Enneagram 8 Characters (The Best List)

This article will list famous characters that are often associated with the type 8 enneagram and also explain why. The article will also introduce the type 8 enneagram and highlight the traits that are most known.

Enneagram 8 Characters – A List

Here are the fictional characters that are often associated with the type 8 enneagram:

  • Harry Potter
  • Magneto
  • Alastor Moody
  • Voldemort
  • The Joker
  • Katniss Everdeen

Let us take a look at each of them but before that, we will introduce the type 8 enneagram and their major traits.

Enneagram Type 8: The Challenger

This enneagram type can be described as confident, confrontational, decisive and assertive as well. They do not hesitate to voice out their opinions or take a stand for what they firmly believe in. Furthermore, these individuals are focused on what they want and will not stop at anything when it comes to achieving their goals or desires.

However, although they are resourceful and generally straightforward people, these enneagram types are affected by their ego and can be dominating when it comes to being around other people. They want to have what it is that makes them feel complete or whole and as we said they will do anything in their power to get it!

At their best, they will be very generous especially because of the number of resources they usually possess and use their power and influence to make the lives of people better. However, they sometimes have issues in controlling their temper and become vulnerable or expose their weak points.

All in all, this enneagram type is indeed ambitious and wont stop at anything from achieving its goals. This deep desire to be successful and independent is also derived from their fear of being controlled or manipulated by others which is likely to happen if they are not strong or independent enough!

These are the two things that drive the enneagram type 8:

  • The Basic Fear
  • The Basic Desire

The Basic Fear

When it comes to enneagram type 8, their basic fear is to be controlled or manipulated by others to the extent that they end up hurting themselves. They want to be independent and in control of their own lives. What they fear is being exposed or vulnerable so that someone can take advantage of the power or influence they have over the enneagram type 8 individual. 

As a result of this fear, they avoid being helpless in situations and try to stand up for themselves all the time – this could be one reason why they ensure they are so resourceful and independent! However, if they are scared enough, they will avoid situations where they feel vulnerable.

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The Basic Desire

Of course their basic desire stems from their fear of being controlled! The type 8 enneagram wants to be in control of their own life. They do not want to live in the constant fear that they will be manipulated or influenced by another being! As a person, they want to be able to take decisions for themselves and hence they are passionate about standing up against injustice not only against their own being but that of others! They understand how it feels to be powerless and hence do not want this for anyone else either.

The Dominant Characteristics of the Type 8 Enneagram.

In this section we will look at the most apparent traits of this type in isolation.


It is obvious from the name; these individuals are always up for the challenge! They like to push themselves beyond the limits to test their strength and abilities while also wanting the same for others.


These individuals have an aura of charisma emanating from themselves. They have the ability to pull in people not just with their power or ability but with how they just are as people. This attraction makes others keen to listen to what they have to say or think and others would prefer them to lead.

Strong Will and Vitality.

A person who is a type 8 enneagram is someone who possesses vitality that makes him energetic and alive hence he is able to take on any situation with a sense of hope and positivity that oftentimes gets him through the most hopeless scenes in the movie. Apart from others, he is sometimes naive and questions why things can’t be done. He sees possibilities where others don’t and this is because of his will power and sense of hope.

Natural Leaders.

Yes these individuals are natural leaders who believe in leading by example and care for their fellows or supporters.

Too Industrious.

Yes these individuals are extremely hard working and diligent to the extent that they forget the human element of life. Hence, oftentimes when people are put off by their absence, insensitivity or lack of interest they get angry because after all, they are working for others!

When this does happen, this personality type becomes distant.

Fear of Rejection.

Type 8 personalities have another fear – they are scared others will reject, criticize or humiliate them in some manner or form so they either become quiet or distant or reject the other person entirely.

Enneagram 8 Characters – A List

In this section we will take a look at the fictional characters that are often associated with the type 8 enneagram.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter’s enneagram is a Type 8.

The basic desire that this enneagram has is to protect themself and be in control of their life and destiny. Keeping in mind Harry Potter’s character, this enneagram helps explain his behaviour while looking at the past he has experienced and the state of the wizardry world. 

Lord Voldemort is out to kill him as he not only wants to show everyone that he is the strongest wizard in the world but the ‘Boy Who Lived’ is nothing but a lucky little boy who has no power to harm him.

Harry is aware of Lord Voldemort’s intentions; unlike others he is a constraint target and thus he has a desire to protect himself especially in the early series of the movie when he only suspects that he alone is in danger and not others. 

Harry never shies away from something new. He is open to new experiences and thus scores high on openness and this means he is ready to face any situation. When the movie shows his name appearing in the goblet of fire with other participants from other schools, he is ready to take on the challenge and bravely competes in it.

Throughout the movie, Harry is seen as the one who either takes the initiative or responsibility. He is not a one man show but he realizes the power in numbers and struggles to bring all on one page. They have the ability to motivate and inspire their followers, be good at communication and people skills like recognizing emotions and most of all they are at the front. This is why Harry was able to create ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ as people believed in him and considered him a leader.


He is the famous character from the X Men series where humans and mutants are trying to coexist in one society or world. He is the leader of the side that thinks mutants and humans cannot live side by side and hence he rounds up his own army of mutants against Professor X and his school.

Magneto is indeed a type 8 enneagram because of the charisma he holds as well as the clear leadership characteristics he has. He is also quite blunt and will be confrontational when required.

Alastor Moody

Alastor Moody is also often associated with the type 8 enneagram because he shows some traits such as those of not being able to stand someone who tries to exhibit their dominance in his presence; he is also the type of person to take the lead when others are not willing. Although he may not be charismatic, he is definitely one who makes his presence felt!


The enneagram type of Lord Voldemort is Type 8. These enneagram types are confident, decisive and clear in what they want as well as confrontational.

A personality type similar to that of Voldemort is one that does not like to take orders from others, seeks autonomy and independence and desires to be in control of their life and destiny. Unlike others, they struggle to open up in terms of their emotions and are very clear in what they want and will go to any length to achieve it!

The Dark Lord, also known as Voldemort, was initially found by Dumbledore at a boy’s school or hostel where he was known by his real name ‘Tom Riddle’. Tom was no ordinary boy and the children at his school soon realized this. 

When Dumbledore goes to meet Tom for the first time, he is also convinced he is a wizard – but a different one – and offers him a place at Hogwarts. What Dumbledore finds astonishing about him is that he can talk to snakes; this isn’t common even for a person in the world of wizardry.

Tom is a bright boy who is determined to be the best of his kind and this is shown from memories of different wizards like Dumbledore himself and Professor Slughorn which show the young boy as someone who is inquisitive and determined to learn more and become more!

Eventually, Tom learns of the dark magic that exists and aspires to become the most powerful dark wizard in the world that operates according to his principles; he changes his name to Voldemort and begins a journey of ‘self actualization’.

The Joker

The Joker is one of the most famous characters any of us have ever known. He has appeared in numerous versions of the Batman cartoons and movies and has movies that are dedicated to his own character. He is a dark yet outspoken villain who has a funny yet scary and lethal sense of humor. He is out to get revenge and expose the true nature of people but he is always met by his arch enemy The Batman who arrives just in time to stop him.

The Joker is quite outspoken and likes to have his fun with people; he is the type of person who has to have an audience in order to put on a show thus he is a true extrovert. Furthermore, he cannot stand it if someone else has more power than him in the room. He must be in control and everyone should be submissive in front of him.

Katniss Everdeen

According to some, the famous Hunger Games actress known by the title of Katniss Everdeen is also a type 8 enneagram and this is because she has leadership qualities such as sacrificing herself to save others from impending doom and taking the necessary initiative. She has much charm and knows how to ride and kill in action!


This article explained why some characters are often associated with the type 8 enneagram and what traits they possess. The article also introduced the type 8 enneagram and outlined its fear and desires too.


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