The Male 4w5 Enneagram (A Complete Guide)

This article will focus on the 4w5 enneagram – particularly the male version of this enneagram. It will talk about this enneagram’s major traits, desires and fears. The article will then comment on the specific traits of the male 4w5 enneagram and what their strengths nad weaknesses are!

The Male 4w5 Enneagram: The Free Spirit

Here are some strengths of the male 4w5 enneagram:

  • Good Intrapersonal Skills
  • Smart Individuals
  • Stay True To Themselves
  • Knowledge Reservoirs

Here are some weaknesses that this enneagram type has:

  • Reserved
  • Struggle To Follow Rules
  • Overthink

Before we look at these traits in detail, let us introduce the type 4w5 enneagram!

The 4w5 Enneagram: The Free Spirit

This enneagram type is a combination of traits mostly from the enneagram 4 with some traits from the enneagram type 5 as well. Compared to most enneagram type 4’s, this one is not very concerned with their public image and hence do not worry too much about how others will think of them. Furthermore, the type 4 enneagram is more into developing a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

To develop a deeper understanding of things, the type 4w5 enneagram tends to engage in behaviours like introspection, imagination and deep thinking. They are also very creative as a result and like to focus on their perception of their environment. This enneagram type is driven by a deeper desire to truly understand the world and how it operates. The main purpose behind this is that they want to develop themselves in such a way that they can affect the world profoundly and also develop a self identity; it is important to develop the self keeping in mind the type of place they live in.

By engaging in such behaviours, the type 4w5 enneagram may seem distant at times; others may think they do not want to talk or interact, however in reality they are just too busy thinking about themselves and the world they live in. this might be one reason why people may think they are not too approachable or friendly!

Their ability to spend much time in their mind and the creative thinking style they have allows them to solve problems in a unique and beneficial manner. They are also very much thirsty for knowledge and have an urge to learn more and more about things. Hence, they are smart individuals who keep growing day by day with the knowledge they gain!

The Free Spirit & Fears

The type 4w5 enneagram also has their fears! The biggest fear they have – apart from not having enough knowledge – is to not be able to impact the world they live in. They want to be able to make a difference using the knowledge and skills they have and benefit people in such a manner that they are remembered or leave behind a legacy. These individuals are quiet and reserved and tend to stay in their own shell at times but they do want to be appreciated for what they do. They don’t even mind getting the recognition they deserve because they are putting in a lot of hard work.

However, despite the hard work they put in, they do fear not being able to affect things in a way that changes them for the better. Also, they do have a deeper desire that may not be so apparent; they want to be looked up to by others for what they have done for the society.

The Desire of the 4w5 Enneagram

Apart from having enough knowledge and wanting to impact the world in a positive manner, the enneagram type 4w5 wants to be able to develop their own personal identity in the entire process. They want to be known as someone who is unique and not just like others.

Hence, to achieve this, they will often stay put in their shell where they will introspect their inner selves to actually determine who they are and what purpose they have. They engage in deep thought that allows them to understand themselves more in light of the situation they are in and what is required of them. 

In the process, the type 4w5 enneagram may protect themselves by staying distant from others or conforming to how others think they should behave.

The Male 4w5 Enneagram: The Free Spirit

In this section we will look at the major strengths and weaknesses of the male version of this enneagram type!

Here are some strengths of the male 4w5 enneagram:

Good Intrapersonal Skills

This enneagram knows what they want very clearly. The type 4w5 enneagram has great intrapersonal skills. This means they can not only identify what is going on inside themselves in terms of their desires, fears, problems and what not, but also they are able to determine what it is they need to feel better. This leads to them becoming more clear in what they need or desire and hence they feel confident and resilient as they understand their own self.

Good intrapersonal skills allow an individual to manage their emotions and feelings in a responsible way especially when the external environment they are in is not a good one. They are hence able to regulate their emotions in a stable manner and they seem to have more control over their reactions – something very important today. Why? It is important that not everyone know how you feel at the moment!

Smart Individuals

Thanks to their deep passion for gaining more and more knowledge everyday, the type 4w5 enneagram has much to dwell and think over. Furthermore, they are very active when it comes to their mind and they engage in processes such as deep thinking, imagination and creative problem solving. Their power over their mind and the vast knowledge they possess allows them to deal with difficult problems they encounter in creative and unique ways which are more efficient and practical. Hence these individuals are quite smart!

Stay True To Themselves

With the desire to develop an identity and a strong grasp over intrapersonal skills, these individuals stay true to who they are! They understand what it is they want and do not try to hide it even if it is something that is difficult to achieve. They will not suppress their emotions or make their desires subconscious. They will admit to their own self what it is they can achieve or cannot achieve.

Knowledge Reservoirs

Yes, the type 4w5 enneagram is indeed a knowledge reservoir. Hence, they are the right ones to ask from for valid information! They will be able to give their views on a topic or debate in a comprehensive manner because of the knowledge they possess. It is easier for them to defend what they do or choose because of the knowledge they possess.

Here are some weaknesses that this male enneagram type has:


These individuals are indeed reserved. They prefer to keep their distance from others at times and hence may come to be known as rude or not so friendly although this is rarely the case. This is usually because they are either busy engaging in their internal world of thoughts or because they are working on something. Nevertheless, this enneagram is guilty of being reserved at times.

Struggle To Follow Rules

Creativity is something that sets a person free. Furthermore, wandering in one’s minds makes one become used to a world without rules. Being like this, it is difficult for the type 4w5 enneagram to follow certain rules or instructions. They desire some degree of freedom in what they do. For example, if you give them rules to follow, they may not always do so! Men like their freedom don’t they!


One bad habit this enneagram possesses is that they engage in overthinking. They are already used to wandering around in their mind, on top of that they do have a lot of material to think on. Hence, they sometimes fall into the trap of overthinking that may lead to increased stress, inability to focus and of course much time lost.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

The best way to not overthink is to remain busy in tasks and that is what this enneagram type needs to do!


This article took a deeper look at the male version of the type 4w5 enneagram and described its major strengths and weaknesses. The article also provided an introduction to the enneagram type 4w5 for the audience by describing its traits, fears and desires.


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