What Is Remus Lupin’s Personality Type?

The following article will attempt to highlight what personality type is Remus Lupin, a significant character from the ‘Harry Potter’ series, what his dominant traits are and what strengths and weaknesses he possesses keeping in view his personality type and most famous scenes from the movie.

What Is Remus Lupin’s Personality Type?

Remus Lupin’s personality type is an INFJ who is also known as an ‘Advocate’. This personality type is the rarest one with a set of traits that are unique and complex in how they operate. At times, Advocates may adopt a very bold stance when it comes to speaking the truth while at other times they may pursue a softer approach and keep silent or not so passionately. 

These individuals are very imaginative and thoughtful but at the same time approach life in a practical manner. Their vision and principles of life guide them in all situations and matters.

Generally, INFJs are on a mission to make this world a better place by connecting with others despite their introverted personality and developing an understanding which is vital to solve complex yet important problems. They do this sometimes at the expense of their own pursuits or health; they oftentimes forget their own needs while putting the needs of others in front of them. 

Before we take a deep dive into the personality traits of Remus Lupin, let us take a look at the character he represents in the movie.

Professor Lupin – The Werewolf.

Remus is one of the founders of the Marauders map as well as a member of the Order of Phoenix that was created to fight against the Dark Lord. He was only a child when Fenrir Greyback bit him, causing him to suffer from a condition which resulted in him turning into an uncontrollable werewolf every time the full Moon appeared. There was no cure at the time however, thanks to Snape, he was provided with a potion that would allow him to become unharmful during that time of the month and stay within his office.

Remus, called Moony by his friends, is given the post of the Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts when Harry and his friends are in their third year. He takes much pleasure in teaching the students all while ensuring they have much fun. It is during this time when the dementors are free because of the looming threat of Sirius Black.

Remus is one of the central characters of the series; he marries Tonks and has a son with her however they both die during the battle at Hogwarts after bravely fighting against the death eaters.

The Dominant Traits of Professor Lupin.

Other than becoming a werewolf, the personality type of Remus can be defined using 4 major traits that are discussed in detail below.


Like other talented introverts, Remus has developed good people skills but still chooses to speak less and think more. He is very intelligent and is part of the Order which entails him being a core part of planning and execution. He is very much absorbed by his thoughts and expresses less of how he feels or thinks. In the book he is very distant and is not easily attached to others; Tonks, his wife, has to make much effort to persuade him to marry her.


Maybe this comes from his ability to turn into a werewolf, but Remus is intuitive. He does not necessarily have to see to know but he can actually just know or feel it. People who are intuitive are very innovative, think in an abstract manner and identify those elements which are usually not obvious.

In the scene where he and Tonks had a lovely time with the Weasleys and everything seems just fine, Remus is able to sense something is wrong – he just knows it and he is right! Out comes Bellatrix from the darkness and tall crops ready to challenge them.


Remus tends to operate on the feelings he has for others rather than follow the rules or logic that is usually cited. In one scene, he teaches Harry how to fight off the dementors even though it was too early for him as a student to learn such a powerful spell. It went against logic but he knew his friend’s son would need it. 

People with this trait are people oriented, they make decisions based on how it would affect others and those who they love. They hold love and mercy very high. Remus was not the sort that would bully others around but he allowed it to happen to Snape because he wanted his friends to like him. Later on he justifies Snape’s behaviour wherever he can and shows him the respect he should have years ago.


As an INFJ, Remus appreciates planning, organization and schedules. He dislikes situations where there is no structure and wants to be in control. This is why he emphasizes to Harry that they should trust Snape because it is part of Dumbledore’s plan. Also, he is at the forefront when it comes to making plans in the Order because he wants to be sure of what is being done.

As people with a judging ability, INFJs and people like Remus focus on concrete plans rather than just going with the flow.

The Strengths of A Werewolf – Professor Lupin.


People like Remus are insightful. Their understanding of things has more depth and perspective. They are able to understand the why and how of things more than others can. Throughout the series, Remus is presented as a quiet man who is wise and speaks only when he is sure of something – usually to make others understand a point of view or action.


They want to do what is best for others and will not settle for something that is just barely meeting the standard. They need to achieve exactly what it is they are aiming for otherwise they become restless. How Remus teaches Harry the patronus charm shows he is passionate about the cause – he wants to defeat the Dark Lord and he understands Harry is their best chance. He risks his life multiple times to fight for what he is passionate about. In the end scenes when Harry meets Remus’s soul, Remus states that his son will believe in what his parents died fighting for – once again showing the passion he possessed.


Remus is an altruistic person who believes in helping others. Many times he sacrifices his own desires and wants for others. He understands that his condition may be extremely dangerous for others hence he gives up teaching. He also refuses to get married because he believes he would not be able to give Tonks the life she deserves – nevertheless she convinces him. He risks his life when transporting Harry from Private Drive to the Weasleys. He is indeed one who wants to help others and thus he can be defined as someone being altruistic!

The Drawbacks.

Reluctant To Open Up.

Remus is not very comfortable opening up in front of others even if it includes his friends and family. He was not very enthusiastic about bullying Snape but he never said so as he was scared his friends might disown him. Furthermore, he keeps to himself and is not very expressive despite having a difficult past; living a life of secrecy as a werewolf and losing your friends at a young age, you would expect someone to at least talk about it, but he doesn’t. 


These people want to get things done perfectly. They want things to go according to plan and not mess up in even the tiniest of ways. How Lupin expresses anger when Harry doubts Snape is because he wants the plan to roll out as designed and if they fight about this matter it would mean further divisions in the order. 

Prone To Burnout.

People who are INFJs are so hardworking that they forget about their own selves. This is very much like Remus; he, for the sake of others, never really focused on his own life like having a family, pursuing his career or doing the things he loved in case he harmed someone. Once he was able to pursue his passion which was to create a safer world for others, he risked his life which was eventually taken in the last part of the series. INFJs are truly hard workers but they might burn out which may result in them not being able to do even the easiest of tasks.


This article shone light on Remus Lupin’s personality and attempted to highlight his dominant traits, strengths and weaknesses while citing various instances from the movies to demonstrate his personality practically.

Frequently Asked Questions: What Is Remus Lupin’s Personality Type?

Was Remus Lupin a good person?

Yes he was a good person because he believed in making the world a safer place even if it meant he had to stay away from others due to his condition that caused him to involuntarily turn into a werewolf.

How did Remus die?

Remus was killed by a death eater during the battle of hogwarts. His wife, Tonks, was also killed by Bellatrix and their son Teddy hence became an orphan.

Did Teddy Lupin become a werewolf?

Teddy Lupin did not become a werewolf like his father although it is rumoured that he became a metamorphmagus like his mother.




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