INFP 9w1 Careers (8 Career Options)

This blog will introduce readers to a list of careers suitable for someone with an INFP 9w1 personality. It will start with a basic description of how this personality impacts a person’s professional life. Then, we will go over a list of 8 professions that utilise the strengths associated with INFP 9w1 people.

What career should an INFP 9w1 choose?

An INFP 9w1 can opt for the following careers:

  • Nurse
  • Paramedic
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • HR Manager
  • Filmmaker
  • Photographer
  • Writer
  • Performer
  • Image Consultant

Suitable Careers for an INFP 9w1 Individual

This section will go over the common traits of an INFP 9w1 personality and how this affects work. After identifying the strengths in their behaviour patterns, we will talk about eight professional fields. Each of these makes the most of the natural characteristics of an INFP 9w1.

The Professional Life of the INFP 9w1

An INFP 9w1 personality can be broken down into two sets of overlapping traits. The INFP comes from the Myers-Briggs model of personality whereas 9w1 comes from the Enneagram model. 

When someone has both these personality types, they are generally very peaceful, compassionate, and expressive. The INFP 9w1 has an emotional and intuitive nature. They are motivated to bring a positive change to their community. Professionally, these individuals prefer consistency and stability. 

The prospect of resolving conflicts and bringing people closer energises them. Occupations that involve services, support of any kind, and human connection work well for these people. But their self-sacrificing tendencies can make them struggle with assertiveness, burnout, and stress.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Nursing or Paramedics

As mentioned earlier, the INFP 9w1 personality brings with it tonnes of compassion and empathy. These individuals are extremely caring, perceptive, and good at looking after others. 

Nursing and paramedical services are excellent fields of work for someone with this personality. The jobs require plenty of hard work, warm interactions with patients, and respect for rules and regulation. 

All of these qualities exist in abundance in this personality type. An INFP 9w1 would prove to be very useful in the emergency room because of their intuition and problem-solving skills. Both these jobs involve teamwork, something the emotional intelligence associated with this category makes much easier.

Mental Health

Another health field an INFP 9w1 can opt for is in mental health services. These cover psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, and psychiatric social workers. The kind of work for these four occupations may be completely different, but the underlying theme is the same. 

The aim of these service providers is to improve the overall health of the patient and promote wellbeing. The prevalent stigma around this area makes people think that these professionals only deal with mental illnesses. 

However, the job is a lot more about helping all individuals, ill or not, become better versions of themselves. Here is where the INFP 9w1 qualities come of great use. Establishing rapport is the key ingredient to any therapeutic alliance and the INFP 9w1 does that exceptionally well.

Social Work

If science and medicine do not appeal, an INFP 9w1 always has the possibility of becoming a social worker. Since these personalities are deeply motivated to improve the lives of others, they find this profession highly satisfying. 

A love for humanity is a basic requisite to do any kind of community service. INFP 9w1 people are filled to the brim with that kind of love. They also have the ideals and resilience needed to last in this field without becoming corrupt. 

Most of all, they are able to develop a sense of attachment to the groups they help and vice versa. Trust goes a long way in this field and the INFP 9w1 knows exactly how to build it.


When we talk about storytelling, we mean everything that this term can include. Whether it’s writing, reciting, filmmaking, performing, or anything to do with creative expression, INFP 9w1s have a knack for it. 

Entering this career can be hard, especially since there is growing competition. For someone to stand out in the entertainment business, they need to have a unique style. The INFP 9w1 can easily create that authentic and fresh style by being emotionally honest. 

They are able to convey their subjective experiences to an audience effortlessly. That’s why they have all the makings of a storyteller and can get noticed quickly or even admired.

Image Consulting

Contrary to popular belief, an image consultant is a lot more than just a personal shopper. Yes, there is a certain amount of retail aid involved, but that comes at a much later stage of the typical procedures. 

We think an INFP 9w1 will do well in this occupation because of the level of intuition, empathy, and connection it requires. The consultant has to understand several components of the client’s psyche to comprehend how their authentic selves would appear. 

There are a lot of interviews and exchanges involved before there is any actual shopping. Even beyond the trips to the malls, the consultant tries to make the client as independent as possible. 

Transforming someone from an insecure and limited self to the best version of themselves requires an incredible client-customer-relationship. An INFP 9w1 has what it takes to create that.

HR Management

Human Resources is always a viable career path for all INFPs, especially so for an INFP 9w1. That’s because HR management involves supporting systems and organisations to run in a stable way. Stability and consistency are personal needs for the INFP 9w1. 

They are able to swiftly adjust to the job roles involved in this work. An HR manager also has to be a mediator between employers and employees. INFP 9w1 individuals function well when they are given the opportunity to resolve conflicts harmoniously. 

They also thoroughly enjoy bringing groups closer together. HR management deals with many of the basic desires and drives of an INFP 9w1. That’s why this is a suitable career for these personalities.

Alternative Healing

INFP 9w1 individuals can do very well in healing professions. We already mentioned medical ones but not everyone can deal with the stressful workload in hospitals. There are alternative healing practices that involve similar skill sets without the clinical setup. 

Yoga, meditation, fortune telling, Feng Shui, and many other traditional methods can also help people recover from life’s difficult phases. All these practices have systematic procedures to carry them out so having an instructor is important. 

An INFP 9w1 can make a remarkable instructor for any of these since the role necessitates connection and intuition. Being an alternative healing practitioner is a calm and steady profession so an INFP 9w1 would fit right in.


The final item on our list of careers suitable for INFP 9w1 individuals is choreography. Most of these personalities have a flare for the arts. They tend to have plenty of artistic ability and dance is just another way to let those creative juices flow. 

Similar to how an INFP 9w1 will stand out as a storyteller, emotional vulnerability becomes a strength in choreography. Not only will these personalities be good at creating dance moves, they’ll also be able to synergise a whole troupe. 

Their ability to connect on a much deeper level gives them an edge as choreographers. It allows them to design steps that match the desired style and emotion and also fit the dancers’ body types.


This blog introduced readers to a list of careers suitable for someone with an INFP 9w1 personality. It started with a basic description of how this personality impacts a person’s professional life. Then, we went over a list of 8 professions that utilise the strengths associated with INFP 9w1 people.

Since INFP 9w1 individuals are extremely compassionate and caring, they do well in hospital jobs. Nursing, paramedical services, and mental health professions make use of these qualities. Similar career paths for this group can also be alternative healing practices and social work. 

They can even try something in Human Resources or image consulting. Since expression and creativity comes naturally to these people, the performing arts and professional storytelling are some more options.

FAQs (INFP 9w1 Careers)

What careers are best for Infp?

There are several career options for INFP personalities that will make good use of their natural strengths. These are:
Public Relations
Mental Health Services
Fine Arts

What is the difference between a 9w1 and an 9w8?

Though 9w1 and 9w8 personalities have a lot in common because of the core 9, they’ve plenty of differences too. The Wing influence of Type 1 brings a sort of idealism to the table. 

Meanwhile, the Type 8 cares less about ideals and more about autonomy. A 9w1 will always avoid conflict even if it means overlooking one’s needs. The 9w8 would not put up with something like that and would manage to be assertive.


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