Are ENFJs Bossy? (A Complete Guide)

In this guide, we will answer the question “Are ENFJs Bossy?”. We will also delve into understanding the ENFJ person and other interesting aspects of the ENFJ personality type.

ENFJ is considered to be one of the rarest of the sixteen personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). ENFJ stands for Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Judgement (J). ENFJ persons are generally considered to be warm, affectionate, and altruistic. They are deeply sensitive to the needs of other people. They see potential in everyone. They are ambitious in nature. However, this ambition is not self-serving. Rather, the ENFJ person always feels it’s their responsibility to make the world a better place.

Are ENFJs Bossy? 

The term bossy, essentially translates to a tendency to order people, that can often turn out to be annoying for them. The ENFJ person is generally considered to be a people’s person. Their qualities would ideally put them miles away from being labeled as “bossy” or “dominating” individuals. However, not every person belonging to a personality type will be the same. Each of us is unique. While you may generally not meet a constantly overbearing ENFJ, there is a possibility that some ENFJ individuals are very bossy in nature.

The ENFJ person does not have conventionally bossy tendencies. However, their domineering side might come to the surface occasionally in certain situations, when they may appear to be bossy.

The ENFJ person has a special gift when it comes to navigating through the complexities of human connections. This is due to their ability to deeply connect with people around them. They are able to pick on tiny signals, identifying if something is awry. They are altruistic in nature. They will not shy away from helping people in need. Further, they are always ready to motivate people when in need. With these qualities, it is difficult to perceive them as bossy individuals. However, sometimes, the ENFJ person may have domineering tendencies.

The ENFJ person is known for their organizational abilities. They prefer a sense of structure and planning, before working towards a goal. When there is a task at hand, the ENFJ person will ensure that it is completed. They will not shy away from taking charge of situations to ensure the work gets done. While doing so, they will not push people in the conventional “domineering” or “bossy” manner. They don’t like upsetting people. Remember, the ENFJ person tends to put the needs of others before theirs. They will avoid being mean or bossy. Rather, their charismatic personality will ensure they take up a leadership role without causing any discord. Therefore, the ENFJ is capable of being bossy. However, this bossy or dominant nature may manifest in a way that does not upset people around.

As mentioned earlier, the ENFJ person will always be ready to help people. They are very receptive to the emotional needs of people around them. Typically, they strive to maintain harmony in a situation and will not veer away from resolving conflicts. However, in the process of helping, they tend to assume they know all the needs, problems, or issues of the other person. This can tantamount to annoyance sometimes. Consequently, in the process of helping someone else develop insight into a situation, they can come across as bossy or dominating.

ENFJ At Work

Are they fun to work with? Are they bossy?

In our opinion, the ENFJ would make for a very interesting co-worker. The ENFJ person views the potential in every person. They are able to put their strong sense of intuition to good use. Their warm and charismatic personality makes them interesting individuals to work with. 

They are tenacious and persuasive in their stance. The ENFJ person exudes confidence. Further, their communication is articulate and confident. They are natural leaders, always championing the cause of each person’s well-being. The ENFJ person is an efficient problem-solver.

They are more likely to be the one selected to lead a team or head a project. At their place of work, the ENFJ person will make an effort to bring a system of structure and organization. They will ensure the needs of every member is taken care of. The ENFJ person will allow every member of the team to contribute to the work. Their nature to care for people, along with their organizational abilities allows them to pick on the minutest cues at the workplace. They will be able to identify if someone is in distress. Resultantly, they will help them resolve problems.

They may find it hard to say “no” to situations. Their priority is generally the well-being of everyone else. Oftentimes, they tend to neglect themselves. Further, their sensitive self can feel very overwhelmed when people around them are in distress. In such times the emotional weight of the situation can weigh them down. They may feel emotionally exhausted.

They tend to be more people-focused as opposed to task-focused. They tend to prioritize the growth and development of the people in the process. Consequently, they tend to lose focus on the task at hand and the primary work goal.

The ENFJ person strives to bring about harmony in any situation. As mentioned earlier, they are enthusiastic problem-solvers. As a result, they may experience difficulties in the midst of conflict. They may get so immersed in ensuring harmony, that they may avoid making an objective evaluation of the situation.

It is important for an ENFJ to have a plan at hand while working. They need to have a goal in sight, towards which they work diligently. They focus on the details. The ENFJ person tends to get uncomfortable when there are too many options at hand. 

The ideal career for an ENFJ is a people-centered one, with a strong humanitarian focus. They enjoy engaging in work that involves the implementation of constructive action. They thrive in environments that enable them to develop and implement ideas for the upliftment of society and the well-being of people.

Career Options for the ENFJ

Community and Social Service

  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Health Educator
  • Rehabilitation Counselor

Communication and Media

  • Author
  • Photographer
  • Editor
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Reporter


  • Teacher
  • Adult Literacy Teacher
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Principal
  • College Administrator

Business, Sales and Management

  • Insurance Sales Agent
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Fundraiser
  • Advertising Manager

Entertainment, Arts and Design

  • Actor
  • Dancer
  • Singer
  • Director
  • Designer (Floral,, Industrial,Interior, Fashion)


  • Psychologist
  • Anthropologist
  • Urban or Regional Planner
  • Sociologist
  • Audiologist
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Nutritionist/ Dietitian
  • Genetic Counselor


  • Lawyer
  • Legal Mediator

ENFJ Personality Type

ENFJ Personality Type – Strengths

Individuals belonging to this personality type are adept at ensuring peace and harmony in a situation. They are master peace-keepers!

They are known for their confident communication style. They are able to put their thoughts into words with great ease. They can converse proficiently in diverse settings; from small crowds to larger gatherings.

The ENFJ person is great at persuading people. They are able to get people to do what they want them to. However, the ENFJ intention is not manipulation or personal gain. It is generally to benefit people or help them notice their potential.

ENFJ individuals make for great leaders. they can motivate people. They thrive in situations that allow them to work towards implementing change in society. they have a beautiful way while engaging with people. Their personalities are replete with a sense of idealism that allows them to see the potential in people around them.

ENFJ Personality Type – Weaknesses

They can be very selfless. So much so, that they lose sight of their own needs and desires. They tend to prioritize others over themselves.

The ENFJ person finds trouble saying “no”. They tend to say “yes” to every situation that comes their way. This is partly due to their openness to the many opportunities that life has to offer. However, in the process of over-committing, they end up with more than they can handle. They end up starting tasks without being able to finish all of them.

The ENFJ person may find it hard to make decisions that require them to leave their heart out. They struggle with impersonal reasoning.

Their headstrong, passionate self tends to jump into a situation without fully understanding the consequences of their decisions.Why is this blog on “Are ENFJs Bossy?” important?

The ENFJ personality type is considered to constitute individuals who are warm, empathic and altruistic in nature. They generally don’t possess domineering/bossy tendencies, since they do not like to upset people. However, at times, they may come across as bossy/dominating when they are trying to see work to completion. The information collated in this blog-post will give you a peek into this side of the ENFJ personality.

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In this blog we answered the question “Are ENFJs Bossy?”. We also delved into understanding the ENFJ personality in the workplace, potential career choices and other interesting aspects of this personality type.

FAQs: Are ENFJs Bossy?

Who should an ENFJ marry?

An ENFJ is best matched with an INFP. The dominant function of an ENFJ is Extraverted Feeling. It matches best with the INFP dominant function of Introverted Feeling. They also match well with ISFP personality type (

What jobs are good for ENFJ?

Guidance Counselors
Human Resources Director
Public Relations Account Manager
Art Director
Sales Manager

What makes ENFJ sad?

According to, the ENFJ person becomes sad when they feel they aren’t meeting others needs. They feel sad when people close to them are in distress and they are unable to help them. Additionally, the ENFJ person always strives to see the best in other people. They feel sad when others don’t do so. 

How do you comfort an ENFJ?

According to, the ENFJ person finds comfort in listening to songs that are in tune with their feelings, but also have an upbeat tempo. They also feel comforted in the midst of nature.


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