Bellaxtrix Lestrange’s Personality Type (A Complete Guide)

This article will identify the personality type of Bellatrix Lestrange from the ‘Harry Potter’ series and look at various aspects of this type including its strengths and weaknesses, their relations and how they behave in daily life.

What is Bellatrix Lestrange’s Personality Type?

Bellatrix Lestrange is an ‘Entertainer’ or ESFP according to the Myer Briggs Type Indicator. These individuals are extroverted, sensing, feeling and perceiving in their nature. Furthermore, they love being the center of attention while all at the same time trying to impress the people that matter the most to them.

We will examine the dominant traits of Bellatrix in this section.

The Dominant Traits of the Wicked Witch.

Everyone is known for something. Let’s take a look at what the most powerful death eater in the ‘Harry Potter’ series has to offer!


Did we mention Bellatrix loves being the center of attention? Well for that she needs an audience! She is an extrovert by nature and loves interacting with people even if it means in a bad way. She is bold and blunt never letting anyone or any thought form stopping her putting on a show. 

She enjoys torturing people just for the fun of it or making them uncomfortable with her questions – she needs people and that is what recharges her social battery. Her way of expressing her love for her loved ones including Voldemort is all about how far she can go with making people get what they deserve or need.


Yes she is spontaneous. If she sees the chance then she will take it up and jump right into action. She does not need a plan or much time to think once she realizes what she needs is right in front of her and it makes her go pretty much crazy! Her enthusiasm when she finally realizes that she has Harry in front of her at Malfoys Mansion is apparent and she quickly decides to call her Dark Lord.

Sensitive to Others. 

Bellatrix is very observant. She can sense when others are uncomfortable or when they are hiding something. In multiple instances throughout the movie it is shown how she experiences pleasure in observing her victims being tortured. This shows she truly understands and takes in the world through her senses. 

Although no one believes her, she is sure about Snape’s intentions and how he is actually on Dumbledore’s side. A rare quality, but Bellatrix is indeed someone with a good sense of others.

Immediate Gratification.

Bellatrix is so desperate to get what she wants that she never really thinks her plan through. These types of individuals are always looking to have fun and experience pleasure in what they do. They want to achieve this immediately and hence they are not they people who would be considered good planners. Repetitive tasks, strategies and complex plans are not what Bellatrix or any ESFP would want to consider.

This explains why the trio – Harry, Ron and Hermione – manage to get out of her hands in almost every situation!


People like Bellatrix have a number of strengths that make them have that vibrant yet scary aura. Let us look into them:


She does not shy away. Bellatrix is known for voicing out her thoughts no matter how crazy they seem to others. She had her suspicions with regards to Snape and made them quite so obvious to others. Not to mention her daring endeavors to get her hands on Harry so that Lord Voldemort can quench his thirst of once and for all killing Harry Potter. The witch is simply one who is not scared of doing the ‘different’ nor is she willing to hesitate even in the eye of danger or the uncertainty. 


Yes, this goes hand in hand with her trait of being bold and taking the necessary measures. Unlike other death eaters, Bellatrix is more of the doing sort rather than the one who just keeps on reflecting on the countless possibilities that could occur. Once she knows what she wants she will go after it immediately although this may sometimes create problems. Hastiness isn;t exactly good. This is why compared to other death eaters she had no issues calling the ‘Dark Lord’ at just the hint Harry is nearby.

Original and Aesthetics.

Like we said she is quite the show. She never seems to bore the audience even in scenes where she could be given a medal for seeming crazy and delusional. She has a way of talking and behaving that is filled with drama; she likes to create a scene out of everything as if she is living life to its fullest. How she taunts her victims, tortures them and takes pleasure in the moments shows she appreciates a bit of a show.


Easily Bored.

Yes to keep herself entertained, we all have seen the limits Bellatrix can cross! People with this personality type are in a habit of finding different ways to keep themselves and others constantly entertained. If not, they can get bored and move on to find other things to do! In Bellatrix’s case, this may mean more and more violence or torture!

Poor Long Term Planners.

Although eager to please her Dark Lord and taking every chance to do so, Bellatrix is unable to come up with long term well thought out plans. ESFPs find it difficult to look far out into the future and this often results in consequences they must face due to their short term planning.


Yes it is easy to get on her nerves and Bellatrix will not stop at revenge! She can be fun and interesting but these individuals greatly dislike criticism especially if it involves a loved one they are trying to impress.

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Bellatrix is fixated on Lord Voldemort and through the series it is evident she tries her best to please him. She is also furious at anyone who is against him or does something that would displease him. In various instances her reactive behaviour to when her loved one is displeased with her shows how childish and hurt she can become.

Generally in relationships, Entertainers are exciting people to be with who always have surprises for their loved ones. They are open minded and intimate partners who experience a lot of emotion which they want to show and prove. However, they may find it difficult to struggle with criticism or conflict in a relationship from which they may want to run away.

Daily Life

These people prefer to work in unrestricted environments where they can take up matters as they wish while at the same time incorporating elements of fun and entertainment. Bellatrix, as unstable as she seems, was the leading death eater who was the one to push her fellows into taking extreme steps to catch the boy who lived – oftentimes making it as entertaining as possible – at least for herself. In short, the more freedom they have the easier it is for them to achieve what they want!

At times, these people can become defensive if under fire by others but they provide honest feedback and do not hide any facts to show themselves as favorable.

The Big Five Personality Inventory.

How does Bellatrix score on the five big traits of personality? Let’s take a look!

  • Openness: Very high as she is creative, likes to try new things and takes up challenges happily.
  • Conscientiousness: Moderately low as despite the fact the fact that she has an eye for detail, she is not planned and likes immediate results that don’t come with organization.
  • Extraversion: Very high on this one due to her fondness of people and dealing with them as well as voicing out her thoughts.
  • Agreeableness: She is low here because even though she obeys her loved ones excellently, generally she does not care about anyone else.
  • Neurotic: She is high here, not necessarily because of anxiety or worry but because of her mood swings and emotional instability.


The article took a closer look at what personality type Bellatrix Lestrange from the ‘Harry Potter’ series is and how she behaves in various aspects of her life. The article looked at her personality type from the perspective of the MBTI and Big Five Personality Inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions: Bellatrix Lestrange’s Personality Type.

What mental illness does Bellatrix have?

She would be diagnosed with a sadistic personality however as that is no longer recognized she would be diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder.

What was Bellatrix obsessed with?

She was primarily obsessed with the Dark Lord and her desire to please him as well as with Harry Potter.

Who kills Bellatrix?

Molly Weasley kills her with either the killing curse or combined defense curses.


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