1w9 Vs 8w9 Enneagrams (The Differences)

This article will take a look at the differences between the two enneagram types 1w9 and 8w9 by highlighting how they behave when it comes to relationships, the workplace, their strengths and fears and desires.

1w9 Vs 8w9 Enneagrams: How Are They Different?

The 8w9 and 1w9 enneagrams are quite different from each basically because of what motivates or scares them. The 8w9 enneagram wants to be able to protect themself so that they are not hurt or controlled by others whereas the 1w9 enneagram wants to protect others from themself – they do not want to make morally wrong decisions.

The 1w9 and 8w9 enneagram behave differently in the following areas:

  • The Workplace
  • Relationships
  • Strengths
  • Desires & Fears

We will explain how they differ from each other in the above highlighted areas. However, before we do that, we will introduce both of them to the readers.

Enneagram 8w9: The Diplomat

This enneagram type is confident and patient but at the same time protective and will strike if required. However, compared to type 8 enneagrams, they are more gentle and easy going. They prefer to remain calm and stress free when it comes to tasks that are due or responsibilities that they have – it is better to remain calm rather than fret about what one needs to do!

At the same time, these enneagrams enjoy the independence they have and dislike taking orders from other people, especially authority figures. They want to do things their own way in a manner that is easy and comfortable for them. It’s my way or the highway for them! Whether its work, school or any program they are enrolled in, they want to be able to have the liberty of engaging in self paced courses that allow them a great deal of flexibility; they appreciate programs or systems where they are given the end goal and given the freedom to pursue it in a manner that is acceptable to them.

However, this type of enneagram also has issues related to their emotions – especially the regulation of emotions. They do not feel very comfortable expressing their emotions to others possibly because of the fear they have – they do not want to be controlled or manipulated by others. Hence, they will not always express how they feel about someone or something and keep this to themself.

The 1w9 Enneagram – The Optimist

These enneagrams are all about making the right choices and ensuring that they play a positive role in society. They want to be one hundred percent sure that whatever decision they take only has a good effect on others. They are strong believers in morals and do not want to engage in unethical behaviours or practices. Not only do they want this for themselves but they also want others to be able to engage in good and beneficial behaviours for the sake of the community.

Hence, this enneagram is an active community member who disperses knowledge in the society only to achieve good and encourage people to do what is right and avoid what is wrong. They also speak up for others because they genuinely care about the well being of people.

Furthermore, they are indeed lovers of admiration from others. They of course do good for the sake of others but also want to ensure that their efforts are appreciated and hence they love it when they gain recognition for their acts. It makes them feel good and valued by the people they care about.

These individuals are also logical – they like to make sense when they take action. They are also people who work silently for the good of others and hence you will often not notice the true amount of good they have carried out. Naturally, this enneagram focuses on the details because they think it is the small things that matter and should be focused on!

1w9 Vs 8w9 Enneagrams: How Are They Different?

The 1w9 and 8w9 enneagrams behave differently in the following areas:

  • The Workplace
  • Relationships
  • Strengths
  • Desires & Fears

In this article, we will comment on the differences between the 1w9 and 8w9 enneagrams with regards to the following areas:


The 1w9 enneagram has a number of strengths that are different from those of the 8w9 enneagram. They are in the habit of focusing on the small things hence they are the ones who get the job done well and make sure each and everything is perfect. Furthermore, they are logical in their decisions and thus can reach the right conclusion and defend their stance. People trust them greatly because they follow values not only in public but in their private life too.

On the other hand, the 8w9 enneagram is naturally energetic and has the ability to see one thing or story from different angles. It helps them develop a deeper understanding about things and hence be more acceptable and sensitive towards people of all backgrounds. They give attention to the needs of others and are also great leaders.

Workplace Practices

The 1w9 gets irritated if they are dusturbed too much! They also need to be appreciated for the goals they achieve otherwise they may feel upset and become detached. Criticism damages them a lot especially if they have worked very hard to achieve what they thought would be good for everyone.

The 8w9 enneagram type feels motivated when they can lead others and make their own decisions. Also, they greatly appreciate it when they can take time off work after attaining certain goals and spend it with loved ones. They also love to help out coworkers in the office!


In relationships, this enneagram may be a bit choosy and demanding. They may hold their partner to high standards and constantly correct them. They also become stubborn at times and will seem distant too if they are upset. However, they care greatly for their partner and would never think of hurting them!

These enneagram types are very protective of their partners. They do not want them to be hurt in any way and hence try to not only fulfill their needs but ensure no one or anything harms them. The type 8w9 enneagram is one that understands the differences. They wont go on a rant on how stupid a particular culture or belief system is nor will they throw much questions at a person who chooses a certain profession, degree or any type of choice for that case just because they don’t agree with it. Rather they will try to understand why things are that way and how they can be more accepting of it.

Desires & Fears

The basic fear of the 1w9 enneagram is that they fall into wrongdoing. What is worse than that is that they harm others because of their actions. This scares them a lot because in their head they picture an ideal world where people do the right thing not because they have to but because they want to!

Also, they desire that they become the role model of doing good and avoiding that which is bad. In short, they just desire to be morally good and to achieve this they will forgo many things that they like doing. Also, they will encourage others to also adopt the right way of doing things and avoid stuff that is generally considered harmful!

The basic fear of the type 8w9 enneagram – which extends to women as well – is to be hurt by others. Hence, they like to avoid situations where they are not in control and are at more risk of being let down by others, manipulated or deceived or emotionally damaged. They like to occupy leadership positions that not only gives them the leverage they need but it sends a message to others to not mess with them!

Their basic desire is often expressed when they assert independence from a very young age! They want to be in control of their own future and make decisions that satisfy their needs and wants. This enneagram desires to be independent and resourceful enough to guard themself against threats or any sort of harm!


This article took a deep dive into the differences that exist between the 1w9 and 8w9 enneagrams in a number of areas such as strengths, traits, work, relationships and their fears and desires.




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