8w7 Female Enneagram Type (A Complete Guide)

This article will describe the traits that are frequently exhibited by the female version of the 8w7 enneagram type. Also, the article will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this enneagram type as well as its fears and desires!

The 8w7 Female Enneagram Type: Are You This Personality Type?

You are possible a female 8w7 enneagram if you have the following traits:

  • Good leadership skills
  • Value Relationships
  • Think Positively
  • A Smart Woman
  • Impatient
  • Not Your Typical Empathizer

Before we look at these traits in detail, we will take a look at the 8w7 enneagram type in general and the fears and desires they have as a personality type!

8w7 Enneagrams – Nonconformists

The 8w7 enneagram type shares most of its traits with the 8 type enneagram but also has some traits from the wing 7 too. This enneagram is generally comfortable with conflicts that they may face and this is because they are confident, independent and quite ambitious! They persevere in their path and do not let others get in the way. Furthermore, they may be quiet but when the time comes they will speak up and defend their own stance or those of others. 

Although they wander much around in their mind, these enneagram types are also great at handling people and taking practical steps. They make the right decisions and prefer to do so on their own without much interference. Apart from thinking clearly and logically, they are creative and like to test innovative ideas! They go the extra mile when it comes to establishing goals or milestones that they want to achieve. They are big dreamers and quite idealistic in their vision. They want to create a world or society where people can go big or go home. They want to help others achieve their own dreams by ensuring no one creates hurdles for them.

This enneagram type, however, is afraid of losing their own autonomy and maybe this is why they are so independent because they want to assure themselves that they can handle most matters on their own. At the same time, these individuals also struggle when it comes to being emotionally honest or vulnerable. They will try to ignore their own emotions or what they feel because they are either too afraid of facing them or just want to focus on what is going on in the external world. They won’t even let anyone too close as they do not want to become emotionally or mentally vulnerable.

This enneagram type has however developed great people skills and can become effective and inspirational leaders. They are open when it comes to sharing their thoughts and opinions about certain matters with others – they do not care about what others will think. They are comfortable creating connections with others and can easily do so.

However, this enneagram does have some weaknesses. They will have difficulty in following instructions from authority figures and they are impatient at times. They may overindulge in themselves or their work and may become insensitive to the feelings of others. 

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The Basic Fear – 8w7s

This enneagram type fears being controlled and manipulated by others. They are scared they will become helpless or weak to the extent that others will tell them what to do and how to do it – something which is against their wishes or desires. They want to be able to control how they do things. Hence, this is why they prefer to work alone despite having great people skills and will remain independent and somewhat distant too. They do not like authority because it triggers the fears in their subconscious mind of being controlled in one way or the other.

What Non-Conformists Desire

The Non-conformist desires to remain in control of their own life. They realize that this can only be achieved if they work hard and become independent. This desire is so strong and deep that they desire it for others too hence they are oftentimes advocates for others too. They want to be able to be free and not under the influence of others.

To achieve this, they defy whatever vulnerability they may have within themselves either emotionally or mentally. They stay distant from others when they can and ignore any feelings that arise in them. This helps them stay focused on their goals and not fall into the traps set by other people.

The 8w7 Female Enneagram Type: Are You This Personality Type?

In this section we will highlight traits of the female 8w7 enneagram so you can know whether or not you fall into this category!

Good leadership skills

Yes, this woman has the leadership skills men envy. She knows how to gather people together for a cause and motivate them to undertake tasks required to reach the goals that outline the vision she has for herself and others!

The female 8w7 enneagram has natural tendencies to become a great leader – they know how to lead people even the darkest of times. This is because they are strong and can take initiative when others are not willing. They are also great at people skills so they know how and when to motivate people to get things done. This type of woman has the habit of leading by example and you will often see her at the front leading her team into whatever storm they are battling through!

Value Relationships

Despite the distance they tend to keep, this enneagram type values relationships. Although it somewhat seems close to the stereotypical image of every woman, this one is special. They do not nose dive into the relationships they have but value them in a dignified and productive manner – often to reach the goals they have set or ensure people around them are fine. They make sure they are of help to others and will often raise their voice for people who may not be able to do so themselves. They strongly believe in protecting the rights of others and ensuring they are treated equally before the law and others.

Think Positively

She may seem distant and aloof and possibly stuck in her mind away from others however, she is someone who has a positive outlook in life. Despite her mysterious nature, she is one who likes to see the good side of things and will identify opportunities she spots even in dark or difficult times. Unlike pessimistic people, the 8w7 female enneagram prefers to think in a positive manner and not stress too much about things that may not be in their control. They just do what they can and pray things go well!

A Smart Woman

Indeed the female 8w7 enneagram is a smart and intelligent woman. She understands things even from complex angles and makes sure she is aware of all the relevant factors before making a decision. They simply do not bend towards what seems right but what is logical and appeals to the intellect!

She isn’t just a leader but a smart one. She may not show or brush off her intelligent mind but will definitely throw questions at others when she thinks it is required. It is not easy to convince this woman unless you have a very convincing argument – not convincing because of how you put it but because of the evidence you bring forth and whether or not it makes sense!


Maybe not like the typical woman, the female 8w7 enneagram may become impatient at times. They want quick results or answers especially when they have remained in uncertainty for quite some time. Also, they like to see the fruits of their hard work and they get impatient waiting!

Not Your Typical Empathizer

Although women have been associated with higher or more intense emotions – not necessarily true – this female is not the one who focuses too much on her emotions nor does she like showing them. This is because the female 8w7 enneagram aims to be strong and independent and uncontrollable; they associate emotions with weakness and showing or expressing them makes them vulnerable. Hence, they tend to be neutral around others and will not easily admit how they feel nor will they let others see what is going on inside of them no matter how upset they are.


This article took a look at the female 8w7 enneagram by highlighting its prominent traits. It also looked at the 8w7 enneagram in general by discussing its strengths and weaknesses as well as its fears and desires.



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