INFP 9w1 Personality Database (A Comprehensive Guide)

This comprehensive guide will give you a detailed interpretation of all the data from the INFP 9w1 Personality Database. To begin, we will explain what this database is and how it is formed. 

Then, we will break down all the information available for the INFP 9w1 personality type. We’ll also make sense of this data and see how it adds up in terms of behaviour for the INFP 9w1 individual.

What does the INFP 9w1 Personality Database Reveal?

The Personality Database for the INFP 9w1 personality type reveals the following details:

  • INFP voters give the highest responses for Enneagram 4w6, 9w1, and 4w3
  • Enneagram 9w1 voters match INFP the most
  • Cognitive stacking for INFP 9w1 is Fi Ne Si Te
  • Instinctual variants for INFP 9w1 are sp/so, sx/sp, and sp/sx
  • A common Tritype score for INFP 9w1 is 469
  • Socionics personality type for INFP 9w1 is EII
  • Temperament for INFP 9w1 is phlegmatic-melancholic

Understanding the INFP 9w1 Personality Database

This section will break down all the data recorded on the Personality Database for the INFP 9w1 personality type.

What is the Personality Database?

The Personality Database is a collection of 150,000+ real and fictional personality profiles. Also known as the PDB Community, this is a collection of 150,000+ real and fictional personality profiles.

Users can contribute to this data through votes and information based on their own observations. PDB helps to facilitate collaborative data collection for exploring personality types. 

The personality models discussed here include those influenced by the works of Jung, Myers, Briggs, Keirsey and others. This mini-social network lets users create their own personal space and connect with other members of different personality types. 

It can be accessed via their website or through their phone app. It does not contain any tests or descriptions of different types. It’s only a comprehensive database made of user-generated content.

INFP Enneagram Votes

At the time of writing, the database has a total of 413 votes for Enneagram types and subtypes. The highest out of these are for Enneagram subtype 4w5 with 181 votes. A close second is Enneagram 9w1 with 83 votes. 

The rest of the 15 categories of responses are almost negligible in comparison. The data shows that while a majority of INFPs match the 4w5 Enneagram, a large portion of them are 9w1 individuals too. When we look at the behaviour styles of INFP and 9w1 persons, we can find plenty of similarities. 

Both types are kind and likeable personalities that prefer calm activities that avoid too much excitement. If we compare INFPs with 4w5s as well, they too have overlapping traits. A 4w5 is usually engrossed in some personal project that involves higher order thinking. This needs a certain amount of introversion and intuition to be satisfying enough to do often.

9w1 to MBTI Votes

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a lot more popular than the Enneagram model of personality psychology. That’s probably why there is much less interaction on the PDB Enneagram 9w1 page than the INFP one. 

The number of voters correlating MBTI personality types are almost half here with only 221 people. Out of 11 categories of responses, the highest were for INFP with a total of 79 votes. Next in line are ISFP, INFJ, and ISFJ respectively. 

This finding complements that of the INFP data making it safe to conclude that INFP 9w1 personalities are quite prevalent. Though people of these personality types are rare, the combination of the two groups of qualities does exist naturally.

INFP 9w1 Cognitive Stacks

The PDB reveals that the cognitive stacking for INFPs is Fi, Ne, Si, and Te in decreasing order of dominance. Not surprisingly, the stacking is exactly the same for Enneagram 9w1 as well. This further confirms that INFP 9w1 is a naturally occurring personality type. 

These abbreviations mean that an INFP 9w1 individual indulges in introverted feeling and sensing with extraverted intuition and thinking. The data implies that these people harbour a deep well of emotions. Their decisions are based on a strong moral code and intuitive sensations. 

Any kind of new and interesting concepts excite them as they constantly seek inspiration from the outside world. They have a solid sense of what’s right or wrong but extraverted thinking is their inferior cognitive function. Consequently, they have to work hard to find better, more logical solutions to problems.

INFP 9w1 Instinctual Variants and Tritype Votes

Cognitively, there may be a 100% match between INFPs and 9w1s. However, when it comes to instincts, they differ grossly. The information from the Personality Database shows that both types do have a common voting response of sp/so. 

But this is the highest voted instinctual variant for 9w1 and only the third highest for INFP. Voters for INFP responded the most for sp/sx and sx/sp with both variants having at least 8 votes more than sp/so. 

It’s important to note that the difference in the size of voting groups for both pages has skewed the data. Regardless of this, sp seems to be an important instinct for INFP 9w1 individuals. 

Their behaviour is driven from a need to protect the self from pain and suffering. That makes sense looking at the emotional vulnerability of the INFP 9w1 personality type. The Tritype data for 9w1 is insufficient to draw conclusions. INFP voters scored 469 the highest and that is consistent with the responses for Enneagram matches.

INFP 9w1 Socionics Votes

The data for a socionics comparison between INFP and 9w1 is insufficient too. But one observation must be made regarding the same. Both INFP and 9w1 voters have responded with EII, a type that is usually associated with INFJ. 

The EII type has ego blocks of introverted ethics and extraverted intuition. They treasure deep feelings of attachment and try very hard to not let their loved ones suffer. They also have a healthy and well-developed idea of what relationships should look like. 

EIIs are not able to think in abstract and logical terms. They can be oblivious to reality and this hampers their ability for self care. Stress and burnout are frequent troubles for these individuals. The socionics votes make perfect sense for INFP 9w1 persons as these descriptions run parallel with their behaviour styles

INFP 9w1 Temperament Votes

As mentioned before, the PDB 9w1 page has a lot less activity than the INFP page. The votes for temperamental styles for 9w1 is less than 25% of that for INFP. That makes it difficult to collate the two sets of data, especially since INFP voters chose melancholic. 

Whereas 9w1 voters chose phlegmatic. Going by the data from several INFP 9w1 personalities on the site, we found both these temperaments common. A melancholic-phlegmatic individual is pleasant and accommodating. 

This person has a preference for structure and often struggles because of their self-sacrificing nature. All of this holds true with the INFP 9w1 personality as well so it’s reasonable to say the database is accurate.


This comprehensive guide gave you a detailed interpretation of all the data from the INFP 9w1 Personality Database. To begin, we explained what this database is and how it is formed. 

Then, we broke down all the information available for the INFP 9w1 personality type. We also made sense of this data to see how it adds up in terms of behaviour for the INFP 9w1 individual.

There was a lot more user interaction on the INFP database page than the one for 9w1. This caused a bit of discrepancy in the information collected but we were able to connect the dots. The PDB reveals that INFP 9w1 is indeed a natural combination of personality types. 

There are several overlapping qualities in these two categories and they also match other personality variables. The INFP 9w1 is likely to have Fi Ne Si Te cognitive stacks, dominant sp instincts, and phlegmatic-melancholic temperaments.

FAQs (INFP 9w1 Personality Database)

Why INFPs are dangerous?

People with an INFP personality are strongly driven by their code of honour. They prioritise their values and are often seen as stubborn or uncompromising because of it. INFPs aren’t exactly dangerous because they come packed with compassion. 

But they are a tough group of people who have a different version of themselves for public and private. Their easy-going and friendly nature often confuses people who get a chance to see their grit.

Is Infp a rare personality?

INFP from the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types is a rare occurrence. They make up less than 5 % of the population that participate in MBTI surveys. These unique individuals tend to have an uncommon set of abilities that make them imaginative idealists. 

Driven by a solid set of values, the INFP personality tends to be highly focussed on personal growth. These people are also extremely compassionate and sensitive, something that the world is definitely short of.

Are INFPs good in bed?

The most attractive thing about an INFP is their highly emotional and sensitive side. They are capable of making intense connections with others and see sex a means to that end. 

As a result, they are very passionate in bed and readily become vulnerable in front of their partners. Their quality of sex has less to do with skills and more with intimacy in every sense of the word.


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