Snape’s Personality Type (+3 facts)

This article will focus on the personality type of Severus Snape, one of the famous characters from the ‘Harry Potter’ series and what exactly is it that makes him the type he is. The article will also attempt to extract numerous examples from the well known movie to demonstrate his personality type.

What Is Snape’s Personality Type?

Snape’s personality type is that of an ISTJ or ‘Logician’. These types have an introverted, sensing, thinking and judging nature where they are calm and focused, not to mention they are quite skilled. 

The ISTJ type reflects a personality that strongly upholds values, brings structure to wherever they are and pursues their goal with full commitment and dedication.

Let us take a look at the dominant personality traits of this type and what strengths and weaknesses they have!

Snape’s Dominant Traits.

Snape can be well defined by the following traits in discussion.

They Don’t Assume – Rational and Logical Thinkers.

These individuals like to make decisions based on facts and figures; they believe in presenting a strong picture backed with much evidence especially when they need to convince someone or take an important decision. If you can recall, once when the trio was caught again by Snape and Professor McGonagall, Harry ‘assumed’ Malfoy was behind the mess and Snape got very angry to the extent that he taunted him on the numerous gifts he had which others did not.

These individuals do not like indecisiveness and prefer to take bold and strong decisions that they firmly believe in. They also get quite irritated if someone challenges their thought process with poorly built arguments. Snape was never a fan of when someone challenged what he taught in class – not because of his arrogance but because of the other person’s quick and immature attempt to show a well established theory as wrong.


These individuals value commitment and promises very much. So if you ever want to get in the bad books of a Logistician, just lie to them and be irresponsible or lazy. I guarantee you will get a spot in the blink of an eye! If you closely observe Snape’s character, he goes to the limits to fulfil his commitments to whomever they are. Whether it was the unbreakable curse for Malfoy’s protection or the promise that he would always protect Lily’s son, Snape never broke a promise. Never. And that is why folks, we all love him dearly.

Strong and Alone.

Logisticians need security and stability. They need someone who will complement their work and not create a hurdle in it. If they find coworkers or friends like that or even a spouse it is a great achievement for them but if they don’t, then they don’t mind being alone because of the peace it brings them to pursue their goals. 

Snape’s memories show an integral part of his personality. When he found Lily, he was with her most of the time in much peace. However, as soon as they get separated when the Sorting Hat does it’s trick, Snape prefers to be alone as he does not find the company he desires or needs. No wonder he achieved much – becoming the Half Blood Prince for one thing – because he was alone working most of the time.


Logisticians have strengths and good ones too!

Strong Willed and Dutiful.

Snape was extremely obedient. He was asked for too much and he still obeyed. Was it because of his love for Lily or his personality that pushed him beyond the limits. It is possibly a combination of both but we do know he never let anyone down. Whether it involved watching his close friends die or killing Dumbledore and taking the blame, Snape achieved what no one could – a hero wearing the mask of a villain.

Calm and Practical.

Apart from the fact that his face rarely shows the emotions he experiences, Snape is very calm and takes a practical approach in life. ISTJs tend to remain calm and keep their cool even in the face of hardship otherwise it would be difficult fulfilling the promises they have made or goals they want to achieve.

Jack of All Trades.

Yes they are the all rounders – Snape definitely being one of them. Not necessarily in the skills he had but how he managed his role in the movie and as a character of the Harry Potter series. He always had to put on a mask whether at the Dark lord’s table or in the meeting of the order – Snape could never be himself except with Dumbledore.He was extremely talented, hence he wrote the book of spells as the Half Blood Prince which Harry had come across. Despite all, he was able to stay focused on his main goal which was to protect Harry and ensure the end of the Dark Lord even with the multiple and contradicting roles he had adopted.


People like Snape do have weaknesses. This section of the article will highlight a few of them!

They Judge A Lot.

Yes. Snape has that attitude where he will look at you and develop a judgement and it’s likely that judgement will stick. These people don’t have an issue disagreeing with others and will often not have respect for people who do not meet their values or standards. Thus, Snape was very open about how he viewed Harry’s father and Godfather, James and Sirius.


Even though Snape had a history of being extremely hurt, he grew up but a bit too much. He became insensitive maybe because that was how he could cope and this reflects in his attitude towards others, especially Harry himself. When Snape is teaching Harry how to control his mind so Voldemort does not enter it, he does not hesitate at expressing his views about James or Sirius regardless of the pain it causes Harry.


People with this type are plain stubborn. It is not easy to change their mind or convince them they are wrong. Similarly, Snape’s character in the book also reflected a personality that was rigid and stubborn where he would not easily move away from his opinions especially if it involved putting the blame on Harry!

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The Big Five Personality Traits.

How does Snape score on the big five traits of personality? Well let’s take a look and find out!


He is very high in this trait. If it was not for his attention to detail skill, the ability to plan well ahead and structure his role, Snape would have been easily caught by Voldemort or the order and killed way earlier. These people are quick to act once they have taken a decision and do not like those who are confused or unable to do what it takes.


Snape is not very open to new experiences. His life is one that is simple and plain – other than the roles he has to uptake to reach his goal. He does not take much interest in people or things. It’s possible he had his fair share and is tired and just focuses on the little things that do matter to him.


He is not high in this. He is the type who thinks more especially because he likes to live in the past. He only sees Harry as a reflection of his father and explains his behaviour in terms of James. He is thoughtful and that is necessary so he can plan well. He speaks but only limited.


Nope. He isn’t high on this scale either! Snape rarely takes interest in other people except if those other people include Lily! He is stubborn and likes to stick to his own opinion even if that means going against everyone else. Also, he can be manipulative in order to achieve his goals or get his work done.


He is low in this too! Snape is extremely calm and well composed. In reality, no one knows how Snape truly feels or what he thinks except for Dumbledore who is also surprised when he finds out. He can keep control on his emotions and is relatively stable despite the troubling life he had.


This article explored in great depth the personality type of Severus Snape and looked at the dominant traits he had as well as the strengths and weaknesses his MBTI type exhibits using examples from the movie.

Frequently Asked Questions: Snape’s Personality Type

What MBTI type is Snape?

He is a logistician or ISTJ.

What personality type is Voldemort?

Tom Riddle or Lord Voldemort is a Commander or ENTJ.

What MBTI type is Harry Potter?

He has a quiet and thoughtful personality that reflects one of an ISFP.


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