How to Build a Personality (A 5 Step Guide)

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The article ‘How to build a Personality’ will introduce the reader to a series of steps that will help demonstrate how one can develop the ideal personality that is not only beneficial to one’s health but also impressive in the eyes of others!

How to Build a Personality?

You can build your personality by focusing on the following steps:

By focusing on these five major areas one can build a personality that they desire! But how can you interact with people properly or think the right way? This article will explain just what you are wondering! Read on to learn more about ‘How to Build a Personality’!

How to Interact with People!

Being able to talk and behave appropriately with others isn’t that simple. There are multiple things we do that either offend other people or upset them without us even noticing! However, with some effort, not only can we learn to interact with people in the best way possible but also we can develop that personality we aim to build! 

Here are a few ways we can interact better with people:

Listen More, Speak Less.

Often we are over confident. We think we have grasped what the other person has said but we are usually wrong. Just because we have experienced something similar or read about it does not mean we can fully comprehend the experiences of others. The only way to understand their feelings is by listening to them.

When someone is talking to you don’t be quick to jump to conclusions. What can you do? Well here’s a list of how to listen more and speak less:

  • Don’t interrupt the person
  • Ask more questions
  • If they are quiet, restate what they said to convince them you understand
  • Don’t assume but ask.
  • Figure out what they want; advice or just someone to listen
  • Focus the conversation on them and not yourself

People come to us for many reasons; sometimes they just want to share an experience, other times they want advice or just want to get their mind off something so they would rather hear you talk. It’s important you understand why someone comes to you before you take the right action!

Have an Opinion – Be a Good Conversationalist.

Ever sat down with someone who just listens and never talks; you constantly need to make an effort to keep the conversation going.

To build your personality, you need to make people comfortable around you. You must be approachable and warm so that people can actually interact with you and on top of that you need to be able to add in to the conversation. Yes listening is important but at the same time not making the other person feel totally alone in the room is also very significant!

Next time, make sure you have something to add to the conversation. Be it an opinion, an experience or even just a joke, make sure the other person feels like they have been heard and understood and add on to what they talked about because that something matters to them!

Change Your Habits.

Habits are what determine your personality. Better change them if you don’t like them and they are making your personality not so appealing! How can we change them? Let’s learn how!

Make a List!

For a start identify your good habits and bad habits. Ideally your good habits should outweigh your bad ones but if that’s not the case no need to worry!

Once you have a list (a source of motivation), identify each bad habit with regards to priority; what is it that you want to let go of first? Now you have a roadmap in front of you. It seems pretty simple but this exercise will help you realize what bad habits you have and will actually provide some motivation to get started.

Make small goals for yourself in terms of the time you will consciously make an effort to not perform a bad habit; it will help you keep a check on yourself and eventually break the habit. It’s a bit tough in the start but once you get the habit of it then you will eventually let go of what is making your personality unattractive to yourself and others. Remember, it’s the small things that count!

Acquire New Habits

A good way to get rid of the old is to acquire new habits. How does this help? Well, not only does it take your mind off of the old ones but it gives you less time and energy to get back into them!

Some activities that you can incorporate into your routine are:

  • Engage regularly in a specific sport
  • Pledge to read a certain number of pages of a book everyday
  • Eat 3 healthy items everyday
  • Exercise for 15 minutes everyday
  • Learn 5 new things about the world everyday

Once you have new things to do you don’t have time to do the old ones!

Thinking the Right Way – My Way or the Highway!

Thinking is a very powerful tool! Not only does it land you what you want in life but it helps you avoid a lot of undesirable things and circumstances including a poor personality!

How can we think in the right way? First of all you need to identify your irrational and unpleasant thoughts. Like we mentioned before, writing things down gives you more clarity on them and helps you realize their significance in terms of the real world. Once you have written down your thoughts it’s easier to identify them and stop yourself as soon as they come into your conscious mind!

Another good thing you can do is feed yourself good thoughts! Appreciate the good things you have in life by counting 10 things that make you feel blessed and lucky everyday. Think about the good times you have had in life and the people, things and experiences that have made it worth it. It will help you think positively and rationally.

Expanding Your Interest.

Sometimes we feel bored as a person not only to ourselves but to others as well. A well built personality is something that not only attracts others but excites them as well. To be interesting we need to expand our interests. The only way you can do that is by exploring the world to determine what exactly it is you like or dislike. Once you figure out what you like you can start doing more of that.

By trying out new things you discover unknown aspects of your hidden self. You become interesting not only to yourself but to others. Why? You have more things to talk about, teach or even show to others. You become a source of knowledge and skill development. People become inspired by you to also learn new things.

So next time you have some free time on your hands, look into some new areas that might be of interest. Here are some tips to help you!

  • Explore new topics on the internet or through books.
  • Try out a new sport like archery or skating
  • Join social groups to learn more about different types of people
  • Volunteer at a social cause
  • Develop a skill like cooking, writing, story telling or improving your memory

There are many things you can do. Just stick your head out there and get to work!

Improving Your Skills and Knowledge!

To build the ideal personality, not only should you have the knowledge but the skills too! 

Learning is an enlightening process. It utilizes your time the right way, allows you to interact with others or in some cases a book or computer and adds to your knowledge and skill set.Not to mention it helps you feel better about yourself because you have achieved something to show around or use!

Learning gives you more confidence and allows you to possess the skills and knowledge to benefit others. This is very beneficial in building your personality because such a process makes you feel good about yourself and allows you to add to others’ lives.

Next time when you get the chance, make a pledge to learn about something new. Attend a course online or nearby, read more on a certain topic or start practicing to develop a skill set. As soon as you are done start teaching someone else!


This article explored 5 areas that are relevant to building a personality; how to interact with others, how to think the right way, changing one’s habits, expanding interests and developing skills and knowledge. Furthermore, the article introduced various ways of working on each area in order to build the perfect personality!

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Build a Personality

What is a good personality?

Having traits such as honesty and that of responsibility are vital for a good personality. Also, being understanding and compassionate allows one to interact well with others. Commitment and determination help you achieve your goals.

What does it mean to have no personality?

When people were interviewed on what it meant to have no personality, many said that it meant the other person was ‘bland’ or ‘dull’ while others said such a person would not be memorable or did not have a viewpoint.

Is it possible to have no personality?

Everyone has a personality even animals do! Yes they may seem boring or dull but they have a certain way of thinking, feeling or behaving that may not be appealing or interesting to others.


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