ENFP Spirit Animal (A 7 Point Guide)

In this article, we will look at the spirit animal of ENFP personality type. This article will also entail what the ENFP and their spirit animal have in common.

What is the spirit animal of ENFP Myers Briggs personality type? 

Your spirit animal is the bubbly Dolphin!

ENFP stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving. If you are an ENFP and are curious to know what animal is associated with your Myers Briggs personality type, then lo and behold!

Common traits of the Dolphin and ENFP personality type:

  • Friendly
  • Empathetic
  • Altruistic
  • Affectionate
  • Energetic
  • Witty
  • Ambiverts

ENFP Type and the Dolphin

If you are an ENFP then you will most probably strongly identify with dolphins. Let’s explore the traits of dolphins and see how they resonate with the ENFP personality type.


The ENFP who are extroverts are known to be very friendly and sociable. They jump at opportunities to meet new people but they prefer to have deep conversations instead of making small talk. Small talk is one thing that turns ENFPs off. 

If you observe the nature of dolphins it is pretty obvious that they are friendly animals so this is a common trait between dolphins and ENFPs. ENFPs often have very diverse friendships, they tend to make friends with people from different walks of life.

ENFPs have excellent communication skills which prove to be very favourable in social exchanges, similarly dolphins are also known to have one of the most sophisticated communication systems in the animal kingdom with pronounced acoustic abilities.


Empathy is a shared trait within ENFP and dolphins, both are considered to be very sensitive and emotional. They have a naturally calming aura that makes people feel safe around them. 

They value their emotional bonds very much, and make an effort to make their relationships deep and meaningful. They have the ability to feel others pain, which makes them want to reach out to those going through any kind of pain.


From observing the behaviour of dolphins it is evident that they are altruistic animals, and not only for their own species because their altruism extends beyond barriers of species. They are known to help injured animals reach safety, and protect them from predator attack. The ENFP personality type also has altruistic tendencies, and tends to help people in need in whatever way they possibly can. ENFPs are feeling types, which means they are very sensitive individuals and may feel a need to be rescuers.


ENFPs are affectionate individuals and tend to show their affection both verbally and physically. In friendships they are the kind of doting friends who make you feel safe and welcome in new social settings and help you blend in. Just like dolphins make other creatures feel safer in their habitat and strive to protect. 

If you have ever had a friend who helped you feel welcome in places where you felt not so welcome, chances are they might be an ENFP.

They are the kind of people who change the atmosphere of a place by radiating warmth. 


ENFPs are very energetic and need constant stimulation otherwise they tend to get bored and they hate feeling like they’re stuck in a rut. They tend to work better in artistic occupations rather than the regular crippling 9 to 5 jobs. Just like wild dolphins which rarely lie still with the vast expanses of the ocean to explore, ENFPs cannot rest easy and must be on the move in order to feel alive and productive.

They have unbounding energy that needs an outlet. ENFPs are also playful, likewise dolphins have the same playful nature and like to jump, play and do acrobatics for fun.


ENFPs are very witty people. Like dolphins who love to goof around, ENFPs also tend to be total goofballs with people that they are closer with but they are generally witty too. They love to make people laugh and it gives them immense satisfaction. With a sense of humour like theirs it takes little effort to make people laugh so they are found doing it quite very often. 

Their joy is infectious, it’s almost as if they emanate it and pass it onto others. Same is the case with their laughter. You must have a friend whose laugh is funnier than their joke, they might be an ENFJ. Their laughter is contagious and the light and joy they bring to the world makes them all the more precious.


Finally, the last and one of the most important and distinctive trait of the ENFJ personality type is that ENFJs are ambiverts. What does it really mean to be an ambivert?

Ambiverts are people who have both introvert and extrovert tendencies. They are balanced individuals who enjoy socializing but also love and value their alone time. This is what sets them apart from the conventional extroverts. Also, their alone time is essential for them because they are feeling and intuitive types. They need time to process their feelings and listen to their intuition.

Light up Your Life

If you are an ENFP or have an ENFP in your life, then you should consider yourself lucky because these people literally brighten up your world. 

Even on the most grim dark days, they will be there to lighten up the atmosphere of impending doom, and make you feel better just by being present. You can count on them to crack a joke and lighten up any gloomy situation. It is just how they are, ENFPs are built this way. They find immense pleasure in making people laugh and lightening up their mood. 

However, ENFPs must be careful, as to not spend too little time with themselves because it is much needed. Alone time is essential for ENFPs who are ambiverts and need to be with themselves every now and then. Unless they sit with themselves through their alone time they might risk burnout which may lead to them not being able to be there for the people they love.

Bubbly Babies

When you think of an ENFP, what comes to mind might be a dolphin making bubbles in the water and then popping them with its snout. ENFPs are cute, bubbly and playful individuals. In case you need to make an occasion less grim you must invite and ENFP over and rest assured that they will definitely lift the spirits with their lively temperament. Yes, you can leave that job to them!

Look out for Silence

When caring for an ENFP, look out for their silence because their silence is not a good sign. An ENFP surrounded by people yet silent is very unlikely so if you observe this behaviour make sure to check up on them and enquire about their wellbeing. 

Chances are that either they are tired to the bone, experiencing a burnout or in distress. ENFPs are intensely emotional people and it could be possible that something is secretly hurting them so make sure to ask and show concern because they might as well open up to you.

ENFPs are not the kind to bottle up their emotions so they might speak up to you about it, if you let them know that you are genuinely concerned and care for them. They might as well be glad to share with someone, and get it out of their system. However, do not push them to share because they might get annoyed and become closed off. If this is the case, show them that you are concerned, and just let them have their peace and quiet because they will share when they are ready to.


In this article we explored the spirit animal of the ENFP personality type and what the two share in common. If you have any questions or views on this topic please feel free to reach out!

Frequently Asked Questions: ENFP Spirit Animal: The Dolphin

Are ENFP quiet?

ENFP do enjoy their alone time but they seldom remain quiet around people. If an ENFP is silent around people then it means that they might be bored, drained or extremely tired.

How do ENFP express love?

When it comes to expressing love, ENFPs tend to be very expressive and they love hugging, cuddling and displays of affection. They also tend to express their love verbally.

What does ENFP hate?

Small talk is something ENFPs hate. Even though they are fond of meeting new people, they would rather just skip the small talk part and get onto the real talk and discuss ideas and have deeper conversations.

Who should an ENFP marry?

INTJ and INFJ are the most compatible matches for ENFPs. They tend to be attracted to strong and level headed people.

How rare is an ENFP?

ENFPs are fairly common and 8% of the general population are ENFPs.

Are ENFPs ambiverts?

ENFPs are ambiverts. They love socializing but they equally love their alone time. They have both introverted and extroverted traits in them which makes them ambiverts.

Do ENFP get bored easily?

ENFP are prone to getting bored easily and if they don’t find something to keep them engaged or entertained they might as well pick on a person and annoy them just for fun.

Why are ENFPs so likeable?

ENFPs are very intelligent and also tend to have a great sense of humor which makes them very likeable.

Are ENFPs deep?

ENFPs have a strong emotional side being feeling types. They think and feel on a deeper level. Shallowness is a big turn off for the ENFP and small talk tends to annoy them to no end.


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