INTJ Memes (A Complete Guide)

In this article, we will discuss INTJ Memes. First, we will give an overview of the INTJ personality especially their cognitive functions. Then, we shall discuss various memes in light of their personal characteristics.  

Cognitive functions of INTJ-T Personality

According to Carl Jung, there are four dimensions of human personality. Extraversion versus introversion, sensing versus intuition, judging versus perceiving, thinking versus feeling. According to MBTI, there are four dimensions of personality. The dominant to personality functions control the major part of how someone processes information from the world. Whereas, the latter to play less of a role. However, they have their own significance as well in contributing to how a person perceives the world around them.

An INTJ personality is an introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging personality. It has the following cognitive functions:

Introverted intuition

This function allows INTJ personalities to understand patterns among interlinked facts, ideas, meanings, and possibilities. They are curious about the meaning of concrete facts. They are future-oriented personalities who are open to considering multiple perspectives. These are not detail-oriented personalities, rather they are good at remembering impressions of certain events. They have the capacity to read between the lines and figure out what things actually mean. 

Extroverted thinking

These personalities like order in their life. They prefer structure as it makes them feel in control. Accordingly, they can be quite methodical and systematic in their approach. Their decision-making is based on logic and evidence. They process information and organize their thoughts in order to identify causal relationships between linked events.

Introverted feeling 

INTJ personality does not rely on their feelings that much. However, people who do develop this part of their personality value emotions in their life while making important decisions. They like people and activities that are in accordance with their values.

Extroverted sensing

INTJ personality has less-developed extroverted sensing. However, this helps them experience or process information through their senses. It also enables them to live in the moment and feel energized when they are in tune with their surroundings.

INTJ Memes 

INTJs are highly rational and objective people. They cruise through the world by following an evidence-based approach. They process information in a logical manner and use their reasoning skills to make deductions about how the world works. They do not rely on subjective information. It is hard for them to leave everything to fate when making decisions and while analyzing different situations. 

INTJs see romance as a complex puzzle that they have to solve. They take a strategic approach to figuring out their feelings and if they decide to win the heart of someone, they are very likely to establish step-wise goals and a systematic plan to reach them. They may ignore the human factors of affection and emotions. They might even have a secret spreadsheet in which they would be recording their potential date’s characteristics, behaviors, likes, and dislikes. They believe they are superior to the ‘silliness’ of romance and dating. For them, love is equivalent to chemical changes in the body and they can handle it like any other challenge. So, if you see an INTJ in love, do not expect an overflow of emotions and romantic gestures coming your way.

As mentioned earlier, INTJs are not good at romance or anything related to it. They spend a lot of time thinking about love rather than professing or expressing it in words. Their manner of showing their interest in someone is indirect, especially through indirect compliments. A lot of the time, the other person does not even realize or recognize that an INTJ likes them due to this. It must be mentioned that INTJs do not necessarily spend time talking or being around someone unless they truly like them. So, if an INTJ does that to you, it may be a sign that they like you. 

An INTJs ideal partner is an ENFP. They balance them out by helping them let loose and have fun. Being around ENFPs can help them let go of their guard, be less serious, and occasionally go out to enjoy social events.  

INTJs understand things in a literal manner. They are not the best at figuring out symbolic meanings or indirect gestures. Their mind works in a very straightforward manner. So, if you want to express your feelings to them, do not do it in a symbolic or indirect manner and expect them to figure it out. You will have to be a lot more direct for your message to reach them.

INTJs can seem highly cold and aloof to others. They are not connected with their feelings and dislike when situations have a lot of emotional layering. Even during interactions with others, they cannot tolerate people who are oversensitive and overemotional. So, before deciding to be friends with an INTJ, make sure you leave your mushy feelings at the door because they will not tolerate any sort of emotional cheesiness. 

The above meme explains how INTJs can be grammar nazis. It is basically because they have a very perfectionistic approach and just want to do the ‘right thing’. They tell things how it is and do not read the situation while expressing their opinion. So, if you are depressed or in need of social support, do not consult an INTJ. They might make your depression worse! 

INTJs are pros at planning. They spend so much of their time on the details and steps of their plan. They prefer hierarchy and organization in their daily life as being prepared helps them feel in control. They follow rules and prioritize reaching their objectives no matter what it takes. One can easily rely on them to get the work done. You will rarely find that an INTJ is unprepared or without a plan even when unexpected situations arise. 

An INTJ is usually in a sarcastic and unpleasant mood. They might make sarcastic remarks on others and point out how illogical or absurd they find them. They do not tolerate any nonsense from others. INTJs have petty high standards of performance from themself and from others. They do not compliment just anyone nor do they give out rewards too easily. It is hard to get in their good books. One has to work and make an effort to impress them. So, if an INTJ is happy and pleasant around you or even compliments you, trust me you have earned it. Go out and celebrate!

INTJs can be highly sarcastic in their day to day communication. They rarely tolerate any drama or illogical statements by others. It irritates them greatly. They are always making plans to do something big in the world. So, if you see an INTJ with a serious look and deep thinking-expression, they are probably planning to take over the world. 

An INTJ is not the most cheerful person in the world. They make that clear in their daily conversation. It is important for them to always win and be right. Plus, they rarely get emotional or care too much about things which they make apparent when they talk to others. You may occasionally find them saying all of the above things almost every day in every conversation. 

INTJs are introverted personalities. They don’t spend a lot of time with others engaging in daily chit chat or casual conversations. They prefer to spend their time alone and doing something productive. They also get exhausted in the presence of others, so time away from others can be quite refreshing for them. They don’t like to be restricted due to social conventions of always remaining in touch all the time. So, if you want to meet or talk to an INTJ, drop a text first to check their availability.  

INTJs have a great observation and people reading skills. They pay attention to details and remember minor things about others which they use in trying to analyze someone’s personality. Their priority is to get to know everything about someone before making a decision as to whether they want to spend their time with them or not. They even figure out the weaknesses of others quite easily and when situations arise, they might not hesitate to use it to their advantage. So, if you see an INTJ being quiet around you, just know they are a data-gathering machine who will get to know more about you in a short time than you know about them. They will already have gone through your social media accounts immediately after meeting you for the first time. 

INTJs are efficient and hard workers. They are determined and stick to their objectives till they are finished. They value their time and the time of others a lot. So, you will usually find them done with their tasks before the deadline. It is rare that they call attention to themself or seek approval from others but this does not mean they don’t like being acknowledged. So, next time, you find an INTJ done with this work, acknowledge their effort and let them know you appreciate their work.

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FAQs: INTJ Memes

Why are INTJs weird?

INTJs may seem weird or strange to others because they are overly logical and factual in their approach. They can be blunt and straightforward irrespective of the context which makes them seem weird or awkward to others. 

How rare is the INTJ personality?

INTJ personality is quite rare, especially among women. Only 2% of the population have an INTJ personality. Whereas, 3% of men are INTJ is.

Who should INTJs marry?

INTJs should marry ENFP or ENTP. This is because their dominant introverted intuitive function is best matched with a partner whose dominant function is extroverted intuition. However, they can enjoy a good relationship with other personality types as well. 

Can INTJ be sensitive?

INTJ personalities are not usually sensitive, especially at an emotional level. However, they can be sensitive to noisy environments and huge crowds. In short, external stimuli can be overwhelming for them and it will overstimulate them. Because of this, they need time alone from people to recharge.

What does INTJ find attractive?

INTJ personalities are attracted to people who are sincere and confident. They like people who share their interests and can communicate with them about their passions.

Can INTJ personalities be manipulative? 

Yes, INTJ personalities can be manipulative. They might use their logic to persuade others. They might also use criticism as a tool to openly express their ideas. They can use manipulation but might not be quite skilled at it, unlike other personalities.


In this article, we discussed INTJ personalities and Memes based on them. 

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