The 8w9 ENTJ Personality (A Complete Guide)

This article will not only explore the 8w9 ENTJ personality type but what it is made up of! The audience will be introduced to both the 8w9 enneagram as well as the ENTJ personality type. After that, the article will then focus on the major traits this unique combination has.

The 8w9 ENTJ Personality: The Major Traits

Here is a list of the traits the 8w9 ENTJ personality possesses:

  • Laid Back Attitude
  • Defense Oriented
  • Like Setting Up Boundaries
  • Desire Stability & Order
  • Anger Outbursts
  • Protective of Loved Ones
  • Assertive

We will take a look at each of these traits in detail however, we will first introduce the audience to the personality types that make up this unique combination!

Enneagram 8w9: The Diplomat

This enneagram type is confident and patient but at the same time protective and will strike if required. However, compared to type 8 enneagrams, they are more gentle and easy going. They prefer to remain calm and stress free when it comes to tasks that are due or responsibilities that they have – it is better to remain calm rather than fret about what one needs to do!

At the same time, these enneagrams enjoy the independence they have and dislike taking orders from other people, especially authority figures. They want to do things their own way in a manner that is easy and comfortable for them. It’s my way or the highway for them! Whether its work, school or any program they are enrolled in, they want to be able to have the liberty of engaging in self paced courses that allow them a great deal of flexibility; they appreciate programs or systems where they are given the end goal and given the freedom to pursue it in a manner that is acceptable to them.

However, this type of enneagram also has issues related to their emotions – especially the regulation of emotions. They do not feel very comfortable expressing their emotions to others possibly because of the fear they have – they do not want to be controlled or manipulated by others. Hence, the 8w9 enneagram will not always express how they feel about someone or something and keep this to themself.

ENTJs – The Commanders

Yes they are bold and strong and make great leaders as they are decisive and value accomplishment! These individuals often bring together people for a united cause by using their charisma and confidence that projects a certain authority people admire!

When it comes to the strengths of these personality types, ENTJs are self confident and energetic. They not only believe in themself but do so with much determination and commitment. They are efficient and strong willed which gives them an extra boost to achieve that they set out to gain and hence impress their followers.

These individuals possess the ability to charm whomsoever they meet and inspire them with their motivation, commitment and desire to accomplish their goals. 

On top of all that, these individuals possess the ability of strategic thinking. Yes they are smart when it comes to planning; they are able to scrutinize the plans they are willing to uptake and improvise whenever required! They are good handlers of crisis situations and can navigate their way out of things. 

It would not be immature to say that all these strengths are indeed accompanied by some weaknesses. To achieve much, commanders can sometimes become stubborn and impatient. They are so strong willed that they often refuse to listen to others who might think they need to give up something or wait a bit longer for the right time!

They have a firm belief in what they want to achieve to the extent they consider it pure of any imperfections hence people may consider them arrogant. 

At the same time, regardless of their great thinking skills, commanders are unable to regulate their emotions well which may attribute a certain amount of instability to their personal lives.

The 8w9 ENTJ Personality: The Major Traits

In this section, we will look at traits that make up the 8w9 ENTJ personality type!

Laid Back Attitude

The 8w9 ENTJ personality has a more casual and laid back attitude where they don’t really want any trouble unless they are really provoked. They do not like to adopt an attitude where they are constantly thinking over something or preparing how to counter it. They like to chill and relax as well!

Hence, these personality types are more of the ‘take it easy’ kind where they like to enjoy the good things in life and not take any undue stress. They do not want to get into any problems at all and prefer staying away from them. However, do not be fooled! Once they are messed with, they will not back down so easily!

Defense Oriented

As we mentioned before, these individuals do not like to get into any undue trouble or problems. They want to stay out of trouble! Hence they have a defense oriented attitude where they do not get into any mess unless they have to. This could be because they need to make sure they do not get into a bad situation so before that possibility arises they take some action which is of course intended to defend them from harm. Or the case could be that their loved one is in trouble and they need to protect them!

Like Setting Up Boundaries

Most of the traits of the 8w9 ENTJ arise from their central attitude towards trouble – they simply do not want it. They will thus create boundaries that make it clear to them as well as to others where they will interfere and where they will not.

These boundaries help them stay within limits but more importantly it advises people where their limits are. If they respect the boundaries this personality type sets up then all will be well. However, if they violate these boundaries, then the 8w9 ENTJ will be forced to take corrective action not because they want to but because they need to ensure they are safe.

Desire Stability & Order

Even more than  their personal desires, this personality type wants stability and order. They hate chaos where there is no head or toe and everything seems unordered and anything could happen at any time! In such an environment, they find it hard to get their peace of mind or actually be productive. They are also fearful for their loved or close ones who may be in harm’s danger!

Hence, this personality type will take much action to ensure there is order and thus decrease the consequences of any unwanted situation that will require them to act in an offensive or defensive manner.

Anger Outbursts

Regardless of their desire to avoid unwanted situations where trouble is lurking, the 8w9 ENTJ will experience anger outbursts that might put them in a difficult situation!

This personality type likes to go it the easy way where they are chilled about most manners. From time to time, there will be something that turns them off or triggers them however because of their peace loving nature they will put it aside. They can only do this upto an extent because the frustration will start building up in them and they will eventually let it all flow out!

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Protective of Loved Ones

Yes, this unique personality combination is very protective of their loved ones and this could be one of the reasons why they act out when they have to. They will go to any length to protect those whom they love. Most of the times they react or become angry because it involves their loved ones being at risk or having been hurt by the ‘aggressor’!


These individuals are indeed assertive. They want things to be in a certain way and they will not hesitate to say how! They often do this so that there is clarity and future problems can be avoided. This helps to set up the boundaries that are much needed and avoid any unwanted trouble. Having such an attitude assures this personality type that they have done their job and if anything goes wrong then the other party is to be held accountable!


This article took a look at the 8w9 ENTJ personality type which is a unique combination of the 8w9 enneagram and ENTJ personality type – the article introduced both of these thoroughly to the readers. Furthermore, the article highlighted and explained the major personality traits of this unique but interesting personality type!


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