What Enneagram Type Is Ron Weasley? (+3 facts)

The following article aims to highlight what Enneagram type Ron Weasley, a famous character from the ‘Harry Potter’ series is and what dominant traits, fears and desires these personality types have!

What Enneagram Type Is Ron Weasley?

Ron Weasley’s enneagram type is a Type 6 which is also known as ‘The Loyalist’. His type can be combined with Wing 6 which means he is more relaxed and social than other type 6’s and likes to be part of group conversations. 

These individual possess the following traits:

  • Strongly identify with a social group.
  • Excellent team players.
  • Clear communicators.
  • Detail oriented and precise.
  • Loyal.

Let us take a look at what fears and desires this enneagram type has!

Ron Weasley’s Basic Fear.

His basic fear – other than spiders – is that he will be left alone, have no support or guidance. This much apparent in not only Ron’s personality but other people who have this enneagram type.

In the movie series, Ron is always dependent on Hermione when it comes to studies; he is looking forward to copying off her work, learning about classes and deadlines from her and helping in learning new concepts and spells.

Furthermore, Ron doesn’t like being left alone. Apart from Harry or Hermione, he is the one in the trio that prefers to work together in the face of hardship. So even though you may see Harry run off to fight the Dark Lord alone or Hermione working late in the night to come up with a great idea, Ron likes to work in groups.

Ron’s Basic Desire.

So his basic desire obviously stems from his fear of being left alone. He looks for attention and wants support and guidance. He may find this is being with others, regularly engaging in conversations or having a companion by his side like Lavender Brown who is always there to reassure and support him.

The Weasley’s Traits.

What are Ron’s most dominant and well known traits that fall into this Type 6 enneagram? Let’s look at the following section in the article to find out!

Loyal – Not only to people but their beliefs.

Ron is indeed a loyalist. It is apparent due to the fact that he supports his friends and family in every type of situation, like her sister Ginny Weasley, even if it involves his fear of spiders. How he trudged through the Forbidden Forest and faced the army of spiders while Harry talked to them shows Ron has the ability to overcome his worst fears to support Harry.

He internalizes Harry’s mission and fights for it as if it were his own. How he and Hermione set out to destroy Horcruxes separately shows that Ron is not only a loyalist to his friends but in the systems, ideas and values he believes in.

The famous scene where Ron returns after a fight with Harry shows to us that he places more weight on where his loyalties lie rather than his ego.


Type 6 enneagrams have difficulty getting in touch with their inner selves. As long as that does not take place – they become a ball that bounces here and there and releases bursts of anxiety. They face these situations when they are making important decisions, facing people or things they dislike or fear and when they are confused, alone or misguided.

Their anxiety is further fueled by the belief that they do not have the resources to deal with life’s challenges and hence they look for support and guidance. When they are not able to acquire even that it leads to more anxious behavior.

Ron Weasley is highly dependent on his friends, whether it is in a battle against the dark forces, passing his subjects or winning the Quidditch match, he needs his friends. However, as his type develops, he is able to control his anxiety and inspire or encourage others.

Feelings vs Rationality.

Much of Ron’s problems stem from the fact that he places more weight on his feelings rather than rationality. This is apparent from his fear of spiders no matter how small and harmless they may be.


These people are constantly strategizing. Although their thoughts may be blurred by their anxiety and feelings – Type 6 enneagrams will strategize smartly in order to protect themselves and their friends so they have the support and security they need.

Even in the movie, it can be observed that although it is Harry and Hermione who are doing most of the thinking, it is Ron who points out any loophole in their plan. This is possible because he has the aim of being safe and secure and hence views everything with that lens.

Growth and Decline.

So how does Ron become like when he grows in his enneagram type or declines in it?

If Ron develops his Type 6 enneagram, he becomes more optimistic and relaxed. He is able to control his anxiety and think more clearly in the right direction. This reduces the pessimism they have when viewing life and their fears as well as rigidity.

However, in the case Ron does not allow his type to develop but disintegrate, it can result in arrogance and competition. This can be seen when he fights with Harry in the forest.

A Type 6 With A Wing 7 – The Buddy


Such a combination results in the individual reacting to stress quite immediately and in diverse ways. Ron perfectly fits this type because not only is he quick to react to stress or anxiety but his reactions are quite priceless! In some instances he can totally go bonkers where he is just scared while in others he may have expressed anger alongside. Sometimes he may add a funny element where he tries to joke the matter off.

True Companionship.

The combination under discussion is one that is stable, quiet and steady. The inner desire for support and security is now replaced with the ability to become a good partner in a long term relationship. This is what Ron proves throughout the Harry Potter series; he is someone who is initially looking for friendship that gives him the security he needs but eventually becomes the one who is never willing to give up on his friends.

Distant Behavior.

If stress and tension increase, it can result in this type and combination distancing themself from the situation. This is what Ron does in the movie. He is unable to make sense of the situation going on and feels much stress due to the uncertainty at bay and hence decides to leave Harry and Hermione in the midst of the journey. 

Safe and Secure Work.

Such individuals are willing to work and play in environments that provide safety and security and this brings the best out of them. A great example is when Ron takes part in the Quidditch matches; initially he is scared he wont be able to don much and will eventually result in the team failing to win! However, Harry plays a smart game as he knows his friend too well. He tricks him into believing he has taken the lucky potion that will ensure he wins.

Having this security that he will win, Ron outperforms himself; he helps the team win and that too impressively. It is later revealed that Ron was never given the potion and his performance in the game is only because of his results and the sense of security he had. Pretty cool right?


This article explored the enneagram type of Ron Weasley, a character from the ‘Harry Potter’ series, by examining his dominant traits, basic fears and desires, the effect of being a Type 6 with a Wing 7 and highlighting important scenes from the movie.

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Frequently Asked Questions: What Enneagram Type Is Ron Weasley?

What color are Ron Weasley’s eyes in the book?

In the book, not only does he have blue eyes but he has freckles, but this is not how he is portrayed in the movie.

What enneagram is Luna Lovegood?

She is honest, creative and imaginative and thus has enneagram type 4.

What is the rarest enneagram type?

It is type 8.

Which enneagram has the most anxiety?

Type 4 is the enneagram type that experiences the most anxiety due to the belief that they will not have the resources to deal with the challenges life throws at them. 




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