4w5 Characters (A +3 List)

This article will take a look at a number of famous characters from movies that are often associated with the type 4w5 enneagram. The article will also introduce this enneagram type in detail and highlight its major traits.

4w5 Characters – The List

Here is a list of those movie characters that are often associated with the 4w5 enneagram:

  • Sleeping Beauty – Maleficent
  • Sybil Trelawney – Harry Potter
  • John Locke – LOST
  • Charlie – Bumblebee
  • Leopold – The Irregulars

Before we take a look at these characters in detail, let us introduce the type 4w5 enneagram in detail!

The 4w5 Enneagram: The Free Spirit

This enneagram type is a combination of traits mostly from the enneagram 4 with some traits from the enneagram type 5 as well. Compared to most enneagram type 4’s, this one is not very concerned with their public image and hence do not worry too much about how others will think of them. Furthermore, the type 4 enneagram is more into developing a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

To develop a deeper understanding of things, the type 4w5 enneagram tends to engage in behaviours like introspection, imagination and deep thinking. They are also very creative as a result and like to focus on their perception of their environment. This enneagram type is driven by a deeper desire to truly understand the world and how it operates. The main purpose behind this is that they want to develop themselves in such a way that they can affect the world profoundly and also develop a self identity; it is important to develop the self keeping in mind the type of place they live in.

By engaging in such behaviours, the type 4w5 enneagram may seem distant at times; others may think they do not want to talk or interact, however in reality they are just too busy thinking about themselves and the world they live in. This might be one reason why people may think they are not too approachable or friendly!

Their ability to spend much time in their mind and the creative thinking style they have allows them to solve problems in a unique and beneficial manner. They are also very much thirsty for knowledge and have an urge to learn more and more about things. Hence, they are smart individuals who keep growing day by day with the knowledge they gain!

The Free Spirit & Fears

The type 4w5 enneagram also has their fears! The biggest fear they have – apart from not having enough knowledge – is to not be able to impact the world they live in. They want to be able to make a difference using the knowledge and skills they have and benefit people in such a manner that they are remembered or leave behind a legacy. These individuals are quiet and reserved and tend to stay in their own shell at times but they do want to be appreciated for what they do. They don’t even mind getting the recognition they deserve because they are putting in a lot of hard work.

However, despite the hard work they put in, they do fear not being able to affect things in a way that changes them for the better. Also, they do have a deeper desire that may not be so apparent; they want to be looked up to by others for what they have done for the society.

The Desire of the 4w5 Enneagram

Apart from having enough knowledge and wanting to impact the world in a positive manner, the enneagram type 4w5 wants to be able to develop their own personal identity in the entire process. They want to be known as someone who is unique and not just like others.

Hence, to achieve this, they will often stay put in their shell where they will introspect their inner selves to actually determine who they are and what purpose they have. They engage in deep thought that allows them to understand themselves more in light of the situation they are in and what is required of them. 

In the process, the type 4w5 enneagram may protect themselves by staying distant from others or conforming to how others think they should behave.

4w5 Characters – The List

Let us take a look at what FunkyMBTI has to say about each character and why they are considered a type 4w5 enneagram!

Sleeping Beauty – Maleficent

Maleficent is highly emotionally sensitive, but also full of disdain—she is not merely insulted about being not invited to the christening, she intends to make other people pay for it. She transforms the insult into a curse. She is haughty and full of contempt for lesser beings, scornful and dismissive of her minions, and delighted to make much of her miseries and dwell in them for decades.

Unhealthy 4s look for “the insult,” and then react to it, as she does. She also has a great deal of scorn for the other faeries. She is reclusive and distant, cut off from humanity and disinterested in connecting to them—hiding out in her castle for sixteen years and showing a severe detachment and lack of concern for others’ feelings.

Sybil Trelawney – Harry Potter

Sybil carries around an elitist attitude of “other” with her wherever she goes – she alone possesses the True Sight, she alone can interpret the signs, and she is deeply resentful whenever anyone (Hermione) casts aspersions on her craft or attempts to take her specialized position away from her (Firenze). 

She is highly emotional and easily insulted, turning things into insults and lashing out at other people; Umbridge “reduces her to tears” during their session together, and she becomes hysterical at the thought of leaving Hogwarts (forcing even Professor McGonagall, who hates her guts, to come to her defense)

John Locke – LOST

John arrived at the island ‘broken’ because of his father’s betrayal and the subsequent loss of his legs, and he finally feels like he has a ‘special’ connection to the island, which he exploits by using all the ‘expert’ skills he accumulated in preparation for his Australian Walkabout. In flashbacks, we see that he becomes angry at the other people in his support group, and insists they don’t know what suffering is, with the implication he does; his pain is worth more than theirs, his cuts are deeper, his losses more traumatic. 

His need to feel special drives him to cultivate anyone who admires him, such as Boothe, but his arrogance and total belief in his unique ability to understand the island can cause problems among the other survivors, such as when he urges Boothe to climb up into an airplane, only to get him killed. He becomes hysterical in his earlier life, whenever anyone tells him what he can or cannot do. He ruins his romantic relationship with his unwillingness to forgive his father—instead of doing what he agreed with his girlfriend he would (move on), he stalks his father’s house and sits endlessly at his gate to punish him for his actions.

Charlie – Bumblebee

Charlie has not moved on from her father’s death, but has allowed it to take over her life. She gave up swimming because it triggers her into having memories of his heart attack. Her new stepdad annoys her by complaining that she never smiles and tries to get anyone to like her, going so far as to give her a self-help book for her birthday. 

Charlie is caught up in her own pain enough to not notice a boy trying to get her attention. She identifies with Bumblebee because they are both broken – him with his vocal cords gone and her with her dad being gone. She learns through the story to face up to her loss, accept it, and begin to heal as she moves forward in her life.

Leopold – The Irregulars

Leo admits that he does not feel like he fits in anywhere, that he is too broken for anyone to love him, and that he always feels like an outsider who doesn’t belong, whether it’s in the palace or in the streets. He assumes people will not want him and that there is something wrong with him, and feels frustrated that his broken body (his tendency to easily get hurt) has made it impossible for him to have the life that he wants outside the palace gates – so eventually, he simply decides to take that life for himself by doing what he wants, regardless of his personal safety or how it might impact others.


This article took a look at characters that are often associated with the 4w5 enneagram type. The article also shed light on this enneagram and highlighted its traits.


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