Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Personality (A Complete Guide)

In this guide we will be looking at the personality type with a Taurus Sun and a Scorpio Moon. We will examine this personality type in terms of their primary traits, astrological significance, compatibility and how they function in different relationships. We will also cover the difference between men and women who have this personality. 

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Personality:

In Astrology, the Sun usually denotes our outer, conscious nature whereas the Moon denotes our inner self and subconscious. The Moon aspect of our personalities is known to very few people in our lives. 

People with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio have very complex personalities. They are passionate, mysterious and pleasure-driven people. Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities have a certain magnetic attractiveness that draws people to them. They are ambitious and career-driven people, whilst also enjoying physical pleasures of various kinds. They are usually financially stable people. 

The Sun and the Moon are in opposition in the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities. This means that the highs and lows of one are balanced out by the other. This makes them calm and balanced, but also prone to crisis when these opposing forces come into conflict. 

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities tend to be secretive and they are usually guided by intuition. Their sharp intuition often makes other people rely on them for advice. When the Sun and Moon interact negatively with planets like Neptune and Pluto, this personality may use their intuitive abilities to manipulate or trick other people. Their intuition usually makes them good at identifying people who are lying or cheating them.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities find it difficult to forgive and tend to hold grudges. They usually stay true to their word and commitments. They tend to be reserved and take time to trust people. They are artistic and creative people. Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities have a part of themselves that no one, even the people they are close to, discover. They are resilient in the face of stress and demand respect from those around them. 

Since they combine two fixed signs, Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities are not easily swayed and can be inflexible at times. They don’t like being told what to do, which leads to problems with authority and teamwork. They usually work well as leaders and managers. 

Astrological Significance:

Taurus is symbolised by the Bull in Astrology and is an earth sign. People with the Sun in Taurus are curious and keen explorers of life. These individuals are spiritual and tend to be deeply compassionate and thoughtful people. The Sun in Taurus results in individuals who are deeply connected to the universe. They tend to be averse to change and prefer stability. 

They are usually calm and stable, but can fly into intense fits of rage at times. They value loyalty and stability in relationships and focus on demonstrating care towards their partners. Taurus Sun personalities pride themselves on being there for others. But this can often interfere with their own needs and happiness. 

Scorpio is symbolised by the Scorpion and is a water sign. People with the Moon in Scorpio tend to have an intense emotional life which they rarely express externally. This bottling up of emotions can lead to outbursts and problems with aggression. Jealousy and resentment are issues Scorpios often struggle with. It can be hard for Scorpio Moon people to trust others, but their emotional intelligence makes them good at understanding other people. 

The Moon in Scorpio makes these individuals highly focused on their intimacy. On occasions, this can even trump their emotional focus. Being a water sign, they tend to be moody. 

Primary Traits:

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities are described as perceptive personalities. They have a powerful inner life that helps them weather most challenges in life. As they grow older, Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities become stable and wise people. 

They embody the phrase, ‘still waters run deep’. Although they appear cool and calm on the outside, their inner life is intense and emotional. However, Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities stand out in their ability to embrace their darker side and find inner peace. 

Good Traits:

  • Complex
  • Profound and original 
  • Magnetically Attractive
  • Passionate and sensual
  • Like to be in control 
  • Ambitious and goal-oriented 
  • Hard working 
  • Financially Stable
  • Strong and resilient 
  • Intuitive 
  • Good at detecting lies 
  • Spiritual 
  • Realistic and composed 
  • Committed and protective 
  • Artistic and creative 
  • Good at harnessing inner peace and healing 
  • Caring and helpful 
  • Excellent healers and givers 

Bad Traits:

  • Inflexible
  • Secretive 
  • Difficulty with controlling physical urges
  • Dislike change 
  • Distant and untrusting 
  • Difficulty with authority 
  • Stubborn and demanding 
  • Bad temper 
  • Prone to aggression and impulsivity 
  • Tend to suppress feelings which leads to outbursts 
  • Prone to jealousy and possessiveness
  • Materialistic 
  • Struggle dealing with primitive passions
  • Skeptical 

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Love and Other Relationships:

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities are passionate and intense in all areas of their lives, including their relationships. Although they combine earth and water signs, this trait is more in line with fire signs. They place a lot of importance on the physical pleasures involved in their relationships. When younger, they may be prone to changing partners, but they are not usually people who change easily. 

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities desire partners who are affectionate and reliable people. They want to form a strong bond with their partners. They cannot be with someone they can’t trust and lying and cheating are major red flags for them. They are usually faithful in their relationships. Above all things they desire security and stability in their relationships. 

They are organised and responsible and usually take the lead in their relationships. They can come across as self-centred and domineering, but they usually try not to impose their opinions on others. 

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities are good at providing for their loved ones. Their keen intuition guides them well in their approach to both their spouse and children. They are good at inspiring their children and being there for them in subtle ways. 

This personality type struggles with showing their emotions. They tend to stay bottled up, which can lead to a build up of resentment and bitterness in their relationships. When they are hurt, they react with intense aggression. 

The best match for the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities is a water sign, preferably a Scorpio or Pisces. Although they can get along with an earth sign, they are not well-matched with air or fire signs. They are also compatible with Cancer. Cancers are loyal and trustworthy and they allow their partners freedom to be in control. These are the kind of partners that suit Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personalities. 

While their Scorpio makes this personality go through several partners before finding their ideal match, their Taurus makes these people loyal and affectionate. 

For friends or family members of this personality type, it is important to remember that they have a tendency to get easily hurt and hold a grudge. They like their independence and don’t usually take the advice of others. However, once they form friendships they are loyal and affectionate. 

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Man:

Men with this personality appear charming and irresistible. But underlying this is a tendency to be a little lazy and self-destructive. Passionate and fun-loving, they find it difficult to commit to long-term relationships. 

On the flip side, Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon men can be possessive and jealous when in a relationship. Once they are tied down, Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon men are committed to their partners. However, because they trust very few people in their lives, they can become needy and possessive and take a long time to recover after the end of a relationship. 

Taurus Sun Scorpio Men may suffer from bad luck. Men with this personality need to grow wiser before them enter a long-term relationship. They need to deal with their emotional insecurities before this. 

The Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Woman:

Women with this personality can be defensive and oversensitive. This springs from a lack of trust and low self-worth among Taurus Sun Scorpio Woman personalities. They desire intense and spiritual ties with their partners. Simultaneously, they are playful and passionate people. They place a lot of emphasis on physical needs in a relationship. Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon women are good at gauging and finding out more things about their partners. 

Women with this personality struggle to establish emotional stability and tend to be overly concerned with others opinions. In order to enter a long-term relationship with Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Women, their partners need to be able to satisfy all their intimacy and emotional needs. They are loyal and dependable once they have committed to a relationship. 

They like to be out in nature and to engage in outdoors activities. They are passionate and give their all to the projects they work on. 


In this guide we looked at the Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon personality. We covered some key traits, interpersonal functioning, compatibility and other aspects of this personality. 

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FAQ on ‘Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Personality (A Complete Guide)’:

Why is Scorpio so attracted to Taurus?

These signs are drawn to each other because of how opposite they are. In each other they meet their match and both desire deep and lasting relationships. 

What does it mean when the moon is in Scorpio Zodiac sign?

When the moon is in Scorpio, individuals tend to appear calm on the surface but have deep and intense emotions underlying this exterior. 

Are Scorpio Moons attractive?

The intensity and mysteriousness of Scorpio Moons can make them attractive to others. 

Who is more stubborn, Scorpio or Taurus?

Both personality signs are stubborn. Although Taurus may be more obviously stubborn. 

How do you know a Scorpio likes you?

Scorpios are capable of intense and deep love. When they love a person they give their all to them. Their emotional language can be confusing as it varies between a deep yearning and moodiness and sensitivity. 

Who should a Taurus marry?

Taurus is most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. 




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