Zero Personality (A 5 point guide)

The article will attempt to explore what is meant by the term ‘zero personality’ and what traits does such a personality type have if any. Furthermore, it will look into studies done to determine how people perceive others who have ‘zero personality’ and if such a personality has any usefulness. The article will also attempt to challenge traits or behaviours that are labeled as being a part of ‘zero personality’.

What does Zero Personality Mean?

In simple terms, it is used to describe someone who has no personality or an unappealing personality. People use this term to describe others as boring, bland or dull and do not interest them. 

However, is it possible to have no personality at all? This article will attempt to explore this very question as well as why someone would be termed to have a ‘zero personality’ in the first place.

Before we get into the topic, it is necessary to understand the term ‘personality’ itself.

What is Personality?

Personality is a term used to describe the traits a person expresses in most situations. Its is made up of their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Every person has a distinct set of characteristics or traits that makes them a unique individual and helps give them a personality. So technically, according to this definition everyone has a personality.

However, in some cases, certain people may have a more expressive or appealing personality than others. Such a personality would make them more likeable and obvious to others compared to someone who is not likeable or too quiet to be noticed. 

This distinction between personality types has led to the birth of the term ‘zero personality’. Many studies have been done on this concept of zero personality in order to determine what people think of someone who could have a zero personality or no personality and how they would perceive them. 

Before we take a look into those studies, let us take a look at possible traits or behaviours that can lead to a personality being termed as ‘zero personality’.

 The Zero Personality Traits.

What is it that makes you seem dull or boring? Is it how you behave in a certain setting or how you feel or perceive things. The section below will look at traits or behaviours that are likely to be labeled as being part of a ‘zero personality’!

Not Having an Opinion

Not having an opinion can make you seem uninterested to others. An intense debate or conversation on politics, a social issue or a previous fight that holds much importance to others where you don’t have much to say may send out an impression that you are boring or lack taste to not understand the significance of the matter being discussed.

Yes, not having an opinion or not adding to a certain discussion is likely to contribute to others considering you a ‘no personality’ or ‘zero personality’ type. Although it can seem irritating to others when someone has nothing to add in, it does not necessarily mean you have no personality; areas of interest are relative for each person and it’s better to stay quiet if you do not know much about a certain area or it does not interest you. After all, not being interested in one thing does not necessitate the fact that you are interested in nothing at all!

When You Don’t Share Interests.

Like we said before, sharing interests is not a prerequisite for having a personality. People differ in what they like or dislike and it is this difference that allows us to have unique personality types. 

Unfortunately, when we are not able to relate with others or understand their interests, we do the simple thing; we label them as someone who does not have a personality. Instead of accepting our inability to understand their being, interests, likes and dislikes and frame of mind we take the easy way out and label them as unappealing or boring which is usually how people describe the ‘zero personality’ type. 

Being Introverted.

Yes being an introvert can be wrongly perceived for many things; introverts are often mistaken as rude, uninterested, depressed or even as someone who has no personality!

Introverts are generally quiet by nature and they like to spend more time thinking over things rather than socializing. You never know but there could be much more going on in their brain than what is going on in the discussion at the dining table! So think twice before you label someone as a zero personality; they might just be an introvert who is thinking about how to become the first person to inhabit a distant planet. Not so boring after all right?

What does Research Say about Zero Personality?

A study by Jennifer V. Fayard and her colleagues that was done in 2018 showed how people viewed those they described as not having a personality. The study also explored what types of famous characters or actors people viewed as having a lot of personality as compared to having little or no personality. The article discusses this study in length below.

How Do People Describe ‘Zero Personality’ Types?

In a recent study where 104 participants were examined to understand more about what it means to not have a personality, it was found that people who are usually quiet or reserved are deemed to not have a personality. The study involved participants providing open ended answers on how they would define people with no personality and they also chose people from famous movies or shows to give examples of someone they would consider to have a very likeable personality compared to someone who had no personality.

In terms of their responses, participants described people who had no personality with words such as ‘bland’, ‘dull’ and/or ‘boring’. They also added that such people have no strong preferences or opinions, were not memorable or unique in the eyes of others and were usually quiet or reserved.

Who is a Zero Personality Type?

When participants were asked to pick up characters from favorite shows that best described someone as having a lot of personality and no personality they gave interesting responses. The two characters that were chosen as having the most personality were Kramer from Seinfield and Spider Man. The characters who had no personality were voted as Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and Angela and Toby from The Office

The participants concluded that the characters who were more extroverted and open to new experiences had a lot of personality and were more likeable.

Is there Such A Thing As Zero Personality?

No there is not! As we saw above, zero personality is a term that is used by people to describe those whom they consider quiet, reserved and less extroverted. However, that does not mean they have no personality! It is very much possible that people who have been termed as having no personality, in reality reflect a more strong version of the personality type they have!

So just because you are quiet, more thoughtful and observant and like to focus on different things does not mean you have no personality. It just means you are boring to the person in question. You just need to find the right people to understand your personality rather than change yourself!

Where Are Zero Personality Types Productive?

Usually people get awkward with such types, but people who are thoughtful, observant and deep thinkers and reflectors are extremely valuable!

Such personality types often end up in research or science related fields where they are required to be able to focus on their areas of interest for long hours without being disturbed by the need to go out and relax like most people do; for them their work is actually relaxation.

Such people become great philosophers, scientists, inventors and eventually when they are ready to open up to the world about their interests and achievements make great speakers who people love to listen to even if they don’t have all the skills a speaker has!


This article explored in great depth the term ‘zero personality’ and attempted to explain what it means to have such a personality type using studies conducted recently. It also highlighted the traits of people who are likely to be termed as having no personality. Finally the article addressed the argument of whether or not zero personality types exist and what the term actually signifies.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Zero Personality

What does it mean to have no personality?

It means to not bombard others with one’s opinions and views.

Is it possible to have no personality?

It is not possible to not have a personality but yes it is possible to have an unappealing personality disliked by others. Every person has a certain way of thinking, feeling and behaving that is in essence their personality.

Is quiet a personality trait?

An introvert is often thought of as a quiet, reserved, and thoughtful individual. Such people like to stay away from crowded places, not be the center of attention or engage in too much conversation. 


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