1w9 vs 5w4 (A 7 Point Guide):

In this guide we will be comparing two personality types, namely 1w9 and 5w4. In this comparison we will examine their strengths, weaknesses, compatibility and sources of stress and motivation (among other factors) in detail.

1w9 vs 5w4:

1w9 and 5w4 are two personality types on the Enneagram.1w9s have a 1 core and a 9 wing, which signifies a type 9 personality with a few type 1 traits. Similarly, 5w4s have a 5 core and a 4 wing which signifies a type 5 personality with a few type 4 traits. 

1w9s receive the title of ‘The Optimist’ because they tend to run away from all negative experiences. 5w4s receive the title of ‘The Philosopher’ because of their curiosity, thoughtfulness and constant desire to expand their knowledge. 

Some differences between 1w9s and 5w4s can be noted. However, there are also some crucial points of similarity. 1w9s have a basic desire to do the morally appropriate thing in every situation. This is associated with a basic fear of doing something that goes against their morals or ethics. On the other hand, 5w4s have a basic fear of being helpless or incompetent and a basic desire to feel useful. This manifests as constant efforts to expand their knowledge and skills. 

5w4s and 1w9s are similar in that they both tend to withdraw from people. 1w9s do this to protect their firmly held beliefs and values, whereas 5w4s do this to spend more time alone with their thoughts. Like 1w9s, 5w4s are introverts and prefer spending time alone. However, they are a lot more emotionally expressive than 1w9s who tend to shy away from emotional vulnerability. 

Both 1w9s and 5w4s have a desire to stay true to themselves. For 1w9s this means staying true to their basic values and principles. In contrast, for 5w4s this means discovering and staying faithful to their authentic self. 5w4s have a greater need to express themselves and be perceived well by others than 1w9s. 

The goals of 1w9s are focused on society at large, whereas the goals of 5w4s are more personal. 5w4s are more focused on their inner world and self-awareness than 1w9s. Thus, it is common for 5w4s to be more self-absorbed than 1w9s. 

Both 1w9s and 5w4s are thinkers. They spend a lot of time developing their ideas and forming a deeper understanding of the world. However, they differ in one fundamental respect. Once 1w9s form a certain set of beliefs they cling to them rigidly. They are traditionalists, and are averse to anything that may oppose their belief system. 5w4s show the opposite tendency. They like to investigate and debunk age-old, iron-clad philosophies. They are not content with forming a set of beliefs and sticking by them and need to constantly challenge and improve them. Thus, 1w9s are traditionalists whereas 5w4s are rebels and free-thinkers. 

The Enneagram diagram features arrows leading to and from the nine personality types that represent where an individual with a specific type goes when they are in a state of integration or disintegration. Arrows that move away from a certain personality type indicate disintegration or stress points. Conversely, arrows that move towards a type signify integration or personal growth. 

When 1w9s are moving towards disintegration they resemble unhealthy type 4s and become moody and irrational. When moving towards integration they are easygoing and cheerful, like healthy type 7s. For 5w4s, moving towards integration is associated with traits of a healthy type 8; self-confidence and decisiveness. When it comes to disintegration, they are more like unhealthy type 7s and tend to be scatterbrained and hyperactive. 



  • Principled and moral
  • Standing up for those weaker than themselves
  • Attentive to details
  • Participate in community life
  • Imaginative and logical thinking 


  • Creative thinking and self-expression
  • Authenticity 
  • Independent 
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Deep and focused attention 



  • Critical of self and others
  • Stubborn about fundamental beliefs
  • Aversion to negativity 
  • Withdrawn and aloof 

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  • Highly sensitive 
  • Self-absorbed 
  • Tendency to distance themselves from others 
  • Difficulty with practical or realistic issues 

Sources of Stress:


  • Being ignored or unappreciated 
  • Being seen as weak or rigid
  • Feeling as though they aren’t making a difference 
  • Corruption and evil in society 


  • Too much time with other people 
  • Feeling incapable 
  • Unable to express themselves 
  • Criticism and negative feedback 

Sources of Motivation:


  • Volunteer work 
  • Creative thinking and problem solving 
  • Peaceful social reform 
  • Personal development 


  • Learning new skills and information 
  • Developing a deeper understanding of the world 
  • Introspection 
  • Validation from others 



1w9s usually have an indirect involvement in social reform. They don’t usually involve themselves actively in politics or social movements, but instead disseminate their principles in a calm, non-argumentative manner. Thus, while they are motivated to seek social justice and equality they prefer to do so alone and in a less forceful manner.

Jobs that would be suitable for 1w9s include: judge, guidance counsellor, lecturer, consultant, social worker, journalist etc.


5w4s are philosophers and thinkers. They are good at dealing with problems that require creative or abstract solutions.  Work environments that help them grow while allowing them their own space and independence are preferred by 5w4s.

Jobs 5w4s are well suited for include: scholar, author, inventor, engineer, composer, accountant etc.



1w9s are introverts and prefer to be isolated from others. They tend to find interpersonal relationships too complex for them to handle. This withdrawal enables 1w9s to develop their ideals and prevent them from being challenged by alternative views. 1w9s have a tendency to be highly critical as well as aloof and detached which can hamper their relationships. 

However, their Type 9 wing makes them more understanding and tolerant of differences than other type 1s. And although they avoid expressing their emotions, 1w9s care deeply about the few people they allow into their lives. 


5w4s tend to be detached from other people. Sometimes they avoid romantic relationships, seeing it as not worth the trouble. They fear losing their personal space and alone time by entering into an intimate connection and this may hold them back in relationships. Type 5s are often perceived by partners as self-centred and this can often lead to conflict. However, they also possess an intuitive and deep understanding of the emotions and needs of other people. They use this to their advantage in interpersonal relationships.


1w9s and 5w4s have a lot of similarities that makes them compatible with each other. They both share a lot of mutual interests and have a propensity for intellectual curiosity and growth. They admire each others’ intelligence and enjoy engaging in debates with each other. Both 5w4s and 1w9s have a respect for others’ boundaries and tend to be polite and cautious around each other. 5w4s balance out the orderliness and pure rationality of 1w9s with their desire for intellectual exploration and efforts to find meaning in apparently chaotic or bizarre things. 

Trouble occurs in the pairing of these two Enneagram types because they differ on one important area. 1w9s are convinced that there is one objective truth about reality and refuse to consider alternative viewpoints. On the other hand, 5w4s belief in multiple truths rather than a single one. In fact, 5w4s like to debate and debunk age-old beliefs, which is something 1w9s are averse to. Since both personalities dislike their philosophies being opposed, this can serve as a potential source of contention between them. Because both 1w9s and 5w4s tend to withdraw, in the face of this conflict they will become cold and isolated from each other. 


In this guide we examined the differences and similarities between 1w9 and 5w4 personality types. We examined their respective strengths, weaknesses, compatibility and other aspects of their personalities. 

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

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FAQ on ‘1w9 vs 5w4 (A 7 Point Guide)’:

Is 5w4 rare?

5w4s are very rare. However, because they are considered a rare and gifted personality type, a lot of people mistype themselves as 5w4s.

What is the rarest Enneagram type?

The rarest Enneagram type is said to be Type 4. This is often because Type 4s go unnoticed because they tend to be introverted and withdrawn.

What Enneagram types go well together?

Enneagram pairs that are compatible include: 1 and 3, 4 and 9, 5 and 1, 6 and 8, 6 and 9 among others.

What is the most popular Enneagram?

Type 9 is the most popular enneagram.

What is the most common Enneagram type?

The most common Enneagram type is 9. 

What do the wings mean in Enneagram?

Wings refer to the type on either side of your basic enneagram personality type, on which you have the highest score. For example, if you test as a 2, your wings will either be 1 or 3, depending on which one has the higher score.






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