Enneagram 8w7: The 8 wing 7 (A complete guide)

In this brief guide, we will look at the enneagram personality 8w7, and discuss features and concepts related to this personality type.


The 8w7, also known as the Non-conformist, is highlighted by traits such as being able to be their own person, not listening to rules and regulations for the sake of them and being fearless in the face of challenges and new situations.

The 8w7 personality looks forward to challenges and problems, and they rarely shy away from a new experience, instead they welcome it.

They are tough and hard-working, and they might actually thrive under pressure rather than succumb to it.

These are self-confident individuals, and the 8w7 is rarely fazed by harsh words or circumstances, and they may project power and strength as much as they want to attain it.

8w7 may also be quite assertive but still very sociable and engaging, and they may get along very well with people, and be very well suited to leadership roles that involve active engagement with the team members, as they project confidence but are still approachable.

Donald Trump is a good example of the type 8 traits that may be seen in an individual, whether or not a wing 7 is present.

8w7 Basic Fear

The basic fear of 8w7 is similar to that of enneagram type 8, which is all about the fear of being controlled or hurt by others.

Autonomy and power are very important to 8, and the idea of being stripped of it can be very challenging to these individuals.

In addition, the introduction of enneagram 7 traits to the mix ensures a need to go away from the flow, seek novelty, and be inspired by new challenges and pleasures, and this may cause them to have an additional fear of monotony or being boxed in.

The two fears combined may drive the 8w7 away from any situation where there is control or routine, and the following of arbitrary rules and guidelines is necessary.

8w7 Basic Desire

The basic desire that rules the 8w7 is the need to have power and control, while also being in pleasurable and challenging situations.

These people are highly motivated to seek out new and fun experiences, and at the same time they might seek out situations that allow them to exercise control, on themselves, sure, but it might be even better if it was controlled over others.

That is not to say that all 8w7s are megalomaniacs rubbing their palms together at the prospect of power, but it can also mean that this might be a protective individual who might seek to protect and help the others, as both of those concepts also involve a certain degree of power.

8w7s defend themselves by denying vulnerability and need to maintain their protective outer shell at all times. 

An 8w7 desires more than anything to not appear weak and therefore avoid situations that may leave them exposed or defenseless.

Strengths of 8w7

Here are some strengths of the 8w7:

  • These individuals may be extremely focused and hardworking
  • They may be very tough and rarely shy away from a challenge
  • They can be somewhat cocky, and want to get into borderline risky things for the thrill
  • They can get things done efficiently 
  • They project an enormous amount of confidence and can lead well
  • They are good at tackling new situations 
  • They are adept at making logical and fair decisions
  • They are good at forming connections with others
  • They can create optimistic and innovative plans
  • They have the ability to share their thoughts and opinions openly

Weaknesses of the 8w7

Stated below are some weaknesses of the 8w7 personality:

  • They can be somewhat arrogant and mean at times
  • They may have trouble letting anyone else take the lead
  • They may be very hard to tame when the situation needs it
  • They can be very against authority, causing some explosive situations when they do need to conform
  • They may be somewhat paranoid about being tied down
  • They may balk at the mere hint of any kind of routine or rules
  • They may often struggle to remain patient
  • They may show a tendency to overindulge themselves
  • They sometimes lack sensitivity to the feelings of others.

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8w7 vs 8w9

The other variant of the enneagram 8 is the 8w9, which has core traits of 8 with some traits of 9 like being a little more malleable, may be capable of adjusting their attitude a bit more according to the norms and convention, and not having the traits related to novelty seeking.

The 8w9 is likely to be a lot more sensitive to the needs and emotions of others and the peacemaker traits of the enneagram 9 may help the type 8 to be more attuned to the way the world works.

While the 8w7 is likely to seek newness and challenges and maybe even engage in risky and impulsive behavior, the 8w9 might be more relaxed and more at peace with themselves.

The anger expressed by 8w7 is more high energy whereas the anger of an 8w9 is like an erupting volcano, due to the fact that the 8w9s might let anger build up within themselves, which may manifest in constant bitterness and harshness, and random outbursts where the other person may not realize what hit them.

Additionally, while both 8w7 and 8w9 are aimed at being powerful and not being under someone’s control, the 8w7 might approach this more from the perspective of being free and untethered to try new things and explore, and the 8w9 might approach it from the perspective of just being at peace without actively seeking novelty.

8w7 MBTI

The MBTI types for 8w9 usually tend to be along the lines of the extroverted personality types, particularly ESTJ and ENTJ, owing to the traits of thinking and sensation that are dominant in these personality types.

The ENTJ 8w7 is likely to be a leader through and through; at their worst, they might be somewhat authoritarian in nature, and their best, they will be authoritative and engaging, bringing the best out of those in their command.

The ENTJ is known as the commander, and with good reason; the thinking style these individuals possess, combined with the intuitive tendencies that are extroverted in nature, allow them to be at one with the needs and expectations of the group, giving them the ability to be powerful and lead.

The 8w7 is extremely capable of leading as well, due to their tendency to seek power and at the same time the sociability that comes from the enneagram 9 traits, and when this comes together with ENTJ personality it makes for a leader who is confident, powerful and receptive to the needs and wants of their wards.

Similarly, they may relate well to the ESTJ personality as well, who are more seeking and open in nature due to their extroverted sensation traits, the 8w7 ESTJ type individuals may break new ground with the sensation seeking, and take the people they may be leading along for the ride.

Enneagram Test

The most significant test used for assessing enneagram personality is the Riso Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI).

Many different instruments are available for free online as well but one needs to remember that these may not be valid as the process of validating the questions on a test is an important process that may not have been done for the free online ones.

An enneagram test consists of statements that the person either agrees or disagrees with on a Likert scale, and they are provided with a personality type that most closely matches their personality.

In some cases, the person may feel like they don’t agree with the details of the type they have received, in which case they may benefit from reading about all of them and seeing if they are perhaps a wing type, and maybe they share traits of one of the adjacent numbers on the enneagram.

Female 8w7

A female 8w7 is likely to raise some eyebrows due to the fact that 8w7 traits are usually those stereotypically associated with men, like being strong-willed, confident, ambitious or seeking power, and sadly society does not tend to see females that way.

A female 8w7 makes for a formidable person, however. This might be a woman who does not tolerate any sort of injustice or attempts to put her down in any form due to her gender, and this may be a big part of her identity.

While that might sound like something a reformer might do, think again. The basic fear of the 8w7 or 8w9 is that of being controlled or hurt in any way, and a woman who shows traits typically associated with males is likely to see some resistance from patriarchal forces, and as such will likely be quite rebellious.

The 8w7 woman might be fiercely independent, and she might be frequently explosive about being told what to do and what to do.

She will seek new things just as much as an 8w7 male would, and rarely let her gender norms stop her from delving into what she wants.

There may be novelty-seeking much like other personality types, and this woman might make for a great feminist icon, like Margaret Thatcher, for instance, would likely be an 8w7, or maybe 8w9.


In this brief guide, we looked at the enneagram personality 8w7 and discussed features and concepts related to this personality type.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 8w7

What is a 8w7?

8w7 also called “The Maverick”, stands for the Eight with a Seven-Wing. 

These individuals can be strong, weak, or anything in between.

In an 8w7, the core traits of type Eight define all fundamental needs and motivation behind 8w7 actions and the Seven-Wing gives this personality type a tendency to be adventurous and enthusiastic.

What is the rarest Enneagram type?

The rarest Enneagram type is usually seen as type 4, which is the individualist or the artist, but many people maintain it is actually type 8, the Challenger/protector

What Enneagram number is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is an Enneagram type 8 individual, as his basic desire seems to be to lead and attain power, given his position as president of the United States, and his basic fear would be assumed to be a fear of being vulnerable and being under control.

How do you know your Enneagram wing?

To know your Enneagram wing, you can take an Enneagram test, and read about other types, particularly that on either side of your wing.

Your dominant wing is indicated by the higher score of one of the types on either side of your basic type. 

How many types of people are there?

There are three types of people in the world according to how they approach the world, whether it is internal or external, and they are Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts.

However, according to a more philosophical classification, it may be said that there are only two types of people in the world: Relevant and Irrelevant.



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