Taurus Personality type (A complete guide)

The following article will comment on the major personality traits of the zodiac sign ‘Taurus’ and provide a brief introduction to it as well! The article will also apprise the readers of what to expect when they are interacting with a Taurus.

What Are The Personality Traits Of A Taurus?

The personality of a Taurus can be defined by the following traits:

  • Hard Working
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Nature Loving
  • Sensual
  • Stubborn
  • Materialistic
  • Dislike Authority

Before we examine these traits in depth, let us take a look at what the Taurus sign basically is?

What Is A Taurus?

The Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is represented by a ‘Bull’; people who are born between and including April 19 to May 20 are assigned this star! The star tends to describe people who are generally stable and reliant, hard working and do not like to be questioned much. Those who have the sign of a Taurus sometimes become too materialistic and lazy due to their love for pleasurable things. 

This sign has the birthstone of Emerald and is affiliated with other stones such as Aventurine, Sapphire, Garnet and Amber. 

Taurus possesses the element of earth which tends to influence it a manner that the zodiac sign becomes centered and stable. The element of earth helps people become close to nature and allows them to get in touch with themselves and develops a sense of appreciation for the things or materials around them. Another possible influence of this element is that it humbles the star it is associated with.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and is known as the goddess of love however its effects for each star are different. It also rules Libra but affects it in an entirely different way! In terms of Taurus, it inculcates a sense of love for the material things around Taurus like it’s career, home, environment, material belongings and even family hence the Taurus finds peace and comfort in these that may also translate into a sense of security. 

Venus also develops a natural understanding of love and romance for this star hence Taurus’s view of this domain of life as something natural that occurs with time and as they mature through life; it is something that will happen when the time comes and it is destined or meant to be. They will not question the differing concepts of love and accept it.

The Personality Traits Of The Bull.

Now that we have a general understanding of the zodiac sign ‘Taurus’, let us delve into it’s personality characteristics!

Hard Working.

This zodiac sign believes in hard work and they will make sure they put in all they have got. They understand that success is not just the result of factors like luck or getting help but it mainly depends on how much you put in. They will invest their time, money and efforts into a task or job they have taken up. No matter how small or big the task is they understand that until they actually put some work into it it won’t be as good as they want it to be.

Taurus’s will sacrifice pleasures to gain the output that they want because this success is usually affiliated with what they have in life. They often create a relationship between hard work and the sense of security they have developed in life which usually translates into the money and other materialistic possessions they have. So not only does their belief but their fear of losing what they desire result in them working very hard!

Reliable – You Can Count On Them.

Yes the Taurus is indeed reliable and this may be why they have developed a sense of stability in life because not only do they keep their commitments and promises to others but also to themselves hence they achieve what they dream of and plan for and it helps them structure their life.

They will ensure that they are there for the people they love either by sacrificing their time or giving them some cash to borrow. They do not want to let people or their loved ones down! They have this trait because they are also known to be somewhat organized in their life even though they may not feel it! They know what they have to do and roughly draft a plan of it in their mind and this helps them stay on their feet. 

With the Taurus you won’t end up in disappointment because they forget to pay your bills, grab you your favorite meal that last afternoon or were late for a meeting with you on a new business idea. They will be there if they have said it so don’t get anxious while counting on them; they will make it happen somehow.


People born with this star hold the truth in a high manner; they not only dislike liars but they can even smell one possibly because they are also smart and see the logic in things. So don’t try to fool around with them or take advantage because they are likely to find out before you run away!

Taurus’ are trustworthy; they will keep your secrets and respect that you have trusted them with your ideas or experiences or thoughts. They will not talk behind your back regarding something you told them with the purpose of it being kept a secret. 

This zodiac sign does not like people who try to be clever by tricking people or hiding the truth or telling lies. They want to be in a relationship in which honesty and the truth thrive and there is no hiding secrets from each other. They not only want to see this behavior in their intimate relations but also between their friends and at work or in general conversations with people.

Nature Loving.

The Taurus sign loves nature and being in an open area not restricted by enclosed or small spaces. Is this because of the bull that symbolizes them or their element of earth that pushes them to be closer to the greener side of life? Whatever it is, what is important to remember is that to keep your Taurus friend happy just take them on a trip to the outdoors or some place that is wide and open so they can relax!


Taurus appreciate the experiences they have through their five senses. They like to see, hear, smell, feel and taste that which gives them pleasure hence you will notice they are mostly sensual in nature. They are fond of material things which they greatly affiliate with happiness and a sense of security. They won’t be embarrassed saying material things give them happiness; they accept their nature and the sensations they get from what they love.

As people, they will either love to try out new food or delve into the pleasurable accessories life offers them like perfumes, lotions, body salts, clothes, and even technology that provides their senses with something soothing. 


Maybe the earth has grounded them too much but whatever the problem is Taurus’s are quite stubborn. They are fixed on their beliefs and ideas and do not like to change them so easily!

They may wave away any ideas that do not seem plausible, refuse to entertain requests to change their ways or working and prefer to not listen to advice that makes them uncomfortable. They are not arrogant, it is just that they are stubborn.


Their sensual side sometimes gets the best of them! Their love for things may turn them into materialistic beings who pursue their hedonistic desires: they will throw money and time into pleasuring themselves, become lazy and non productive and live on what they have. It will eventually die down once they realize that their current behavior is a threat to the security they have established for themself but it is likely to happen. So keep a check on yourself Taurus!

Dislike Authority.

People with this zodiac sign rarely like authority especially if they think that authority is wasting their time, not doing anything productive or is preventing them from reaching their goals. They will be the kid in class who speaks up and questions their teacher if they think he or she is saying something wrong; they will tell their boss their is a better way of doing things and they will also speak bluntly in front of any controlling body to say what is right and not what is pleasing to them.


The article took a look at the major personality traits of the zodiac sign of Taurus and discussed them in detail one by one. Furthermore, it helped the audience develop an understanding of this sign by mentioning its ruling planet, birthstones, general behavior and element. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: The Personality Of Taurus.

What are the bad traits of a Taurus?

The bad traits of a Taurus can include them being angry quickly, stubborn and even jealous if they see someone who seems to have more things that they desire.

What is the weakness of Taurus?

A weakness of Taurus is that they associate security and peace with material possessions that can go away any time.

What is Taurus known for?

The Taurus is known for his or her dependence, reliability, determination and stability. Also they are hard working and appreciate the luxuries of life.




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