What is your Social Battery? (A Complete Guide)

The following article will explore the concept of the social battery and what exactly ‘charges’ and ‘depletes’ it while at the same time examining how the concept of the social battery changes from person to person.

What is your Social Battery?

Yes! Such a term does exist and it refers to a person’s capacity to intermingle with other individuals or groups of individuals in a setting. The social battery is a relative term that changes from person to person. For introverts it is an entirely different concept compared to extroverts; along the article we will highlight these differences. 

Introverts and their Social Battery.

A social battery in the case of an introvert is their energy to interact with other people. Typically, at the beginning of the day it is fully charged however, once they spend time interacting with friends, colleagues and even family they are using up their battery and it loses its charge. As the day goes by the battery depletes and for them to charge it up they need to spend time alone!

Extroverts and their Social Battery.

On the other hand, for extraverts, the case is totally different. When they begin their day, their social battery is depleted and needs to be charged! They charge their battery by interacting with people – not staying away from them. 

As the day goes by (keeping in mind interaction increases with others) their battery gains charge. However, as soon as interactions cease and they spend time alone their batteries begin to lose charge.

As is obvious by the above, the concept of the social battery is different for different types of individuals. In the article below we will examine what it exactly is that helps charge or cause these batteries to deplete.

Introverts – What Depletes their Social Battery?

Being around people is what depletes their social battery! Whether it be friends, colleagues or family – being around people is a challenging task and it takes energy! Let’s take a look at the situations that lead to depleted social batteries in an introvert’s life.

Being in a Crowd!

Standing in a crowd where there are lots of people is quite the experience for introverts – but the experience is one which is stimulating in a way that takes away energy. The crowd doesn’t exactly have to be a wild one like those at concerts or your high school parties! It could be one where people are standing waiting for something or there’s a line waiting for the bus. It’s just a daunting task keeping oneself composed in between a bunch of people and trying to look normal!

The Center of Attention.

Yes. The center of attention. For an introvert it can be a nightmare. Imagine being watched by so many people; any move you make whether intentionally or unintentionally is being watched. 

It’s an exhausting task being the center of attention because for introverts it’s not natural – they need to ensure they act normally and behave in a manner that is appropriate. They worry too much about being ‘normal’ and not messing up between so many people. This attention can be from something they are doing that people are watching, telling a story that ends up in everyone willing to listen or even just hanging out with a group of friends. Being with people is no doubt a task even if they are having a good time generally.

A New Environment – Watch Out!

Being in new environments is very intimidating for introverts. They need to harvest and use a lot of energy to understand the environment and learn how to adapt to it properly all while being watched by other people.

Being in a similar situation or environment can be less taxing as you are aware of your surroundings however new ones require extra work. 

This is another factor that can cause your introvert friends to lose their social battery – better find a way to keep them charged!

How to Charge an Introvert’s Social Battery?

This section of the article will attempt to explain multiple ways that an introvert’s social battery can be recharged! The following points will be covered:

  • Making something
  • Reading a book or article
  • Breathe and Exercise
  • Take a break from technology

Make Something.

Introverts love spending time in solitude when they can think on their own inner thoughts and do things that they would normally not do in front of others. 

Making something useful or unique or creative gives great satisfaction to introverts. They can quietly think and come up with innovative ways to do something and apply that. This time alone doing productive work is a great way to recharge one’s social battery!

Reading a Book or Article!

Yes! Reading can help a lot. It is a non-taxing activity that helps the person stimulate their brain without having to do much and obviously not talk or interact with people. Such activities help introverts relax and reenergize their social batteries.

Breathe and Exercise.

Breathing techniques are not only a source of relaxation but can help one meditate in solitude. They help the body relax and focus on one point all while the individual can charge their battery. Exercise is another great thing one can do as its productive and doesnt require company!

Take a Break from Technology!

Technology is what connects us and that is exactly what an introvert does not want after a tiring day from socializing! Learn to take a break from technology. Put your phones and laptops away and take out a book or exercise. Getting constant notifications can also be mentally exhausting – sometimes you just need to be alone!

How to Charge Your Social Battery? An Extroverts Story!

For extroverts, the story is totally the opposite. For their battery to be depleted they simply need to be away from people and spend time in solitude which can obviously be a nightmare for them! 

So for extroverts it’s a pretty simple case, but how can they charge their social batteries? What are the different ways they can socialize to keep themselves energized?

Meeting Friends and Family Regularly.

Extroverts should stay in touch with their friends and family as it can help them keep their spirits high and allow them to share their everyday stories and issues that they just need to get out of their systems.

Planning weekly meetups at a nearby cafe or having lunch together can be fun! What’s even better is planning activities together – doing groceries, going bowling or getting chores done makes work fun.

Attending Social Events.

Extroverts need to stay involved. They can’t stand too much quiet time so a good piece of advice would be that they keep in touch with what is going on around them.

Often, there are different social gatherings or events happening – poetry night, a concert or funfair, BBQs at the park and so much more – a great time to meet new people and talk!

In this case, extroverts should mark their calendars and create a regular routine of attending a weekly social gathering so they can regularly interact with people and look forward to something.

Social Work!

Volunteering at different events or the local shelter is a great way to be productive and fulfill one’s need of socializing with others. You get to work and talk at the same time and have fun. There are many volunteering events where you can actually talk to people to spread awareness about a certain cause. In any case it’s a great way to charge your social battery. 


The article looked at the concept of the social battery and recognized how it is a relative term for different individuals – introverts and extroverts. The article further examined how both types of individuals can charge their batteries when depleted and what factors or types of events lead to the depletion of their batteries. 

Frequently Asked Questions: The Social Battery

What is social exhaustion?

It is commonly referred to as when introverts use too much of their energy in interacting with other individuals hence they become socially exhausted.

Why do I feel socially drained?

The possible reason behind this is because you are the only one who is making the efforts to create a social and interactive atmosphere. If you had better friends maybe it would be less exhausting.

What is Omnivert?

According to definition, they are an introvert and an extrovert so in some situations they can be very quiet or prefer to be alone while in others they may be the life of the party!




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