What Enneagram Is Neville Longbottom? (+3 facts)

This article will explore what enneagram type Neville Longbottom from the famous ‘Harry Potter’ series is and highlight his most exhibited traits. The article will also shine light upon the character of Neville Longbottom and outline the strengths and weaknesses of this enneagram type.

What Enneagram Type is Neville Longbottom?

The enneagram of Neville is a Type 6 wing 5 which is also known as the ‘Loyalist’ type. These individuals experience a lot of anxiety but prefer to deal with it on their own. Furthermore, they are able to inculcate traits of loyalty and bravery within themselves.

Who Is Neville Longbottom?

He is the only child of the well known Aurors, Frank and Alice Longbottom, who were members of the Order of the Phoenix but unfortunately, they were tortured into insanity by the now known death eater, Bellatrix Lestrange. They were sent away to St Mungo’s hospital, being unable to recognize Neville, his parents could not care for him thus he was raised by his grandmother who did not have much high hopes from him. 

Neville is generally very clumsy and shy not to mention he does experience much anxiety and likes to stay far away from trouble. However, as the series matures, he develops into a man who is not only brave but loyal to the cause and his friends. He does unimaginable stuff to defeat the Dark Lord and his army.

Nevertheless, Neville seems to be a talented dancer who is kind to others and well mannered. He has a pet toad whom he adores and he usually ends up being the reason why others laugh or recall a funny memory.

Enneagram Type 6 Wing 5.

Unlike Ron, Neville is a type 6 with a wing 5 and not a wing 7. This means that although Neville has his fair share of troubles and fears, he tends not to open up about them with others nor bend towards their support as much as Ron does. 

These individuals have the following dominant traits.


Although fearful, these individuals are quite likeable and attract attention not just because of their anxiety but because of their kind nature, charming attributes and possibly good looks. They are the ones the crowd is incomplete without because they don’t go looking for attention but actually just sort of be there and add in to the conversation going on.

He is also engaging in the sense that although he is fearful and anxious, once he commits to a certain matter or person he looks forward to pursuing them in order to reach a productive end.


Type 6 enneagrams are indeed responsible. At first, due to their anxiety ridden personality one may be hesitant to give them any task or work, but once they come out of their shell they are the best people to count on. They are dedicated and committed not to mention they strongly believe in pursuing their goals, visions and friendships hence they do not disappoint.

Even in the movie, towards the end where the great battle is about to take place at Hogwarts, Neville outperforms himself! He is tasked with getting people from one place to the other in the castle to ensure enough recruits are available, he must ensure there is sufficient protection at the bridge to prevent the entry of death eaters into the school and of course he needs to watch out for his own life and those of his friends.


It would not be possible to fully describe Neville without his anxiety. Neville is more anxious than fearful; his fears are limited to his grandmother and professor Snape which Lupin tries to fix by combining the both to show a fashionable professor Snape all dressed up! His anxiety however extends to various situations. 

From the start, when he joins Hogwarts as a little boy, he somehow ends up creating a mess out of whatever he does. Whether it’s the initial flying broomstick classes or the little flying creatures pulling him by the ears or fainting due to the shrill noise of those plants; Neville is unable to deal with most situations!


Enneagram Type 6 are also considered suspicious and like to explore what is going around in their surroundings. It is possible this need arises to arrest any anxiety that may be affiliated with the unknown in the surroundings.

Neville sneaking up on the trio when they were young and trying to stop them from embarking on yet another mission shows he is curious, even if it ends in Hermione casting a spell on him! He also learnt of the Room of Requirement which he came across just by chance. On further examining it he found the perfect place to practice!

Basic Fear.

Type 6 enneagrams have the basic fear of being left alone without any support or guidance. In the context of Neville’s life this makes much sense. Although he learnt to deal with his loss in a different way, losing his parents at such a young age and growing up with a grandmother with such a negative attitude towards him, all shaped his fear of being alone forever. 

This basic fear manifested independence in him hence this is why he is never shown as someone who is too clingy or asks for much help from others.

Basic Desire.

The basic desire of Neville arises from his fear which is of being alone. He wants to have security and support and hence when he finally joins Dumbledore’s Army, the change in his behaviour shows that when his basic fear is extinguished and he has the support and confidence he needs, he is able to achieve much and inculcate traits of courage in himself.

What Are The Strengths and Weaknesses of Neville Longbottom?

Well, there are a number of strengths and weaknesses associated with this enneagram type. Let us have a look at them!


Compared to other counterparts, Type 6 Wing 5 enneagrams have better skills when it comes to coping with their fears and anxiety. They do not show much dependence on others and hence prefer to face their problems on their own. This may explain why Neville never really opened up with others about his past.

The individuals with this personality type have very strong traits of loyalty, commitment and bravery once they have some sort of support and security. How Neville takes up the battle against the dark forces towards the end of the series shows he can truly become someone others can depend on.

Furthermore, these people come across as being more knowledgeable and sophisticated as they can present a more composed version of themselves to others while controlling their emotions.

They appreciate the support they receive and confidence others show in them, hence this is why Neville was very much enthusiastic about the Dumbledore’s Army classes even though they entailed a great element of risk in them and were definitely against the rules – something which usually gives him anxiety.


Although they are introverts and generally have only one or two close friends, these people take long to open up so it is indeed the struggle to get to know them better.

Also, they try and rely as little as possible as they can on others. This trait may irritate those who try to get closer to them.

As people, Type 6 wing 5 personalities are clumsy, miss out on important details maybe because they are focused on controlling their anxiety and find it difficult to complete tasks.

Only with the support and protection they need, can they truly actualize to a better version of themselves.

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In this article, we explored what enneagram type Neville Longbottom, an interesting character from the ‘Harry Potter’ series is, what his basic fears and desires are and what traits he exhibits most frequently. Furthermore, the article explored the strengths and weaknesses of the enneagram type of Neville Longbottom.

Frequently Asked Questions: What Enneagram Is Neville Longbottom?

What personality type is Neville Longbottom?

He is an ISFJ which describes people who are warm, kind, observable and well mannered. These people are cautious in what they do and are introverts.

What enneagram is Lord Voldemort.

He is most likely a Type 8.

What enneagram is Luna Lovegood.

According to this theory, type 4 enneagrams are honest, creative and imagine a lot hency Luna Lovegood can fall into this category.




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