Are ENFP Honest? (A Complete Guide)

In this guide, we will answer the question: Are ENFP Honest?. We will delve into understanding the value of honesty and trust when it comes to the ENFP. We will also look at other interesting aspects of the ENFP personality type.

ENFP is one of the sixteen personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). These individuals are considered to be social, warm, and empathic. They are also known for their honesty.

Are ENFP Honest?

Yes, the ENFP person places a lot of importance on honesty.

ENFP stands for Extroversion (E), Intuition (N), Feelings (F), and Perception (P). The cognitive functions for this personality type are:

Dominant Function: Extraverted Intuition

Auxiliary Function: Introverted Feeling

Tertiary Function: Extraverted Thinking

Inferior Function: Introverted Sensing

The ENFP person tends to be honest. They do not like keeping secrets from anyone. However, they are not likely to be completely transparent. They don’t feel strangers deserve to know everything about them. Revealing every part of themselves to another person puts them at risk of getting hurt. Hence, while they are honest, they are fairly transparent individuals. The ENFP person values this quality in other individuals too.

In relationships, the ENFP brings an element of honesty and authenticity. This is due to the function of Introverted Feeling (Fi). This allows them to be truthful about their feelings for a person. Additionally, the ENFP will not shy away from telling their partner if those feelings have changed. This element of honesty also stems from their need to forge a deep and meaningful connection with their partner. They find it difficult to simply fake their feelings. Resultantly, they might end up hurting their partner in the process.

The cognitive function of Introverted Feeling (Fi) allows them to base their lives on their own judgments, as opposed to external influence. Values form a central aspect of the ENFP person. They appreciate these values deeply. They tend to adhere to them as they tread on the path of life. They have a very strong moral compass that guides them along. They are very unlikely to accept a belief or value, only because everyone else does. Their cognitive function of Introverted Feeling (Fi) allows them to bring in their sense of individuality.

ENFP and Trust

The ENFP person places emphasis on honesty and integrity. No doubt, they are outgoing, social individuals who often engage in conversations. They will wear their heart on their sleeves. However, when it comes to sharing about their life, the ENFP person is likely to do so only when they trust you. This trust has to be earned. Their trust comes with conditions. They are most likely to reveal themselves to someone they believe is open, non-judgemental, and will accept them for all that they are. Therefore, if someone breaches their trust at some point, it can lead them to harbor serious trust issues.

Their cognitive function of Introverted Feeling (Fi) acts as a sort of sensitivity radar. It helps them understand if someone is being dishonest or breaching their trust.

Losing the Trust of an ENFP

When the ENFP person is truly interested, they will listen to you with full attention. Receiving half-hearted efforts from the other end can turn them off instantly.

Honesty!Honesty!Honesty! The ENFP person places honesty on a pedestal. They abhor people who lie. They will not tolerate someone lying to them, breaching their trust, or being dishonest.

ENFP is an authentic person. They are strongly guided by their morals. They strive to live in a manner that is true to themselves. Inevitably, they dislike someone trying to put on a facade of being nice. When they are getting to know a person, they will swim to their very depths. They want to know everything about that person; what are your dreams, what makes you tick, what keeps you going. They want to know the real you! Hence, someone being shallow, ingenuine, or fake is unlikely to win the trust of an ENFP.

If they feel someone is being ingenuine around them, they will most likely step back. They want people to be real and authentic. Generally, ENFP individuals are open-minded and non-judgemental. Thus, they will embrace you with all your qualities and flaws in tow!

ENFP and Forgiveness

The ENFP person’s trust is a cherished prize. Therefore, when one loses it, it is difficult to retrieve it. These individuals are less likely to easily forget how you breached their trust. They might forgive smaller mistakes. The ENFP person will be open to a conversation, especially if the action was not intentional. However, if they are genuinely hurt by someone’s behavior, the ENFP person will struggle to forgive them. Even when they are outgoing, the ENFP person will let you in only when they are able to trust you. Thus, when someone breaks that trust, ENFP individuals can be deeply hurt. They might never be able to go back to old ways of sharing with the person. They will be constantly reminded of how their trust was violated.

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ENFP – Overview

The ENFP personality has a way around people. They are empathic individuals who are able to experience the feelings of another person from within their frame of reference. They harbor a genuine concern for people. They will readily step to motivate a person, offering courage and support. Along with a deep desire to bring about change, they are also able to visualize possibilities for the future. They will always show a concern for the people they lead, believing in each person’s potential. This essentially makes them adept at leadership positions.

They are constantly seeking new stimuli. This keeps life exciting for them. Hence, they tend to get distracted readily. They are extremely creative individuals. They will be able to conjure up many ideas for the future. However, they might struggle to see it through fruition. Their dislike for routine finds them approaching life with a flexible stance. They will grapple with leading an organized life and often tend to give in to procrastination.


The ENFP person is warm and caring. They harbor a genuine concern for people. They are deeply empathic individuals, who tend to be aware of how someone is feeling. Consequently, they thrive in atmospheres that allow them to empower others. They are eager to bring about a change in society. The ENFP person has very good communication skills. Their inner world is replete with ideas, theories, and a wild imagination. This allows them to be very creative in different areas of their life. They are spontaneous, ready to go about without a plan at hand. They are extremely fun to be around. They value their relationships and tend to be very loyal to their partners.


The ENFP person struggles with overthinking. There is always a lack of surety looming over their decisions. They tend to go back and forth, analyzing their actions or decisions. This can create many problems for the ENFP. They are unlikely to be organized. Consequently, they find themselves struggling to maintain a routine. This might lead to procrastination. They do not work too well with deadlines. If they find themselves bogged down by work, they can become easily stressed.


In this blog post, we answered the question: Are ENFP Honest?. We delved into understanding the value of honesty and trust when it comes to the ENFP. We also looked at other interesting aspects of the ENFP personality.

Frequently Asked Questions: Are ENFP Honest?

What does ENFP find attractive?

AN ENFP person is attracted to someone who understands them and sees them for who they truly are. They are attracted to passion, intelligence, and depth (

How rare is an ENFP?

This is a rare personality type. They make up about 8.1% of the US population (

Can ENFPs date each other?

An ENFP-ENFP relationship has the potential to be a beautiful one. However, both partners are likely to bring in an element of competition (

How does an ENFP fall in love?

The ENFP person tends to fall hard and fast in love. Love and relationships form an important part of their life. They tend to hold on to these feelings for a long long time. (


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