INFP 9w8 Personality Type (A comprehensive guide)

In this brief guide, we will look at INFP 9w8 personality type, and some other concepts related to this personality combination, like 9w1 vs 9w8, INFP enneagram, INFP 9w1 and Enneagram Test.

INFP 9w8 Personality Type

The INFP 9w8 personality might be characterized by introverted attitudes and an inclination to be at peace and at one with the surroundings; this person might crave stability and calmness, but they may also have a need for affection.

Most INFP personalities tend to associate with the enneagram 9, and most among them tend to also find that their personality most closely tends to match the enneagram 9w8 personality, possibly due to their protective nature and their need to avoid control.

The typical 9w8 personality might be someone that seeks peace and comfort through the process of being invulnerable or not being under someone’s active control, and they may often be people that like to be by themselves, but care deeply about other people as well.

The INFP might be described in a similar way, while they have a great need for introspection and to be by themselves, they still need close interpersonal relationships and they are usually deeply sentimental individuals who have a very high emotional intelligence.

These similarities between INFP and 9w8 personality are possibly the reason why many INFP personalities tend to correlate with the 9w8 personality, and why the cognitive functions of the INFP personality tend to fit in with the personality type 9w8.

Just because there is an 8 wing in the mix with the INFP 9w8, does not mean that they can be brash or harsh or aggressive, the INFP 9w8 still has the idealistic sensibilities of the typical INFP, which means they may be polite and socially appropriate, but they are also calmly aware of what they want in life and able to assert their boundaries to get it. 

The INFP 9w8 in a situation where they do not have total autonomy yet might abide by other peoples’ wishes much of the time but they also find ways to show their sense of self and independence through mild, firm acts of rebellion, which may sometimes be for their own sake of mind but it still matters to them greatly.

Because the wing 8 in 9w8 is made significantly milder by the presence of type 9 traits, the INFP 9w8 might not lose their temper a lot, but they will usually be deeply aware of the power dynamics of any situation and how to assert themselves, should the need arise.

The typical INFP 9w8 might also be a little reckless at times, and the wing 8 might strengthen their introverted feeling function and make the type 9 a little less obliging, but their primary purpose is still going to be to keep the peace first.

Nine with a One wing is the other type of enneagram type 9, and it has been seen that most INFPs tend to correlate with the 9w1 subtype than the 9w8, which has been explored in the next section.

INFP 9w1

The INFP 9w1 personality type values external peace a lot more than anything else, though they may still be deeply sentimental and have a tendency to want to depend mostly on their own belief system rather than any external facts and figures.

The INFP 9w1 might care most about achieving or enhancing their inner peace, which forms a part of their basic fear of avoiding conflict in general, and the INFP traits may often amplify the way a 9w1 goes about seeking peace, and there may be a great deal of introspection involved.

This focus on inner peace does not mean that the INFP 9w1 does not care as much about outer peace, as both of them may be equally important, it is just that the function of introverted feeling makes it more likely for the INFP 9w1 to be focused inward rather than outward.

The INFP 9w1 inner mechanism is based to a large extent on the right and wrong and moral and immoral concepts that they think of or see every day in their lives.

9w1 personality is characterized by the enneagram 1 tendencies of seeking the right choice in almost all situations and they have a distinct idealistic streak to them, which coincides rather brilliantly with INFP idealism as well, and this might be a big reason in why the combination of INFP and 9w1 is so commonly seen.

Lastly, INFP 9w1 is also a great friend or partner to have around, as they are likely to be highly empathetic and helpful, especially in times of crisis because they have the extraordinary capacity to understand what others might be going through due to their introverted Intuition and extroverted sensation, and they have the need to reduce conflict as well.

Another reason the INFP 9w1 makes for a great friend might be that they have a need to engage in the ideal and the proper, which means that they may often have a need to correct wrongs and restore the right balance in the world.

9w1 vs 9w8

The primary difference between 9w1 vs 9w8 is that while the 9w1 is more introverted and seeks peace through idealism and maintaining the balance between right and wrong, the 9w8 may seek similar peace by ensuring they are as invulnerable as possible and independent of others.

9w8 is very different from enneagram 8 despite the fact that there is a presence of the Eight wing, and one might find that the typical 9w8 has much more patience than the type 8 and may wait to see if a problem resolves than attack it themselves.

However, as opposed to the 9w1, who might want to continue to wait or take a less aggressive course, the 9w8 may take the best course possible without much concern for patience or the right and wrong of that situation, and they are more likely to take things into their own hands.

The 9w8 faces any situation with aplomb and tackles it with confidence, while the 9w1 may show some restraint and hold themselves back till they have weighed the pros and cons of the possible paths they can take to resolution of a problem.

The 9w1 is concerned about doing the right or moral thing, the 9w8 is concerned with efficiency, to do what gets the job done.

The 9w8 may also be much more confident and probably more extroverted than the 9w1, as the 9w1 is likely a more serious and peaceful, and possibly introverted person.

The 9w8 may also be someone that deals with conflict in a slightly more head-on way, using charisma and confidence, whereas the 9w1 might use more tact and morally rigid ways of dealing with stress or conflict.

On the other hand, both 9w8 and 9w1 are peace-loving and conflict avoiding and their first course of action will always likely be to see if the problem resolves with a more adaptive approach.

9w1 is likely to be more uptight while 9w8 is likely to be more playful.

9w1 is likely to internalize their problems, like if they are late, for instance, their reflex would be to say “oh I got late today”, whereas the 9w8 might be more likely to externalize, and in the same situation might say something like “The traffic was so bad today, I got so late”

The 9w1 might not like very much if they were called incompetent or wrong, and they may not take well to making the wrong choice, while the 9w8 might be plagued by fears that getting into a conflict might put them under someone’s or something’s control.

Enneagram Test

The most significant Enneagram test to ascertain enneagram personalities is the Riso Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, which needs to be bought by a clinician who can then administer it.

However, there are many online enneagram tests as well, which may have a series of statements that a person is supposed to agree or disagree with, but one needs to remember that these may not be valid as the process of validating the questions on a test is an important process that may not have been done for the free online ones.

An enneagram test consists of statements that the person either agrees or disagrees with a Likert scale, in which you can agree or disagree on a 5 point system starting from strongly agree to strongly disagree.


In this brief guide, we looked at INFP 9w8 personality type, and some other concepts related to this personality combination, like 9w1 vs 9w8, INFP enneagram, INFP 9w1 and Enneagram Test.

Any MBTI personality type can be correlated easily with any of the 9 enneagram types or their subtypes, because while the MBTI personality types are ascertained on the basis of the cognitive functions people prefer, the enneagram type is ascertained on the basis of the types of people that usually exist in the world.

The enneagram theory of personality is much more arbitrary than the MBTI theory, given that the MBTI is based on some research, which may not be said about the enneagram theory.

For this reason, something like an INFP 9w8 personality is just as possible as an INFP 5e4 personality, given that all these enneagrams are introverted, as is the INFP.

If you have any more questions or comments about the INFP 9w8 personality, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): INFP 9w8

What Enneagram is Infp?

INFP personality is mostly Enneagram 9, as these correlations are determined by what personality type someone chooses or gets on the respective test, and in most cases, someone who got an INFP personality on the MBTI got a personality type of Enneagram 9 on the enneagram test.

The reason most INFPs tend to be enneagram 9 might be because the INFP personality is led by a cognitive function of Introverted feeling, which is something many enneagram 9 types might relate to as well.

Are INFPs obsessive?

INFPs can be somewhat obsessive like in cases where they are dealing with something that inspires them in some way, or when they are engaged in something that is philosophical or thought-provoking in nature.

INFPs can also get obsessive when they are wondering about how to accomplish a certain thing, or when they are trying to accomplish something they are truly passionate about.

Are Infp and Infp compatible?

Yes, INFP and INFP can be compatible, as the adage goes, like attracts like, which can be true sometimes where relationships are concerned.

INFP and INFP compatibility might be based on similar values, if they have any, and they may find common ground in emotions or ways of thinking, but they may find that they differ significantly in some areas that may cause irreconcilable differences.

Additionally, the INFP and INFP compatibility may also be jeopardized by the fact that both of them can be intensely private, so they may both have trouble sharing their true feelings and emotions.

What is 9w8?

A 9w8 is an Enneagram type nine wing eight personality, which is often characterized by their tendency to identify more with the type nine, but with additional and tertiary traits of the type eight type as well. 

This type of individual may be social, independent, and routine in their behavior and they may also be more assertive and adventurous than other type nines.

What is the rarest Enneagram type?

The rarest Enneagram type is generally considered to be type four the Individualist, followed by type 5 the Investigator as well as type 8 the challenger or protector.


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