INFP 9w1 vs 4w5 (A Comparative Analysis)

This blog is a comparative analysis of INFP 9w1 and INFP 4w5 personalities. Our discussion will explore the qualities of these two types based on the MBTI and Enneagram model of personality. After introducing readers to these patterns of behaviour, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between INFP 9w1 and 4w5 people.

How are INFP 9w1 and 4w5 Different?

INFP 9w1INFP 4w5
Like working in a systematic way
Want to contribute to society
DifferencesAvoids conflictAssertive
Afraid of separationIndependent
Lacks insightMore self aware

Understanding INFP 9w1 and 4w5 Personality Types

People often find it hard to tell if an INFP has an Enneagram type 9w1 or 4w5. The most common Enneagram types for this Myers-Briggs personality type are 4w6, 9w1, and 4w5. All three of these categories have plenty of overlapping behaviour styles. 

In this section, we are going to break down the components INFP, 9w1, and 4w5. This will make it easier to compare these two personality types and draw better inferences.

What are INFP Individuals Like?

The INFP personality type is one of the 16 personality types specified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI. It stands for Introverted (I), Intuitive (N), Feeling (F), and Perceiving (P). This group is frequently labelled, “The Mediators”. 

These individuals are driven by high values. They want to make the world a better place and constantly seek the best ways to help others. An INFP’s intuitive nature makes them creative, idealistic, and sensitive to feelings. 

As introverts, social situations drain their energy more than others so they prefer interacting in small and familiar circles. An INFP gains energy from spending time in solitude. At work, these individuals are quite meticulous and devoted. They are quite open-minded and can look at the bigger picture when needed.

What are Enneagram 9w1 Personalities Like?

An Enneagram 9w1 personality has a core Type Nine with Type One Wing influence. 9w1 people usually prefer peace and go to great lengths to maintain it.

They come with a great need to maintain stability and consistency, making them uncomfortable in times of change. Their greatest fear is to be isolated from the community or to lose things that matter to them the most.  9w1 personalities are frequently called “Negotiators”. 

These are people with empathy, good work ethics, open-mindedness, and a need to help others. At times, this need to help can at times make them neglect their own needs. In those situations, their dislike for conflict prevents them from being assertive.

What are Enneagram 4w5 Personalities Like?

Type 4w5 Enneagram individuals are given the name “The Free Spirit“. These are personalities that have a core matching type 4 but also show certain Type 5 tendencies. Like other Fours, 4w8 persons also have a basic desire to establish their own identity. They fear letting life end without creating an impact in the world. 

These people might be reserved but they have a great need for admiration and recognition. The Five in them make 4w5s introspective and creative. They want to understand themselves and the world in a deeper, more accurate way. That’s possibly why they are less concerned with their public image than most Type 4s.

Comparing INFP 9w1 and 4w5

Key Similarities between INFP 9w1 and 4w5

  • Both are introverted
  • Like to work in a systematic way
  • Want to contribute to the world

As both these groups have INFP traits in common, they are bound to have some similarities. INFP 9w1 and 4w5 individuals are usually quiet, shy, or reserved. They have separate versions of themselves for public and private. 

When these two personality types work, they prefer things to run in an organised way. The INFP 9w1 follows this approach because of their need for structure and stability. The INFP 4w5 does it to keep a track of all the original and complex ideas they get. 

Another shared characteristic of the two is that they have an internal need to contribute to the world. INFP 9w1 individuals feel this way so that they can be of use to the community. INFP 4w5 feel so because they want to be significant.

Key Differences between INFP 9w1 and 4w5

  • 9w1 avoids conflicts
  • 4w5 more independent
  • 4w5 more self aware

Despite their gross resemblance, the INFP 9w1 and INFP 4w5 personalities have visible differences. The core 9 in the former makes them avoid conflicts if possible. If not, they prefer to resolve it quickly no matter what it takes. 

Contrarily, an INFP 4w5 would not step away from a clash and prefer to resolve it with genuine discourse. INFP 9w1 function from a basic fear of being isolated from their loved ones. But an INFP 4w5 individual wouldn’t mind solitude and would make the most of their independence. 

When an INFP 9w1 has to suppress strong negative feelings to keep things peaceful, they become confused. They are not able to make sense of their discomfort. On the other hand, INFP 4w5 people put quite a bit of effort into self awareness. They have a lot more insight regarding the causes of their behaviour.


This blog was a comparative analysis of INFP 9w1 and INFP 4w5 personalities. Our discussion explored the qualities of these two types based on the MBTI and Enneagram model of personality. After introducing readers to these patterns of behaviour, we discussed the similarities and differences between INFP 9w1 and 4w5 people.

As both categories involve INFP individuals, they share the traits of introversion. Both INFP 9w1 and 4w5 people like to keep their work organised. They both find their purpose in contributing to society. 

At the same time, an INFP 4w5 is a lot more assertive. INFP 9w1 individuals prefer being with their loved ones but 4w5s can be more independent. An INFP 4w5 will also have more self awareness and insight than an INFP 9w1.

FAQs (INFP 9w1 vs 4w5)

What are the qualities of an INFP 9w1?

An INFP 9w1 is someone with a “mediator” personality type on the MBTI and an Enneagram Type 9 Wing 1. This combination of personality types is uncommon and makes people fairly special. INFP 9w1 personalities have the below mentioned qualities:
High motivation
Self awareness
Good problem-solving skills
Artistic ability
Emotional vulnerability
Driven by values

What is Enneagram 2w1?

An Enneagram Type 2w1 means that your core personality resembles a Type 2. But due to the Wing influence, there are many Type 1 traits in you as well. 2w1 individuals are often dubbed “The Companion”. 

They have a basic desire to be loved and accepted and they horribly fear feeling unwanted. These people are capable of recognising the needs of others and themselves. A 2w1 person is great at offering support and encouragement.

What MBTI personality type is an Enneagram 6w5?

Someone with an Enneagram subtype 6w5 is likely to be an MBTI, ISTJ, ISFJ, or IFSP. The core Type 6 makes these individuals highly loyal and committed. The Wing influence of Type 5 creates a thirst for knowledge and growth in them.

Similarly, ISTJ and ISFJ feel that they have a duty to the traditions they hold dear. This value manifests itself in their fidelity and allegiance.

Are INFP hard working?

An INFP individual is able to develop foresight. Because of this, he or she can picture the future, set goals and targets, and adjust their productivity accordingly. 

INFP personalities possess a lot of creativity, which helps them think of innovative solutions for challenges and setbacks. Consequently, they find the resilience to get out of difficult situations and appear very hardworking.


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