Understanding the 5w6 personality (Complete guide)

In this brief guide, we will discuss the 5w6 personality type, as well as other related concepts.


5w6 is a combination of basic Enneagram personality type 5 with traits of the enneagram personality type 6 due to the adjacent wing. Both of these personalities have the basic desire to be worthy and competent and be seen as such, but their behavior that is manifested fulfills this basic desire in very different ways. 

For instance, 5 tends to rely on their internal resources while 6 tends to be more dependent on others through being extremely loyal and dependable.

Features of 5w6

5w6 is also known as the troubleshooter, and these individuals tend to turn all the observant and investigative tendencies of the enneagram type 5 outward to help other individuals and cement their place as the loyal and dependable friend.

5w6s identify more with the type five, but they also share traits with 6, as that is the adjacent personality type on the enneagram.

5w6s show traits like being practical, independent, and logical, and they also tend to be more interpersonally gifted than type 5, who may tend to be lost in their own world more often. 

5w6s are much more cooperative as well, given their type 6 nature of being loyal and dependable, as well as the basic fear of being abandoned that drives them. 

5w6s also tend to use the knowledge and wisdom they acquire more than the five types and have a passion for using their knowledge to solve real-world as well as interpersonal problems.

5w6 Basic fear 

The basic fear of 5w6 is similar to that of the enneagram personality type 5, given that that forms the core traits in this subtype.

These fears mostly revolve around being perceived as unworthy of being seen as incompetent.

They may feel the need to constantly seek information and try to gather as much knowledge as possible due to this need to constantly prove themselves, whether their environment makes such demands or not.

Their basic fear may also involve not knowing enough to help those around them, of the society in general.

They may feel afraid of being abandoned by those they love due to lacking in their knowledge somehow or because they were not being observant enough, so they may constantly be aware and given a lot of attention to details.

Basic Desire 5w6

The basic desire of 5w6 is also similar to type 5, that is, to be seen as a wise, knowledge, and informed individual, who shows a great degree of competence in a chosen discipline.

The basic desire of any personality type drives their actions just as much as the basic fear, but with the basic desire, the driving force is much more positive and much less neurotic.

The basic desire of 5w6 may also include a need to be included and accepted by the loved ones, and for their loyalty and dependability to be reflected back at them by those around them.

Often our personalities reflect what we would like to be done to ourselves, like someone who cares a lot for others may themselves have a need to be cared for as well.

Similarly, the 5w6 may have a desire to include those around them in their journey to wisdom and may wish for the other to show similar inclinations.

Strengths of 5w6

Some strengths of 5w6 are:

  • They are loyal and friendly
  • They take care of those around them
  • They are able to look at things objectively and help clothes with their rational decision-making process
  • They are able to pay attention to people they love and care about
  • They are good at interpersonal relationships
  • They are good at solving difficult or complex problems
  • They often remain calm in times of crisis and make for good partners that way.

Weaknesses of 5w6

Here are some of the weaknesses of 5w6:

  • Sometimes they may struggle with understanding others and may try to force the understanding to get over the feeling of incompetence
  • They may sometimes come across as private and defensive when they are busy analyzing something
  • Because of their rational and analytical leanings, they may seem cold or aloof
  • They are too dependent on their knowledge and may have trouble making decisions when they don’t know everything about something
  • They may get too attached to finding meaning everything 
  • They may scrutinize every aspect of their interpersonal relationships

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5w4 vs 5w6

5w4 is type 5 with a 4 wing and 5w6 is a type 5 with a 6 wing, and while 5w6 tends to be systematic and objective in their approach to knowledge and information, 5w4 tends to be more introspective and perhaps a little more imaginative as well.

Type 4 characteristics interfere with type 5 in 5w4, which may make for a more reserved person who has an enhanced understanding of not only the external world but also their complex inner world, whereas the 5w6 may be focused more on the outside due to the people-oriented tendencies of type 6 that interferes.

The wing concept of Enneagram is a great way of finding out what different traits may form parts of different personalities and provides for a wider variety of personality types rather than just a few vague ones.

The 5w4 may also feel motivated and productive when they have solved some sort of problem on their own by spending alone time or just being by themselves, whereas 5w6 may feel that way after contributing to society or loved ones in some way or tackling some external problem that requires a lot of rational and analytical thinking.]

5w6 vs 6w5

The primary difference in 5w6 vs 6w5 is how someone reacts under stress, as while 5w6 might tend to withdraw and isolate themselves, or just want to get away from people to deal with their problems on their own the 6w5 may do the opposite and try to get out seeking support from others, given their people-oriented nature.

5w6 has the core traits of type 5, which means for them the pursuit of knowledge is of utmost importance, everything else comes after, even loyalty and people.

For 6w5 it is the opposite, they are first and foremost defenders and loyalists, they are all about interpersonal relationships and being there for other people, to deal with the basic fear that people won’t do the same for them.

6w5 may function on the assumption that this is how the world works, and if you are not there for others they will not be there for you, and they go in pursuit of this more so than anything else, which is contrary to the 5w6, who might believe that the world is an easier place to be in when you know a lot, or even everything, about it.

5w6 abhors being seen as unworthy or incompetent, so they give all their energy to knowing as much as they can, sometimes even at the expense of relationships, but because of the 6 wings, they can come back to the people they are loyal to in time.

5w6 MBTI type

Technically any combination of MBTI and 5w6 is possible, but usually, it has been seen that any of the enneagram types 5s usually belong to the introverted classification of the MBTI, in particular INTJ, INTP, INFJ, and INFP, which may be due to the rational and analytical in their decision-making and their ability to be objective and practical.

5w6 can also be extroverted, but this is rare, these individuals may show extroverted sensing traits or extroverted feeling traits, wherein they may be able to understand the external environment very well and have a tendency to seek these things out in their environment.

5w6 is characterized by traits like loyalty and analytical reasoning, and logic, which may be seen in introverted thinking dominant personalities.

5w6 INTJ

INTJ is a personality type that is often associated with the 5w6 type given both of their propensity for thinking and judging characteristics, as well as their introverted tendencies and the need to spend time by themselves.

These individuals are likely to be very attentive to details and they may also be very observant, noticing things other people may not.

INTJ 5w6 people may also have a small circle of close people that they care about but they may be fiercely loyal to them, and not tolerate any harm coming to them.

They may also use their attentive, observant abilities to help these people and ensure that they are taking care of them in the best manner possible.

INTP 5w6

The INTP 5w6 is likely to be an individual that likes to seek new adventures, may need great amounts of alone time to refresh themselves, and may spend a lot of time dissecting and studying the environment around them.

In addition, their extroverted feeling function, though somewhat weak, may enable them to have a unique ability to be attuned to the feelings of those around them.

These individuals may also be a great source of support to their loved ones and their dependability may be second to none.

The INTP 5w6 might have a strong and innate curiosity for everything in their internal and external environment, and they may use a combination of intuition and observation to come to well thought out conclusions.

One might see this reflected in their speech, which may be calculated and clear, with no pace for vagueness and dilly-dallying.

5w6 Examples

Here are some examples of 5w6 personality type:

  • Oliver Sacks
  • Albert Einstein
  • Dr. Gregory House (From the show House M. D.)
  • Kurt Cobain
  • David Byrne
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Werner Herzog
  • Tim Burton
  • David Fincher
  • Jodie Foster
  • Annie Liebovitz
  • “Wikileaks” Julian Assange
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Agatha Christie
  • James Joyce
  • Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Bill Gates
  • Stephen King
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Jane Goodall


In this brief guide, we discussed the 5w6 personality type, as well as other related concepts. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 5w6

What is 5w6?

5w6 is an enneagram personality type which refers to 5 with 6 wing, or 5 wing 6, and is someone that shwos triats of both type 5 as well as type 6.

In 5w6 the traits of type 5 are core, and those of type 6 are present more in a supplementing capacity.

Which Enneagram type is most common?

Enneagram type 9 is the most common.

Enneagram type 9 is also known as the peacemaker, and these are adaptive, reasonable, and sociale people, who like to get along with people because they mostly want to avoid conflict.

Which Enneagram is INTP?

Most INTP poeple Enneagram 5 as their personality type. 

This makes sense as this enneagram 5 is correlated with the INTP’s dominant function of introverted thinking.

What Enneagram is Bill Gates?

Bill gates’ Enneagram is 5w6, or Enneagram type 5 with a 6 wing.




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