Famous 5w6 Personalities (+5 List)

This article will look at famous people who are the 5w6 enneagram type and introduce them to the audience. Also, the article will take a closer look at the type 5w6 enneagram’s traits, fears and basic desires.

Famous 5w6 Personalities – The List

Here is a list of famous personalities who fall under the 5w6 enneagram category:

  • Bill Gates
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Sigmund Freud
  • B.F Skinner
  • Karl Marx
  • Isaac Newton
  • Howard Hughes

We will look at some of these personalities in detail but before that we will introduce the 5w6 enneagram type and comment on it’s popular traits as well as its fears and desires.

The 5w6 Enneagram – The Troubleshooter

The troubleshooter is an enneagram type that is mostly made up of the type 5 enneagram but shares some traits with the type 6 one too. This enneagram is quite logical in their approach to how they understand themselves, others and the world. Hence they do not like to go on what they are told – in a sentimental manner – but how it is told and whether or not it appeals to one’s logic. They like to discuss things in  a systematic and structured manner so they can actually analyze whether everything makes sense or not!

As a result of being logical in their dealings, these enneagram types are quite practical and independent. They know how things work and prefer to keep things simple thus they take up practical steps. They are more of the doers rather than the ones who just keep talking about something and never appear to go forward with actually doing something! It is easier to deal with such individuals because they do what they say and they are action oriented – they actually work by showing and not just telling.

Although independent, these enneagram types are way more cooperative than the typical 5’s are! They like to take others’ opinions into view but this does not mean they won’t do as they wish. They respect how other people think or function but they only feel satisfied and comfortable going ahead with what they believe is right for their own self.

These enneagrams have a strong passion for learning and growing in terms of their skills and strengths. They will read, enroll in courses and attend training programs to boost their skills and knowledge. This helps them make better decisions because they have the right resources which include experience, knowledge and first hand exposure to the real world. They do not like to discuss or engage in things they do not know much about.

The Basic Fear – Trouble For Troubleshooters

The thing these enneagrams fear the most is being useless or unworthy. They are afraid they won’t develop any skills or traits that are actually useful and will help them stand out. They function on the belief that a person is only worthy if they are beneficial.

One of the ways they think someone can be worthy is by seeking to make the world a better place! They want to do this by employing the skills they have learnt of the knowledge they acquire. 

Basic Desire

The basic desire of the 5w6 enneagram is to feel competent and useful of course! They want to feel needed and hence known for a certain skill or trait that people need or think is useful. This is why they set out to gain knowledge and don’t let any opportunity go when it comes to learning new things, gaining experience through courses or programs! 

What Made Them Successful?

There are certain traits that make people who fall under this enneagram type successful! They are extremely hard working and what motivates or energizes them is the feeling or belief that whatever they are doing is benefitting society! One of the best traits this enneagram type has is that they have the habit of sitting down alone with their thoughts and making the right decision. Although taking advice from others is a good thing it may confuse a person and blind them from making the choice that is good for them.

Another trait this enneagram has is the love of solving problems. What makes someone successful is the ability to not only point out a problem but offer a solution to it! This is what defines this personality type and hence why they go on to become successful individuals.

Famous 5w6 Personalities – The List

In this section we will take a look at the famous personalities who fall under the 5w6 enneagram category!

Bill Gates

Born on October 28, 1955 in Washington, United States and is an American businessman, entrepreneur, investor, author, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft corporation. His net worth is 126.8 billion US dollars and he was married to his ex wife Melinda Gates from 1994 to 2021; they have 3 children together.

Since 1987, Gates has always made the Forbes list of most wealthiest people in the world. He started his brainchild Microsoft  in 1975 with his childhood friend Paul Allen in New Mexico and from there on it led them to great achievements. They faced many hurdles such as court rulings highlighting anti competitive practices by the company however they persevere despite all this. The entrepreneur is also known for his many contributions in healthcare and charities which he did so with his wife. 

Stephen Hawking

An English theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking made many discoveries regarding the cosmos and how the universe works. He was very young when he started taking an interest in all these subject areas and also served as the director of research at the center for theoretical cosmology at the University of Cambridge.

Despite being challenged by his physiological disease, the physicist kept going on because he believed he was contributing to a bigger cause. His traits which reflected a powerful mind allowed him to carry on in his mission despite visible hurdles.

Sigmund Freud

A psychoanalyst by profession, Sigmund Freud is a well known personality in his field that introduced a number of theories but he is most famous for his theory with regards to the sexuality of human beings. He talks about important concepts such as the oedipus complex and the unconscious mind which holds our deep and darkest secrets.

Although he faced much resistance to his ideas, the psychologists and his findings are widely taught around the world and have become an important part of the education individuals receive especially in the field of psychology.

B.F Skinner

He is most well known for his concepts regarding those of reinforcement and punishment and the experiments he conducted on animals to prove these concepts exist. B.F Skinner was born on March 20, 1904 and was an American psychologist, behaviourist, author, inventor, and social philosopher. He was a professor of psychology at Harvard University from 1958 until his retirement in 1974.

Karl Marx

Best known as a social revolutionist, Karl Marx was someone who is now defined as German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist and journalist. Despite much resistance from the class and system he spoke up against, he carried on because he was indeed driven by his passion to do something for the greater good of the people. He defined society as a group of people where two classes existed; the proletariats who represented the working class and the bourgeoisie who were the elite of the society!

Isaac Newton

 We all know Isaac Newton and how he was a key figure in the scientific revolution. He is best known for his contribution to calculus and of course the theory of gravity and the famous incident where he was struck by an apple that fell off a tree!

Howard Hughes

Howard Robard Hughes Jr. was an American business magnate, investor, record-setting pilot, engineer, film director, and philanthropist, known during his lifetime as one of the most financially successful individuals in the world. He too falls under this category of 5w6 enneagrams and is known for catching the attention of the American public with his amazing movie making skills! He died of renal failure in 1976.


This article took a look at a number of famous celebrities who fall under the category of the 5w6 enneagram type and introduced their life achievements. The article also introduced the enneagram under discussion and explained its traits, fears, desires and what strengths it has that contributes to its success!




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