INFP 9w1 Anime Characters (3+ Individuals)

This list of INFP 9w1 anime characters will talk about four such individuals. We will begin by describing the INFP 9w1 personality. After that, we’ll take a closer look at the behaviour of these anime characters. Through this inspection, we will understand what makes them an INFP 9w1 personality type.

Who are some INFP 9w1 Anime Characters?

The INFP 9w1 personality is a quiet, calm, loving, and principled individual with a preference for peace. A large number of anime characters belong to this category. Here we are going to talk about the following INFP 9w1 fictional people from the world of anime:

  • Gohan from Dragon Ball Z
  • Mugi from K-On!
  • Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Maru from Love Live! Sunshine!!

4 Anime Characters with an INF 9w1 Personality Type

In this section, let’s first explain what this particular personality type is like. That will help us identify similar behaviour patterns in the characters we will discuss.

The INFP 9w1 Personality

INFP is one of the 16 personality styles derived from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It stands for Introverted (I), Intuitive (N), Feeling (F), and Perceiving (P). The 9w1 personality type means a core Enneagram Type 9 with certain elements of Type 1 as well. 

People with this personality type are sincere, motivated, and resilient individuals driven by values. They are moral and self-aware, capable of great compassion and kindness. Many INFP 9w1 persons have some kind of artistic ability. 

They explore these hobbies frequently and in solitude due to ther introverted nature.They are peace-seeking and gentle. They care a lot about keeping close to their loved ones and tend to be emotionally vulnerable.

Gohan from Dragon Ball Z

The first INFP 9w1 on our list is Son Gohan, one of the main characters in this popular show. His core Type 9 personality creates his aversion to fighting. In spite of being a half-breed Saiyan, he chooses only to fight when his loved ones are threatened. 

Also, the Wing influence from Type 1 makes him fight throughout his life in defense of the Earth too. His powerful abilities give him great emotional reserves that he utilises to protect others. These qualities point to an INFP personality type. 

Sometimes, the fact that he isn’t as powerful as true Saiyans feeds an insecurity in Gohan. This reveals itself when he becomes drunk with power and enjoys highlighting his superiority. When he is healthy, Gohan uses his strengths as an INFP 9w1 personality for the benefit of all.

Mugi from K-On!

Tsumugi “Mugi” Kotobuki is the talented Keyboard player in the band Ho-kago Tea Time. Much like all INFPs, she is shown as a gentle and sweet person. So much so that fans look at her a source of warmth, fluffy love, tea, and desserts. 

Her musical abilities give her an artistic channel to express herself. It is this classic INFP 9w1 quality that makes her enjoy her time in the Light Music Club so much.

The Type 1 in her can be seen by her stubbornness. In fact, despite her softness, Mugi is the most stubborn member of the band. Many scenes have her showcasing great physical strength but as an INFP 9w1, she also has strength of character. 

She belongs to a wealthy family associated with the elite members of society. Though grateful for her blessings, Mugi tries to withdraw herself from that world. She would much rather build a deeper connection with the girls.

Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion

The next INFP 9w1 anime character on our list is Shinji Ikari, a rather unhealthy Enneagram Type 9w1. Shinji grew up believing that he isn’t loved and that a lot is expected of him. Feelings of being unwanted often made him question his ability to hold up his responsibilities. 

He is described as a timid, selfless 14-year-old with a constant sense of sadness. Shinji is terrified of being hurt again but his personality is built on the basic fear of being isolated. His introversion is motivated by the view that keeping to himself would prevent him from hurting others with his problems. 

Hurt by his father’s coldness, Shinji is shown as unhealthy almost throughout the series. But like all INFP 9w1s, with more life experience, his intuition and ideals allowed him to heal.

Maru from Love Live! Sunshine!!

Hanamaru “Maru” Kunikida is a student at the Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. She is listed as another INFP 9w1 anime character on the Personality Database. We agree because Maru is a hardworking girl who works diligently at the temple and enjoys her time alone. She is often seen reading in solitude. 

These are classic INFP traits, which match with her strong emotional side. Maru displays high empathy with her gentle and caring nature. Her 9w1 side comes out in her preference for indoor activities. 

She loves a good meal and is frequently seen appeasing her rather large appetite. The core 9 makes her peaceful and playful while the Wing Influence of 1 brings out humility. Maru can be self-depreciating at times, something that makes her shy away from great opportunities. 


This list of INFP 9w1 anime characters talked about four such individuals. We began by describing the INFP 9w1 personality. After that, we took a closer look at the behaviour of these anime characters. Through this inspection, we understood what makes them an INFP 9w1 personality type.

Our discussion included two male and two female characters. The females were Mugi from K-On! and Maru from Love Live! Sunshine!! The male INFP 9w1 anime characters were Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gohan from Dragon Ball Z. 

Maru and Mugi are both extremely gentle and have impressive skills in music. There is similar artistic ability in the other two as well, but it comes out through different channels. 

All four show peace-seeking, calm, and reserved behaviour. They all have a moral sense and function from a need to stay connected with their loved ones.

FAQs (INFP 9w1 Anime Characters)

Who should INFP marry?

An INFP is warm, sensitive, and perceptive of other peoples’ feelings. They are able to express themselves very well and are capable of healthy communication within a relationship. 

As lovers, they tend to be highly committed and loyal. Generally, if two people have achieved personal growth and wellbeing, they share a healthy marriage. But if there is still scope for development, an INFP would match well with an ENFJ or an ESFJ.

Is kaneki an Infp?

Kaneki Ken is a popular character from the anime Tokyo Ghoul. The personality database marks Kaneki as an INFP 9w1 as well. His dominant function is Fi, or introverted feeling. This makes Kaneki look at the world through values of feeling. He makes sense of things by connecting the dots between his own feelings and those of others.

His auxiliary function is Ne or extraverted intuition that gives him the ability to look at the bigger picture. This also creates a kind of idealism in him, consistent with the Wing influence of Enneagram Type 1.

Is Infp a rare personality?

Yes, INFP is a rare personality type. It’s not as rare as the INFJ but it is seen much less than the other MBTI personality types. An INFP tends to be gifted with high emotional intelligence. These people are capable of making deep and meaningful connections with others.

According to most popular online forums for introverts, the INFP type takes up a very small percentage of the population. The INFP is also unique because they find it easy to express their thoughts and feelings in creative ways.

What Disney characters are Infp?

There are quite a few INFPs in Disney’s fantasy world. Here are some names of INFP Disney characters:
Belle from Beauty & the Beast
Alice from Alice in Wonderland
Bambi from Bambi
Pocahontas from Pocahontas
Ariel from The Little Mermaid
Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
Sadness from Inside Out


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