Famous INFP Characters (+5 List)

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This article will list and describe a number of famous characters who are identified as INFP personality types. Also, to help create a more thorough understanding of the topic, the article will also introduce the INFP personality type in detail.

Famous INFP Characters – Top 7

Here are some famous INFP characters:

  • Lucy Pevensie
  • Luna Lovegood
  • Lily potter
  • Sybill Trelawney
  • Rose Dewitt Bukater
  • Bill Weasley
  • Frodo Baggins

Before we take a look at these in detail, let us introduce the INFP personality type!

Who Is An INFP? Dominant Functions.

INFPs are introverted which means they tend to be very much into their thoughts and like to spend time reflecting over the many ideas they have going on in their minds. 

Well firstly, they are smart to think over things and then talk about them. When in a fight, they are more likely to avoid friction not only because they have the habit of staying quiet but also because they are people who think before they speak. This way they can actually prevent themselves from hurting the other person and making the situation worse. 

Sometimes expecting too much and saying what you feel may be a bad thing. People who are introverts hence operate on the same frequency at which they understand that some things must be said while others not. This can prevent them from raising the bar of expectations too high and being wise enough to see when a certain topic should be discussed or not.

INFPs realize the power and beauty of imagination and dreams and this allows them to be creative and more interesting not to themselves only but to each other. How they think can become a good source of conversation for them compared to a person who senses and reacts or processes information. They would be more based on facts and not understand the fun in being so creative.

Although it is usually emotions that blur what is truly going on in relationships, they can also help solve problems that may be difficult to rationalize or understand. Yes it is not always possible to make sense of a situation and hence love and mercy are the only weapons two people have to keep themselves bound to each other. 

Perceiving – this is a dominant function that may result in more daily hassles than any of the dominant functions because of the frequency of its use. People have to get things everyday whether it’s paying bills, cleaning up the house, buying groceries or getting the children to school on time; it can be a lot to handle. Here is where being organized matters. If one lives alone and just goes with the flow it might be possible but managing   things with someone else demands a routine or schedule so things do not clash with each other including people too!

Famous INFP Characters – Top 7

In this section, we will introduce a number of characters from different movies or series that are identified as the INFP personality type because of their traits and behaviours or popular scenes they are famous for!

Lucy Pevensie – The Chronicles of Narnia

From the famous movie series, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy is the youngest of siblings who finds the magical way to the land of Narnia where they find many mystical creatures and of course Aslan! She is indeed a true depiction of the INFP character type because she places much emphasis on feelings and doesn’t only use logic to solve problems. She is very empathetic and this is seen in how she treats the mystical creatures of Narnia even if they are considered ‘worthless’ or ‘unimportant’.

Like the typical INFP, she is one who wanders around in her thoughts and hence is able to understand the creativity she experiences in this magical land. She is indeed an introvert.

Furthermore, Lucy is not the type of person to stay much on track and also reflects the perceiving function of INFPs. She is unpredictable, spontaneous and likes to make room for last moment surprises!

Luna Lovegood

Indeed another INFP from the famous Harry Potter series who perfectly embodies the personality type under discussion. She is caring and respects others as well as recognizes their emotions which shows she has the feeling function in her.

Also, she is quite creative and very flexible not only in her own routines but towards others and hence is understanding and accommodating. Furthermore, she likes to explore and learn more and more about the world. Although she may have much knowledge about her surroundings and of course the mystical creatures she and her father write about, she is truly an introvert and this is quite obvious because it always seems as if she is in another dimension – she appears aloof and distant.

Lily Potter

Although we see very little of Lily – Harry’s mother – in the series because she has died even before it starts, it is quite obvious that she embodies the INFP personality type because of her attitude towards others. She is indeed smart and caring – the perfect girl right? A great reason why Snape falls madly in love with her but unfortunately does not get to spend the time with her he deserves to spend.

Lily is quite different from the friends she roams around with because they are bullies who don’t really care about the emotions of others however, because she possesses the feeling function, she realizes them and often is seen siding with Snape when she can.

How she is seen spending time with Snape shows she is more of the perceiving rather than the judging type.

Sybill Trelawney

Apart from her profession which depends on her ability to be creative, Professor Trelawney is indeed the INFP type because she is deeply emotional and this is seen when she is about to be kicked out from Hogwarts by Dolores Unbridge!

She is a fortune teller who not only needs to be creative and imaginary – possible for personality types like the INFP – but she also needs to be able to have strong mental processes which only introverts possess usually. Furthermore, she is quite intuitive and although it is not explicitly shown, her predictions about the future end up true later on in the series – we just realize it quite late!

Rose Dewitt Bukater

The young but beautiful and independent Rose aboard the Titanic is another example of the INFP personality. She is spontaneous, flexible and of course creative! She is brave indeed despite the fact that she comes from a rich and mannered family who wouldn’t allow her to engage in such daring adventures – indeed it is highly inappropriate for a lady of her stature! 

Nonetheless, Rose is someone who focuses on her feelings and also likes to take into account her intuition and not just focus on the external surroundings although she is indeed very intelligent and observant – there is somewhat a divide.

INFPs are generous and open minded as is Rose. She is not bound to the values of the upper class that she belongs to! She doesn’t mind going to the lower deck for a dance party or roaming around the ship in the middle of the night with a young man from an entirely different class not approved by their own!

Bill Weasley

Bill belongs to the Weasley family that is known quite well in the Wizardry world. Molly is a dedicated housewife whereas Mr. Weasley is a prominent employee of the Ministry who is quite interested in how things work in the Muggle world!

Bill is one of the Weasley brothers who is quite interested in pranks! He likes to have fun and places much importance in what makes people happy!

Frodo Baggins

Frodo Baggins, son of Drogo Baggins, was a hobbit of the Shire in the late Third Age. He was, and still is, Tolkien’s most renowned character for his leading role in the Quest of the Ring, in which he bore the One Ring to Mount Doom, where it was destroyed. He was a Ring-bearer, best friend to his gardener, Samwise Gamgee, and one of the three hobbits who sailed from Middle-earth to the Uttermost West at the end of the Third Age.


This article focused on the famous characters from different movies and series who are commonly identified as INFPs. The article not only listed and described these characters but also introduced the INFP personality type from the MBTI inventory.




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