The Zodiac Signs & Eating Habits (A Complete Guide)

This article will take a look at the enneagram types and their eating habits and which of them are more prone to developing eating disorders. The article will also introduce each enneagram type to the readers to help develop a deeper understanding of the topic.

The Eating Habits Of Zodiacs

Here are the zodiac signs and their known eating habits:

  • Gemini – Consume A Lot
  • Aries – Voracious Eaters
  • Leo – Diet Conscious
  • Scorpio – Eaters & Dieters
  • Sagittarius – Eat & Exercise
  • Capricorn – Organic
  • Aquarius – Weird Routines
  • Pisces – Extremists
  • Libra – Dieters But Sweet Lovers
  • Cancer – Emotional Eaters
  • Virgo – Healthy Eaters
  • Taurus – Heavy Eaters

Before we look at the addictions of these zodiac signs, we will introduce these signs in detail to the readers.

The Zodiac Signs – Who Are They?

In this section we will introduce the zodiac signs to the audience and what they are addicted to!

Gemini – Consume A Lot

Gemini is the third astrological sign from the zodiac that is a star of people who are born between May 21 to June 21. The zodiac sign is represented by twins. People born under this star are affectionate, quick and clever thinkers, social, flexible and curious. They are also known for their moodiness, inconsistency and selfish behavior at times! Overall, the Gemini is a fun person to be around that can have interesting and diverse conversations with you and will keep the party alive. However, they can sometimes be too nosy in your affairs!

The birthstone of the Gemini is Alexandrite however they associate well with Pearl and Citrine too. 

  • Consume A Lot
  • Strong Body Image
  • Confident

These signs love to eat – a lot! They will not hesitate at all and go all the way to enjoy food – not only in variety but in a large amount as well! However, this does not make them feel under confident and they have a strong and positive self image and body image too!

Aries – Voracious Eaters

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and people who fall under this category are born between March 20 to April 19. Their symbol is the Ram and they are affiliated with the birthstones Topaz, Heliotrope, Aquamarine, Jasper and Diamond. 

They possess the element of fire which means they are very passionate, have an exploring tendency in them and they are feisty and don’t want to be held back! Their ruling planet is Mars which brings to them passion, aggression, ambition and animal instinct so obviously when combined with the famous fighter Ram they become unstoppable! Just remember when you see an Aries being argumentative or competitive you can see the influence Mars has over them!

  • High Metabolism
  • Consume A Lot
  • Burn Many Calories
  • Work Oriented

They eat to meet their needs – they have a lot of needs because of the amount they work and how they stay fit. They are the ones who are the fastest to shed off extra weight; this is not only because they are strong willed but also because they have a high metabolism.

Furthermore, they are more concerned with how they are working and not how they look – but this is directly related to their eating habits because they need a lot of energy to work and hence eat more! To make things more simple, they have a natural energy and strong build about them that increases their need for food.

Leo – Diet Conscious

A Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is assigned to those people who are born between July 23 to August 22. They are represented by the famous zodiac sign the ‘lion’ and are known to be fiery passionate individuals who are also cheerful, warm, deterministic and self-reliant. The Leo’s birthstones include Peridot, Onyx, Diamond, Carnelian and Ruby.

The zodiac sign of Leo is ruled by the sun itself! The sun signifies energy and those principles that make us up. The never ending kindness and energy Leo expresses is because of the sun. 

  • Perfect Body Image
  • Diet
  • Need Energy – Burn Calories

Leos are all about looking great to others hence they will go on diets on a regular basis. However, at the same time they love to engage in many activities and hence need energy to do so thus they will eat anything that comes across them – they will eventually burn the calories though!

At the same time, this sign wants to have the perfect body image thus they will prefer to have a balanced diet instead of going for extremes.

Scorpio – Eaters & Dieters

The Scorpio is the 8th astrological sign which emerges from the constellation of scorpius that resembles a scorpio in the attacking position with it’s sting bared. It has the element of water and it’s ruling planets are Pluto and Mars. People who are born from the 23rd of October to the 21st of November fall under this zodiac sign and possess it’s characteristics.

  • Over Critical
  • Foodies
  • Determination

This is a confusing sign that cannot get over their love of food but their desire to have the perfect and most healthy body. They will secretly binge eat but at the same time feel guilty because they always feel as if they are always overweight – they tend to go on diets or burn off calories and stick to their desired routine till they achieve results.

Sagittarius – Eat & Exercise

The Sagittarius is the 9th astrological sign of the zodiac which emerges from the constellation Sagittarius in the sky and spans 240 degrees to 270 degrees. This sign is attributed to those who are born from November 21st to December 21st.  Theer element is fire and their ruling planet is Jupiter which is also known for goodluck! 

  • Enjoy Food
  • Energetic
  • Less Conscious

This zodiac sign needs food because they are quite energetic! At the same time they want to enjoy life to the fullest hence they won’t hesitate from trying new and amazing foods that are on their bucket list.

They are adventurous and love to travel so eating a lot is not a problem because they will eventually shed the weight.

Capricorn – Organice

They are organic eaters!

  • Natural
  • Healthy

They will look for organic sources of food that are free of chemicals. At the same time Capricorns want to adopt a balanced diet that will not harm their body but fulfill its needs!

Aquarius – Weird Routines

They have strange eating habits!

  • Eating Times
  • Food Desires

They will wake up in the middle of the night to grab a snack and they will eat the weirdest of things – they will combine different types of foods in such a way that you will be left baffled!

Pisces – Extremists

They have difficulty when deciding whether they are foodies or diet conscious individuals!

  • Emotionally Triggered
  • Lose & Gain Weight Fast

This zodiac sign is health conscious and they will take care of what they eat! However, they will be affected by their emotions and engage in comfort eating! This will cause them to gain weight and possibly induce eating disorders.

Libra – Dieters But Sweet Lovers

They are physique conscious!

  • Physically Fit
  • Knowledgeable About Diets

They are very conscious about how they look and hence they will research about food and diets and stay in shape.

Cancer – Emotional Eaters

Emotional wrecks that eat a lot!

  • Comfort Food
  • Physically Strong

Their emotions can force them to engage in comfort eating and hence they will get carried away. The benefit that they have is that they are quite strong and thus they can use the extra energy or weight they gain in their muscles.

They won’t gain too much weight so fast because they are muscular and they work hard hence the energy is channeled there!

Virgo – Healthy Eater

They are all about a healthy diet!

  • Raw Foods
  • Super Conscious

This sign will engage in healthy eating; raw vegetables, juices and leafy greens. They will ensure that they follow the right diet to stay healthy and only eat clean food – they are quite organized.

Taurus – Heavy Eaters

This is your typical plus size model who eats a lot but at the same time will to an extent burn off the weight because they want to keep those curves! They love desserts and meat!


This article took a look at the zodiac signs and what their eating habits are. To help the audience develop a better understanding, the article also introduced each of the signs in a more in depth manner too.


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