though he is kind and gentle on most of the occasions, he can be very aggressive and angry if his friends are threatened. 

This is an incredibly INFP thing to do, as INFPs are loyal and caring towards those they love.

He has been described as the kindest and most empathetic member of the group and this is perhaps one of the most typically INFP traits. 

INFPs are incredibly empathetic, sometimes even to the point of it affecting them negatively, and they are very kind and nice at their core.

He has also been shown to have a shy, timid nature in general which only breaks when he is being aggressive because of a threat to his friends, and this is another typical INFP trait he possesses, as the introverted INFP will only stop being timid when there is a threat to those they love.

Shizuku Tsukishima

Studio Ghibli produces some beautiful shows with lovely characters, and one of them is the character of Shizuku Tsukishima. This is a character on the show Whispers of the Heart, and she plays the lead role.

Shizuku has been described as a quiet girl who enjoys reading and her creativity often comes across in the way she keeps redoing the lyrics to the popular song “Country Roads”. These are INFP traits of creativity and the preference of quiet time and solitude.

INFPs are also known to be purveyors of the arts and literature, and some of that is reflected in Shizuku. She also tends to daydream a lot and often gets called out for being distracted, which makes sense given how imaginative the INFPs can be and how much time they spend thinking about things they want to do.

She is also generally good-natured and can have some angry outbursts, which is in line with the emotional tendencies of the INFPs, which tend to be somewhat moderate at all times with the capacity of going to extremes when made too angry.

Sawako Kuronuma

Sawaki Kuronama is a character from the anime Kimi ni Todoke, where she plays the protagonist of the show.

Sawaki is a high school girl who resembles a horror movie character, and this makes it hard for her to find friends. 

While most INFPs do not have this problem, they do tend to have difficulties finding friends due to their introverted and quiet nature. This is seen clearly in the character of Sawako.

She also tends to have a decent bit of modesty and tends to engage in ineffective communication skills, which just adds to her already mounting failure to find friends.

INFPs often face this problem, their people skills are quite low and they do not have the inclination to make them any better. 

INFPs can often struggle with opening up or reaching out to people, and this struggle is quite evident in Sawako Kuronama. 

The fact that Sawako is ostracized by her classmates, and eventually becomes quite socially inept, also falls in line with the INFP traits that are well-known to everyone that knows this personality type.

In addition, she is a pure, positive person, which makes her an even more INFP personality than anything else.

Nozomu Itoshiki

Nozomu Itoshiki is an INFP anime character from the show “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” which means “Goodbye, Mr. Despair” where he is the protagonist. 

He is a teacher, who has 32 students, and the story revolves around his ability to see deceased people and his tendency to be negative, and the problems he faces due to this.

The character of Nozomu is a great representation of what INFPs are like when they are depressed.

This personality type is fairly prone to depression due to their isolation, aloofness, and inability to mingle with people freely. Nozomu is shown as a negative and stressed out character, who can often make those around him feel quite negative. 

An INFP in depression is a hard person to be around, as they are miserable and, as Nozomu would say it, “In Despair”, and they refuse to talk about it openly at the same time.

They may also start being preoccupied with life afterlife, as Nozomu is, and although they don’t all start seeing deceased people due to their suicide attempted, as he does, they are imaginative and creative enough to make up something of that sort to get out of their own heads.

Uncle Iroh

Everyone knows Uncle Iroh, from the Avatar series, but few are aware that he is an INFP through and through.

Iroh personifies the tendencies of INFPs to be spiritual and wise, like a fountain of wisdom that people seek advice from. INFPs also feel great joy in helping others out, so that along with the wisdom makes for a great mentor or teacher, which one can find in Iroh.

Iroh has been described as a wise, easy-going, and spiritual man, which are usually INFP qualities in individuals who are not particularly negative or suffering from mental health issues.

Iroh is also creative and imaginative, and like any other person with those traits, he appreciates the balance of the four elements, and his creativity can be seen in the fact that he incorporated aspects of the other elements into his own fire bending techniques.

Iroh is also an extremely perceptive person, which is another core feature of an INFP, and it was claimed that he journeyed to the Spirit World to search for his deceased son Lu Ten. 

His tendency to be helpful to others makes him one of the truest INFPs there is.

Mayuri Shiina

Mayuri Shiina one of the main characters of the anime Steins; Gate and Steins; Gate 0.

She shows classic INFP traits such as being perceptive, learning quickly, and being imaginative. Mayuri is also shown as a short, cute girl, which seems to be the norm for depicting Introverted individuals in order to make them seem unassuming.

She has a tendency to attach emotional significance to things and this can be considered to be an exceptionally INFP thing to do.

She also struggles with accepting the loss of her grandmother which speaks of a core INFP trait, which is emotional excess. 

INFPs are capable of feeling a lot of emotion and they feel it very intensely, sometimes even to the point of not being able to deal with it.

Another core trait she has that makes her an INFP, is the social ineptitude as well as her helpfulness and loyalty to her friends.

Kallen Kōzuki

Kallen Kōzuki an INFP anime character on the show Code Geass: Lancelot & Guren, where she plays one of the two protagonists.

Her official name is Kallen Stadtfeld but she prefers her mother’s maiden Japanese name during her revolutionary activities.

Kallen Kozuki has been seen to be a strong-willed and determined person, who is fiercely loyal and a brave individual. These are major INFP traits and these are seen in Kallen time and time again.

In addition to being an amazing individual to her friends and in whatever she does, Kallen can also sometimes be rather impulsive and short-tempered, which can land her in hot waters. 

While INFPs are not always necessarily short-tempered or impulsive, they can experience intense emotions and they may not always handle them well, resulting in this kind of behavior.

She has a very strong sense of justice and is rigidly moralistic, which is evident from the central role she takes in liberating Japan. INFPs care a great deal about morals and have a clear sense of right and wrong, and this trait is very clear in Kallen.

Furthermore, she can also be gentle, kind, and compassionate, which are personality traits that one might find in nearly every INFP, barring very few negative or downright villainous ones, like Ryuk.

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive is a character that appears on the anime Kuroshitsuji, where Ciel plays the protagonist.

He is accompanied by his faithful demon companion, with whom he goes around avenging his family’s loss and carrying out missions given by the queen.

He shows exceptional intuition for chess, and often his complex decision-making processes are displayed as him imaging chess moves in his head. These are traits that one might find in most of the INFPs, as they tend to be very imaginative and intellectual people.

He is also exceptionally loyal to his loved ones and will take care of them no matter what it takes, even giving up his life. INFPs tend to leave no stone unturned to protect their loved ones and some of their most sentimental moments happen with their loved ones and those they feel close to.

Like a true INFP, Ciel is quiet and reserved, and it is hard to get close to him or know what he is thinking. He plays his cards close to his chest and can be hard to get to know.

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno personifies yet another female INFP, who are so elusive in the real world.

She is an INFP anime character in the popular show Naruto and is a girl who finds herself ill-prepared for her duties, but with hard work and dedication, she becomes an amazing warrior and fulfills her responsibilities well.

INFPs do not get enough credit for being hard-working people who can sometimes single-mindedly work at a project or task till they have achieved what they set out to. 

Considering they are so imaginative and creative, this is an amazing feat, as they are not distracted by all the internal stimuli their own brain is providing to them constantly.

Sakura is was quite insecure and shy as a child, and even as a teenager she got bullied in the academy for her large forehead, and was rescued by Ino, another character on the show, who also inspired her to become a fearless warrior who was not afraid and could defend herself amazingly.

The insecurity and shyness Sakura experiences are typical INFP traits, which can lead to some problematic things like depression and other mental health issues if left unattended.

Her true self is also often labeled “Inner Sakura”, which is a lovely way of depicting the true portrait of an Introvert like the INFPs, who can be so closed off from the world they may have a whole inner way of life that people would know nothing about.


Rakka is an INFP anime character from the show Haibane Renmei, and she displays traits of INFP like feeling alone, not knowing where she truly belongs, and obsessing about the fact that she is all alone.

Rakka also shows great kindness and gentleness, which are classic INFP traits as well. 

INFPs often suffer from feelings of loneliness that make them want to disappear. Added to that their insecurities may often make them feel like they are not worthy of affection or good things and this may make them feel like they cannot relate to anyone.

The INFP anime character Rakka displays this very well, and one can do a study of this character to better understand any INFP who may be suffering from depression or even low self-esteem and negative thoughts.

Misaki Nakahara

Misaki Nakahara, an INFP anime character from the show Welcome to the N.H.K., shows the typical INFP traits of being socially inept, which is fueled by her warped view of the world around her, despite this, however, her strong sense of altruism trumps everything else that she believes, and she takes on the role of a mentor when someone needs her help.

This sort of contradiction is a common thing to be seen in INFPs, and they can often ignore their other impulses in order to do right by people who need them.

When it comes to choosing between their own negativity and helping others or being there for a friend, an INFP will always choose the latter, which is part of why they make such great role models and friends or loved ones.

Misaki Nakahara is also joyful and spirited even though she can be odd and eccentric, but her more cheerful, open side only comes out in front of people she is comfortable with. This sort of behavior pretty much defines INFPs, who are often accused of being aloof and cold and liable to depression.

To those who closely know an INFP, they are cheerful, sweet, and helpful, much like Misaki, and they can be loyal even in the face of possible betrayal or rejection, at times.


Osono features in a Disney show called Kiki’s Delivery service and is an INFP anime character who shows traits like generosity and kindness, despite it being a hassle to her, on occasion.

In Osono we see traits of helping behavior and kindness even when it puts her in a spot, and this is reminiscent of INFP traits of altruism.

Like many other INFP characters and real-life people, she is the guardian to the protagonist, Kiki, and looks out for her and helps her out at various points during her journey.

Itsuki Koizumi

An INFP anime character from the show Haruhi Suzumiya, Itsuki Koizumi excels at academics, which is indicative of a common trait across most INFPs of advanced intellect.

He is also shown to be heavily intellectual, and like so many other INFPs, he enjoys arguing contradictory theories that are even philosophical in nature sometimes, simply for rhetorical purposes. 

He can be somewhat moody at times and not sure if what he has said will be well received, due to his social awkwardness, and so he is often seen telling Kyon that he was “just kidding” about a grave statement he may have made earlier.

INFPs can sometimes have trouble making up their mind about serious things they say, and this can be seen in Itsuki as well.

Also, Itsuki often takes the role of a guide or mentor to other characters on the show.

 Shizuo Heiwajima

Shizuo is an INFP anime character that can be found in the anime show Durarara. He is a bodyguard and the strongest man in Ikebukuru.

While the image of an INFP may not necessarily conjure up a picture of the strongest man in a town or city, Shizuo is still very much an INFP, given his insecurities about his own strength as well as doubts about his capability.

He is a quiet, unassuming person, and even though he doesn’t show it very much, he is capable of deep emotion which he displays in front of close people.

Shizuo also seems to have very low self-esteem and often finds it hard to think of himself in god terms, blaming himself for any pain that is caused to those around him, which is a very standard trait for INFPs who struggle with negative feelings.

Shizuo’s character is a good study of INFPs who may look very strong on the outside and take on roles of physical protection or those involving violence, but on the inside may remain the sensitive, emotional people who are constantly wondering if they are good enough for those around them and if their existence is helpful to others. 


Another INFP anime character from Avatar, Unalag is a waterbending master, which deeply spiritual tendencies. 

INFPs have the capacity to be incredibly spiritual and philosophical, possibly owing to their emotional and imaginative nature, which is capable of imagining great unknowns.

Unalag engages in helpful behavior and mentors Korra, another character on the show, like so many of his other INFP anime counterparts.

He is a quiet, gentle guide, who has seen his share of violence and aggression, but despite those moments of violence, he remains, at heart, a sensitive soul who believes in mysticism and fantastical things, much like most INFPs.


The show Naruto features this INFP anime character called Jiraiya,  who is a hermit, which speaks to the Introversion trait of the INFP personality cluster and he gets over his ninja career to help his protege and is involved in writing novels and multiple other things.

INFPs are often great at writing, and creativity and imagination fuel the processes that help writers write, and this talent is reflected in Jiraiya’s storyline of being a writer.

Jiraiya’s background says that he does not want to hurt people and was a kind child, and this speaks to the INFP’s tendency to do what is necessary for the good of those around him, or for self-defense. 

The INFP may not like violence due to their almost romantic nature, but they will do what it takes when it is required.

Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise is an INFP anime character from the show Stein’s Gate and is a genius who is part of prestigious societies like the Future Gadget Lab.

What makes Kurisu an authentic INFP is her manner of calm and collected responsiveness to things around her. Whether it is because she has supremely high intellect or because of her personality alone, it cannot be said. 

The same stands true of all INFPs though, sometimes it can be challenging to know whether the intellect is giving rise to their worldly, philosophical ideas of whether it is the other way around.

Like a true INFP, Kurisu is serious and sensible and likes to be by herself much more than she does being with others. 

A slightly unusual trait that Kurisu has considering she is an INFP otherwise, is her tendency to be sarcastic to two particular characters who offend her, but other than that she is shown as a kind, gentle person who is nice to those around her.

Lastly, staying in the vein of what the INFP is all about, Kurisu is often herself only in front of those who know her well, in front of others she might even come across to be somewhat cold and aloof.

Neji Hyūga

Naruto seems to feature quite a few INFP anime characters, as there is yet another one for the list, named Neji Hyuga. 

Neji is yet another prodigy for the INFP anime group, and he has experienced stress and trauma in the form of his father’s loss, which has turned him somewhat cold and serious, and perhaps, one might say, mature.

INFPs tend to have serious emotional responses to more sentimental challenges in life, and the fact that Neji’s entire personality develops as a result of his father’s loss, it makes sense that he would possess these traits.

In addition, INFPs have a great sense of responsibility, and given that his father dies at a time when he is still quite young, it may mean that he feels the responsibility of following in his father’s steps at becoming a man much earlier than needed. 

In a typical INFP fashion, he takes on the problems of those around him and tries to balance emotions and problems for which he may not be equipped, on occasion.

He’s also a good friend, and loyalty and gratitude come easily to him, making him a proper contender for the list of INFP anime characters.

Kayo Hinazuki

This is an INFP anime character from the show Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, and she personifies 

INFP traits like social withdrawal very well. She meets a sad end on the show, but it is worthwhile to discuss her traits before.

She is seen as someone who barely speaks in class and likes to be by herself, which we have learned are some core INFP traits.

She also has a tragic past, which may have shaped her introverted tendencies, as she was abused by her mother and has come to believe that if she just doesn’t engage with the environment around her, she might be immune from the pain it may cause.

This sort of attitude is quite typical for victims of abuse and those who may be suffering from depression as a result of it. What underlies this behavior is just maladaptive coping styles and INFPs can sometimes assimilate some problematic coping strategies into their arsenal.

The even bigger problem with INNFPs like this is that because they have become so introverted, it is hard to get close enough to them to help them change these bad coping styles into healthy, sustainable ones. 

For most INFPs, therapy fails for this one particular reason.

Kou Tanaka

Kou Tanaka is a character from the show Ao Haru Ride.

Kou is another character whose personality has been shaped in a large way by his mother’s loss, as he is described as having been cheerful and outgoing before it, but now he is more serious and mature. 

This is not something that always happens, some people are just introverts, to begin with, but in some people, major trauma like that may cause withdrawal. However, his other traits, like opening up with people he loves, being emotional and sensitive, exploring his imagination, are all uniquely INFP.

Kou is also sweet and gentle, which is something all friends of the typical INFP will tell you, that underneath all that intimidating aloofness and quiet, is just someone who is always willing to help and cares deeply.

Satsuki Kiryūin

Satsuki is an intimidating, serious figure in the anime K.L.K, and is someone people regard with great respect.

An INFP anime character through and through, Satsuki is patient, kind on occasion, and yet quiet and unassuming, moving through the scenes like a force to be reckoned with.

She adheres to her own rigid moral code, justifying the things she feels right and punishing, or encouraging the punishment of, those that she feels are wrong. 

INFPs can be quite idealistic and some of them may have a strong moral code that leaves little room for gray shades, things are mostly seen as black and white. Satsuki is one such INFP.

She is also fierce about those she loves, as can be seen in her passionated vengeance of her mother and father’s loss, which attributes to her some rare INFP traits like a desire for revenge and a penchant for violence in order to exact said revenge.

Donquixote Rosinante

Rosinate has seen some bullying in his past, but that has not brought him down, in fact, he is one of those rarer INFP anime characters, that takes on his bully and throws him out the window. Literally.

Rosinate features in an anime show called One Piece, and he is portrayed as a very violent person, however, according to his brother, he is too much like his father and has too much of that kindness his father had to be truly evil.

An INFP might be described the same way, in fact, it may be something of a trend, among anime characters, to display traits of outward aggression in order to hide some deep-seated insecurities and problematic notions of self.

This might be because in INFPs and otherwise, individuals who have more naivete than others tend to employ mechanisms of aggression in the manner that growing children do, because they are too pure and innocent to use more manipulative strategies the way other, more sinister people might.

This kind of INFP character makes for a great viewing experience and gives us a layered character that is capable of constant betterment, and Rosinate displays a wealth of emotion and sensitivity to keep the audience rooting for him constantly.

Erwin Smith

An INFP anime character from the show Attack on Titan, Erwin Smith is a mysterious, quiet person that has some incredibly negative thoughts that he struggles with.

He has been described as discerning and intelligent, and he exudes a quiet sort of grace that seems to be synonymous with INFP characters on screen.

He also shows some lesser-seen traits of the INFP personality group, namely being a forward thinker and a calculated planner of the future. 

Most people seem to assume that the INFPs are far too imaginative and creative to be calculating and hard-working, but this is often not the case, as they can focus on the details just as much.

Some times it may backfire on them, however, and they may end up worrying about the tiny details of their future instead of working on them, giving rise to problems such as anxiety or depression.

Erwin also has a typical stoic attitude that never seems to change, which may be owing to his introverted personality, which can often hide the true emotions that the INFP is feeling. 


Unsurprisingly, the next INFP anime character is also from Avatar, and this time we look at Katara, another waterbender with great trauma in her life.

Katara has been cared for by Kanna ever since her mother died, which has left her feeling lonely and alone. 

These feelings of loneliness often plague the INFP personality, and sadly there is very little they allow anyone to do about it, being very private individuals.

Katara eventually marries Aang, and they have 3 beautiful children, and her relationship with him is full of love and caring, showcasing yet again how open and communicative INFPs can get once they have found people to be close with. 

Johan Leibert

Naoki Urasawa’s Monster, a show featuring Johan Leibert as an antagonist, is probably one of the fee anime shows that has an INFP anime character in a negative role.

Even this villain, however, showcases lovely traits of the INFP personality, like his loyalty to the man who saved his life and his profound gratitude which he never forgets.

Johan has deeply spiritual ideas that take the form of almost nihilistic statements, at times, questioning the very nature of existence like a true philosopher does.

INFPs can be very prone to existential crises, and Johan provides ample proof of that with his actions and words.

He is also able to use his knowledge of human beings to manipulate them and get his way, which is not something one usually sees INFP do, but it is not unheard of either, given how attuned they are to the finer aspects of humanity and the world around them.

Ryuuji Takasu

Ryuuji is an INFP anime character from the show Toradora, and he is the series’ male protagonist.

Ryuuji is mostly seen as a dashing, capable young man, who may even be somewhat intimidating and aloof (as most INFPs are), but he actually has a very tender side that he shows only to loved ones, like his friends. 

In addition to the quintessential trait of being introverted and seeming unattainable to others, Ryuuji also has quite low opinions of himself, which causes his self-esteem to be rather low. 

INFPs can be held guilty for doing this often, they do not seem to think of themselves as others do, and they always find themselves lacking in ways that others simply do not see.

Tatsuhiro Satou

This is a typical INFP anime character from the show Welcome to the N.H.K.

He displays the classic signs of being socially inept, weird, and sort of hopeless, and lives on the allowance that is given to him.

The hopelessness he shows can even be considered a sign of depression, which is something that can be seen often in the INFP personality.

He is also shown to form a relationship with a girl in the later stages, who can presumably help him out of his wretched experience, which may be a metaphor for how so many INFPs seem to benefit from close, loving relationships.

Nunnally Vi Britannia

Nunnally says at one point, “I wish this world was a gentler place”, and in so doing she seems to echo the wishes of so many INFPs whose dreams and spirits are broken by the cold world around them.

Nunnally Vi Britannia is an INFP anime character in the show Code Geasse, and she is a sweet, calm young lady, who is maybe a little sick of the world around her.

She is almost superhumanly patient and understanding, which seem to be traits that occur in INFP women all the time, perhaps as an extension of their feeling and intuition characteristics.

However, just because she is patient and understanding does not mean that she is not capable of making almost ruthless, cold-hearted and rational decisions, because, like any other true INFP, practical and rational things matter to her.

An INFP may be all sorts of emotional, but when it comes to taking cold, practical decisions, they can beat any other realistic personality type, and base their decision on facts rather than their feeling.

Nunnally is not able to be as cunning as her mother, but her kind heart usually saves her from too much trouble.

Ryugu Rena

Ryugu Rena thinks everything is cute, speaking of a rarely seen trait of the INFP to admire the beauty and prettiness of everything around them.

They are deeply invested in fantasy and imagination, so when they are faced with things that are maybe not that interesting, they either project on to it something better with their mind, or try to make it better using their boundless creativity.

Ryugu Rena features in the show Higurashi No Naku Koro ni, and this INFp anime character is one of the younger ones, which perhaps may explain her fascination with the “Cute”.

She is also very sensitive on occasion, however, and can be prone to emotional outbursts on occasion.

She is also one of those characters that are very sweet and innocent, till she gets angry. When she is emotionally charged she seems to lose control, which is not typically INFP but may come about as a result of some deep issues in INFP people.


In this brief guide, we discussed some amazing anime characters who personify the best traits of the INFP personality type. Please feel free to send any questions or comments you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): INFP Anime characters

What anime characters are INFP?

Here are some anime characters that are INFP 

Gaara from Naruto
Alphonse Eric from Fullmetal Alchemist.
Akane Tsunemori from Psycho-Pass.
Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul.Shinji Ikari from Evangelion
Tamaki Amajiki from My Hero Academia.
Shizuku Tsukishima from Whisper of the Heart.

Is Infp a rare personality?

Yes, INFP is a rare personality, as they make up only about 4% of the population.

Are INFPs innocent?

Yes, INFPs are innocent and lovely and they may be joyful, but not simple.

What personality type is Tanjiro?

Tanjiro is an ENFJ personality type, which means that he is a kind person by nature, and has often been described as having gentle eyes.
It would be safe to say that Tanjiro best exemplifies an ENFJ personality type.

He is not kind and caring, but he also has an idealistic determination to achieve any goal he sets his mind to.


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