Ginny Wealey’s Enneagram Type (A Complete Overview)

This article will look at what enneagram type Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter series is, what are her basic fears and desires as well as dominant traits while at the same time quoting movie scenes demonstrating her enneagram type.

What Is Ginny Weasley’s Enneagram Type?

Ginny Weasley’s enneagram type is a Type 8 Wing 7 which is also known as the ‘Challenger’. People with this enneagram type of confident, bold and strong willed. Generally, Type 8 enneagrams have a desire to be in control of their environment as well as the people in it.

Type 8 enneagrams may sometimes become intimidating due to their desire of not wanting to seem vulnerable or their desire to gain control over others; nonetheless, they adopt such a perception also because of their confrontational nature.

However, at their best, they use their traits of boldness and ability to take on the situation to help others and improve what they can. As a result, they often engage in acts of heroism and take the initiative to do what is good.

Who Is Ginny Weasley?

A notable character from the Harry Potter series, Ginny Weasley is the only daughter of Molly and Arthur Weasley as well as the youngest of her 6 brothers; Percy, Charlie, Fred, George, Bill and Ron Weasley. 

She seems quiet but this is just a big misperception. Ginny has a fierce fire in her and is very much misunderstood during the initial series. She longs to have a friend and be understood and maybe this explains why she fell into Tom Riddle’s trap! Nevertheless, Ginny later on becomes a very popular girl in her class attracting much of the boy’s attention.

As a person, Ginny is blunt and has a sense of humor. She has good observational skills and is sporty as well. The girl may seem delicate but she is strong especially when it comes to protecting her loved ones.

The Fear Of Miss Weasley.

What do  Type 8 enneagrams fear the most? Well, the basic fear they have is being harmed or controlled by others. This may arise in Ginny due to a few reasons other than biological ones. 

Firstly, Ginny grew up in a family where she was the only girl; her brothers were all older than her and oftentimes stopped her from doing certain things like using their equipment to play quidditch. If a serious matter was going on then being the youngest child she could listen in on it. She great;y disliked the fact that she had no control over her environment, the people in it or what she could or could not do. Hence she developed this fear of not having sufficient control.

Secondly, in the Harry Potter series, ‘The Chamber of Secrets’, Ginny plays a very central role although we only realize it at the very end. She is the one chosen by Tom Riddle to meddle with the Chamber of Secrets and hence is controlled by him throughout the movie. This experience draws upon her very badly; she is not only guilty because of what she does but it is something she is not able to get out of. Hence, once again, her fear of being controlled is reinforced, ingraining it in even deeper.

What Does Ginny Desire?

Other than desiring the boy who lived – Harry Potter – Ginny’s basi desire arises from her fear which is losing control or being harmed or controlled by others. Hence, as a girl, she wants to be in control of her own life and destiny.

People with this enneagram type dislike if others take decisions for them or interfere too much in their matters. These beings are very decisive and clear about what they want which ultimately is control over their lives and the ability to take decisions for themselves. This desire is not only beneficial for them but their loved ones; they want to be in control so they can help others.

Her Dominant Traits.

Strong Thought Patterns.

These individuals have strong thought patterns as in they tend to focus on logic and rationale rather than their emotions which may prevent them from being able to make the right decisions. This ability may explain why they are so decisive.

People with a type 8 enneagram have clear thoughts that they are able to make use of. They are able to observe their environment closely and scan it for useful information and filter out the rest. They are able to spot patterns or important stimuli in the environment that helps them quickly process information and thus make decisions or inferences.


Ginny is one who dreams big. From the very start she did not lie to herself or others about who she liked even though it seemed like a long shot. Well of course he is the boy who lived, who wouldn’t want to marry him? However, despite this thought, she was still bent on trying and this is why she shows interest in Harry throughout the series even if she is dating someone else.

Other than that, she does not let others get in her way. She is very eager to learn quidditch and eventually does so without any support from her brothers.


Yes girls like Ginny are tough. They may seem delicate or frail but that is something there just to mislead you. How she defends Harry in various instances astonishes viewers; the way she ran into the crops when Bellatrix appeared, stood to defend him when others wanted to hand him over to Voldemort and supported him when others thought he was crazy shows that she is tough and isn’t afraid to stand alone to defend her loved ones.

What Are Ginny’s Strengths?

Sociable – Form Connections Quickly.

Although Ginny seems shy at first, she is very sociable and many instances from the movie shows this. How she quickly becomes a player of the quidditch team, starts dating boys, becomes popular in her school year are just some of the few examples that show she is very sociable and does not hesitate in interacting with people. 


Ginny is very loyal. She could have gone to the Yule Ball with Harry but she had already promised Neville and this shows how much she values commitment. Furthermore, despite the unpredictable life of the great Harry Potter, she knows in her heart that she has chosen him no matter and this rightly defines her as loyal. Even in the movie when Harry must go defeat Lord Voldemort, she doesn’t make a fuss that he just got back but she understands and lets him go easily. She is definitely the keeper!

Sharing Thoughts and Feelings Openly.

Ginny is very blunt and straightforward in how she feels. In multiple scenes throughout the book and movie, Ginny approaches Harry confidently either for an intimate moment with him or to help him tie his shoe laces or ask him to zip her dress. She is not afraid of showing what she wants.

Although she is seen to speak less, whenever she does, she voices out her thoughts very clearly without any hint of hesitation or confusion and whatever she says is usually right. She is smart and good at showing it.


Afraid To Give Up Control.

Like we mentioned before, individuals with this enneagram type fear loss of control and they may not be very comfortable trusting others with it. The fear stems from the idea that they may not be able to regain control over their lives or someone may use it to hurt them.

Difficulty In Listening To Authority.

This is connected to the previous weakness; people with an type 8 enneagram do not like to listen to authority because they want to make decisions for themselves. When the meeting for the order is going on and Molly does not let Ginny join she expresses her anger greatly at her own mother. 

Lacking Sensitivity For Feelings Of Others.

Although she has her focus on Harry, people like Ginny may not be sensitive to the feelings of others. In the movie, we frequently see Ron mention that his sister does not give him attention or recognize her and Ginny does not heed this. Furthermore, she is very much comfortable kissing Dean Thomas even though her brother is nearby. She is loving and loyal but due to overindulgence in herself, she may forget about others temporarily. 

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This article explored the enneagram type of Ginny Weasley in depth while outlining her fears and desires, strengths and weaknesses and dominant traits. The article also looked at different instances from the movie or book to support the content in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ginny Weasley’s Enneagram Type.

What enneagram type is Ron Weasley?

He is a Type 6 that is also known as a ‘Loyalist’ due to how much he values his friends and family. Another defining feature of this type is that the person faces much anxiety.

What is Harry Potter’s type of girl?

Someone who he could share with hence she would have to be caring and loving but possess some element of independence.

Who is the prettiest girl in the Harry Potter series?

According to the books, Ginny is described as the prettiest girl.


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