5w6 INFJ Personality Type (A +3 Point Guide)

This article will take a look at the unique combination the 5w6 enneagram and the INFJ personality from the MBTI inventory make up which is the 5w6 INFJ personality type. The article will discuss the major traits of this unique combination and also introduce the personality components that make it up!

The 5w6 INFJ Personality Type: The Major Traits

Here are a few of the traits of the 5w6 INFJ personality type:

  • Intellectual
  • Helpful
  • Withdraw – Unhealthy State
  • Knowledgeable
  • Two Sides – A Feeler & Thinker

Before we look at these traits in detail, we will take a look at the two personality components that make up this unique combination!

The 5w6 Enneagram – The Troubleshooter

The troubleshooter is an enneagram type that is mostly made up of the type 5 enneagram but shares some traits with the type 6 one too. This enneagram is quite logical in their approach to how they understand themselves, others and the world. Hence they do not like to go on what they are told – in a sentimental manner – but how it is told and whether or not it appeals to one’s logic. They like to discuss things in  a systematic and structured manner so they can actually analyze whether everything makes sense or not!

As a result of being logical in their dealings, these enneagram types are quite practical and independent. They know how things work and prefer to keep things simple thus they take up practical steps. They are more of the doers rather than the ones who just keep talking about something and never appear to go forward with actually doing something! It is easier to deal with such individuals because they do what they say and they are action oriented – they actually work by showing and not just telling.

Although independent, these enneagram types are way more cooperative than the typical 5’s are! They like to take others’ opinions into view but this does not mean they won’t do as they wish. They respect how other people think or function but they only feel satisfied and comfortable going ahead with what they believe is right for their own self.

These enneagrams have a strong passion for learning and growing in terms of their skills and strengths. They will read, enroll in courses and attend training programs to boost their skills and knowledge. This helps them make better decisions because they have the right resources which include experience, knowledge and first hand exposure to the real world. They do not like to discuss or engage in things they do not know much about.

The Basic Fear – Trouble For Troubleshooters

The thing these enneagrams fear the most is being useless or unworthy. They are afraid they won’t develop any skills or traits that are actually useful and will help them stand out. They function on the belief that a person is only worthy if they are beneficial.

One of the ways they think someone can be worthy is by seeking to make the world a better place! They want to do this by employing the skills they have learnt of the knowledge they acquire. 

Basic Desire

The basic desire of the 5w6 enneagram is to feel competent and useful of course! They want to feel needed and hence known for a certain skill or trait that people need or think is useful. This is why they set out to gain knowledge and don’t let any opportunity go when it comes to learning new things, gaining experience through courses or programs! 

INFJs – The Advocates.

The typical INFJs have a very thoughtful approach to life where they are absorbed in their creativity, values, deep thinking and inner vision!

Although they aim high and have a sense of creating the perfect world, they are not blinded by their idealism and realize they need to take concrete steps in order to make the world reflect their inner vision of it where people have justice and are treated well. They like to stand up for others and connect to them on a deeper level.

They focus on their thoughts – they are creative, have deep insights and are passionate about what they believe in!

They want to create the perfect world and here their creativity comes into play. With such an imaginative pattern of thought they are able to find diverse solutions to an array of problems people face. This is combined with their principled thoughts that allows them to remain consistent, get through difficult times and serve as an inspiration for others.

These people are very sensitive to criticism. They reflect on it deeply to the extent that it may reduce their productivity and make them feel as if they lag much when in reality that criticism is targeted at a specific element. This may also be because of the fact that they aim to become perfectionists – aiming to be the best version of themselves.

As they are quite sensitive, INFJs are reluctant to open up and may be difficult to understand – this can sometimes create problems in relationships where people are curious to learn more about the other.

The 5w6 INFJ Personality Type: The Major Traits

In this section we will take a closer look at the 5w6 INFJ personality type and discuss their major traits!

  • Intellectual
  • Helpful
  • Withdraw – Unhealthy State
  • Knowledgeable
  • Two Sides – A Feeler & Thinker

We will now take a look at each of these in detail!


The 5w6 INFJ personality type is an intellectual one. They won’t just accept something for what it is and they like to know the ins and outs of things, systems or processes. They want to have more information about what they are currently dealing with.

These people are smart and want to engage in study or research so they can take informed decisions. They want to know the pros and cons before actually taking a decision. Furthermore, this personality type will also be interested in the long term effects of a decision they make. As it is obvious, the 5w6 INFJ personality is indeed aware of what they are doing and want to make sure it remains that way.

These types of people are handy to have around. You may not realize it but you might get stuck in a situation without knowing the consequences. This personality type will save you from such a situation because they are alert and have developed a habit to check whatever it is they are exposed to!


This is indeed an interesting combination of personality types. The enneagram type 5 is one that likes to remain private but the type 6 enneagram and INFJ personality type are somewhat open to being around people. This inevitably results in a personality that understands people and the problems they are going through. Hence, they want to help others and be a source of relief or help.

They are not extroverted in that they are going to go all out when it comes to being with people. However, this type wants to guide people in the problems they face especially if their knowledge or skills come in hand!

Withdraw – Unhealthy State

Both personality types that make up the 5w6 INFJ personality type withdraw from their surroundings when they are in an unhealthy state. They prefer to be left alone and avoid any unwanted or undesirable or uncomfortable interactions with others that may result in them becoming even more stressed out, confused or hurt.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.


This personality type is known for the large knowledge reservoir that they have created inside of themselves. Not only does the enneagram component ensure they achieve this but the influence of the 5w6 enneagram type gives them the ability to not only gain but process large amounts of data in an analytical manner!

They will possess different types of knowledge that could either benefit their own cause, their friends or people who are in need of help. Whatever the reason is, they never step back from disseminating their knowledge because they desire to help others and be in a position that not only assures them of their worth but informs others that they can be approached for help.

Two Sides – A Feeler & Thinker

Seeing this combination at first sight one may rethink whether or not it makes sense! However, this type and it’s components complement each other perfectly. The INFJ is indeed one that is a feeler however the enneagram 5w6 may pull away from such an approach. This is balanced out by the wing 6 in this enneagram that is drawn towards people. Both of these types are intellectual and want to help people while also being very analytical or studious in their approach.


This article took a look at the 5w6 INFJ personality type and the components that make it up namely the 5w6 enneagram and the INFJ personality type. The article also described the major personality types of this unique combination.




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