8w7 Characters (+3 List)

This article will take a look at a number of famous characters from movies that are often associated with the type 8w7 enneagram. The article will also introduce this enneagram type in detail and highlight its major traits.

8w7 Characters – The List

Here is a list of those movie characters that are often associated with the 8w7 enneagram:

  • Cruella
  • Poppy Moore – Wild Child
  • Anatoly Dyatlov – Chernobyl
  • Rocket – Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Gellert Grindelwald – Fantastic Beasts

Before we take a look at these characters in detail, let us introduce the type 8w7 enneagram in detail!

8w7 Enneagrams – Nonconformists

The 8w7 enneagram type shares most of its traits with the 8 type enneagram but also has some traits from the wing 7 too. This enneagram is generally comfortable with conflicts that they may face and this is because they are confident, independent and quite ambitious! They persevere in their path and do not let others get in the way. Furthermore, they may be quiet but when the time comes they will speak up and defend their own stance or those of others. 

Although they wander much around in their mind, these enneagram types are also great at handling people and taking practical steps. They make the right decisions and prefer to do so on their own without much interference. Apart from thinking clearly and logically, they are creative and like to test innovative ideas! They go the extra mile when it comes to establishing goals or milestones that they want to achieve. They are big dreamers and quite idealistic in their vision. They want to create a world or society where people can go big or go home. They want to help others achieve their own dreams by ensuring no one creates hurdles for them.

This enneagram type, however, is afraid of losing their own autonomy and maybe this is why they are so independent because they want to assure themselves that they can handle most matters on their own. At the same time, these individuals also struggle when it comes to being emotionally honest or vulnerable. They will try to ignore their own emotions or what they feel because they are either too afraid of facing them or just want to focus on what is going on in the external world. They won’t even let anyone too close as they do not want to become emotionally or mentally vulnerable.

This enneagram type has however developed great people skills and can become effective and inspirational leaders. They are open when it comes to sharing their thoughts and opinions about certain matters with others – they do not care about what others will think. They are comfortable creating connections with others and can easily do so.

However, this enneagram does have some weaknesses. They will have difficulty in following instructions from authority figures and they are impatient at times. They may overindulge in themselves or their work and may become insensitive to the feelings of others. 

Major Traits Of The 8w7

Here are some major traits of this enneagram type!

Debaters – Really Good Ones

The 8w7 personality type will grind you into the floor if you choose to debate with them on a certain topic they are very passionate or excited about. They are not only smart and catch the loopholes present in your argument or explanation but they are passionate speakers who will not back down! So watch out before you get into a conversation with the personality – you might regret it!

Logical Arguments

These personality types are logical – they need something that makes sense and isn’t just there as proof. People can only impress or convince these personality types if they come up with the right information in an organized manner that actually makes sense and seems to have some rational appeal to it!


They are smart and will use it to their advantage! The 8w7 personality does indeed manipulate people for their own benefit. Although they try not to harm anyone, if the opportunity is present they will use people in a certain way to get things done by convincing them there is benefit in it for them – and there usually is!

They are intelligent because they observe people and analyze what can be obtained from them! After that they determine what motivates these people and hence they put everything together and obtain what it is they want for themselves without the other person even realizing it.


We all know how charming serial killers are – just on a lighter note that is! In no way are we comparing the 8w7 to serial killers! However, people who have a tad bit of the darker side inside of themselves do know how to cover it up. They can appear charming and kind to others while they are plotting on how to get what they really want.


It is not surprising to say that this personality type has an intimidating effect on others. They can seem dark or even dangerous because of how they usually behave in front of others. They may not always smile but remain serious and focused even if they are sitting around others. Nonetheless, there is a unique and mysterious aura that emanates from these personality types and it usually intimidates people.

8w9 Characters – The List

Let us take a look at each character and why they are considered a type 8w9 enneagram!


Charming but extremely dangerous, Cruella is indeed an 8w7 enneagram because of how she goes after what she wants. She is sure to show her dominance and power but at the same time she takes a light hearted approach to dealing with people in an attempt to avoid any bad situations – not for her sake but for the sake of others.

She is charming yet intimidating which is quite characteristic of the 8w7 enneagram. She likes to add some fun to how she rolls and will intimidate others through this approach as it sometimes confuses them.

Her character is extremely manipulative and she will twist and turn the facts as well as appear as the damsel in distress to get other’s favor and trust but to also shift the blame or suspicion away from herself!

Her character appears in a number of movies but she is most famous for her role in the movie 101 Dalmatians where she is after cute and innocent puppies – she wants their fur coat so she can sell her fashion line in a more successful way. In short, she wants to kidnap the puppies so she can skin them alive.

Poppy Moore – Wild Child

Sent off to a strict college, Poppy Moore is a good example of the 8w7 enneagram who wants to have fun but in her own way. She is quite independent and does not want to mix so easily with the others – she has her own class and wants to maintain that. She considers herself superior and likes to act in a charming and interesting manner with others.

She is someone who wants things to go her way and hence as a child she is quite difficult to control to the extent that even her own parents are not able to get her under their control so they have to send her off with the hope that this strict school may have some effect on their daughter.

Anatoly Dyatlov – Chernobyl

This character is responsible for the blast at Chernobyl – well at least somewhat! This is because of his stubborn nature and belief that he is superior and knows better than others. He may not be so charming but even when he is calm he is quite intimidating.

Anatoly is quite manipulative and this can be seen at the start of the series when he tries to blame the workers for what he ordered!

Rocket – Guardians of the Galaxy

Yes, Rocket is also an 8w7 enneagram – he is the Raccoon of the ship!

He is an interesting character who just wants what he is after even if it lands him and his crew in a lot of trouble! He is smart and will improvise if needed – he will also dismiss others views if he considers them stupid.

Another major sign that he is an 8w7 enneagram is that he hates appearing vulnerable and will use aggression to keep people at bay!

Gellert Grindelwald – Fantastic Beasts

Grindelwald loves to apply pressure to people, and create an “us vs them” dynamic in how he attracts people to him. He wants power for its own sake, because of his ruthless self-confidence, and isn’t afraid to crush others in his pursuit of it. Though he can pretend to be nice for a time, to win others (like Credence) over to his cause, he inevitably shows his true colors whenever he ruthlessly crushes them under his feet (telling Credence he’s stupid and pathetic and worthless, when Credence doesn’t get him what he wants, under his identity as Graves).


This article took a look at characters that are often associated with the 8w7 enneagram type. The article also shed light on this enneagram and highlighted its traits.



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