Enneagram Type 7 Careers: Best Jobs(+5 List)

This article will look at the types of jobs that are best suited to an enneagram type 7 and why! Furthermore, the article will highlight the major traits of the enneagram type 7, its fear and desire and their work habits!

Enneagram Type 7 Careers: Best Jobs

Here is a list of the best jobs for the enneagram type 7:

  • Artist
  • Interior Designer
  • Travel Agent
  • Tour Guide
  • Photographer
  • Publicist
  • Travel Writer
  • Bartender

Before we look at some of these jobs in detail and why they are best suited to the enneagram type 7, we will introduce this particular enneagram type to the readers!

Enneagram Type 7: The Enthusiast

These individuals are versatile and spontaneous! They have a lot of energy in them and they like to be in high spirits! However, by continuously working themselves out, they can get tired and become exhausted and hence lose focus. They will become distracted and lose track of the goal they had in mind. It is obvious then that they have problems with impulsiveness and impatience.

Overall, these individuals are joyful and cheerful and that is what they emanate when they are around others. At their best, they want to focus on worthy goals that use their talents and strengths.

These enneagrams have been called enthusiasts because of the energy with which they approach the things in life that catch their eyes! They are like children who have a lot of energy, optimism and curiosity about the things that seem interesting to them. Furthermore, they are intelligent not in the sense of academics but in a way that they can process a lot of information and hence brainstorm in an effective manner. 

However, their ability to read and process much information and hence learn new skills can sometimes confuse them about what they are actually meant to do in life!

Basic Fear

The basic fear of this enneagram type is to be in pain. They absolutely hate pain and they do not want to be deprived in any manner. They will avoid situations where they might get hurt emotionally or physically because they do not want to deal with the experience or feeling of pain. However, because of this fear, they often miss out on worthwhile experiences.

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However their fear of missing out does encourage them to take up routines that are not too structured and allow for last minute plans. They may even be unable to focus much on the task at hand because they are looking for a more interesting experience – one that will make them let go of what they are doing and scramble outside for some fun!

Basic Desire

To be satisfied and fulfilled or content is the desire of this enneagram type 7. They want to feel complete and whole so that they do not have to rely on anyone else for their needs. It is also linked to their fear of being in pain and deprived. Hence, they strive to fulfill their needs in an independent manner and wish to be in a state that renders them safe.

At the same time, they do not want to miss out on joyful stimulating and awesome experiences from life! They want to be part of the fun and seek excitement and joy from what they are doing. They want to feel happy and this leads them to oftentime justify or rationalize their negative feelings in a way that they are responsible for how they feel – even if it isn’t their own fault!

Enneagram Type 7 & The Workplace

This is how enneagram type 7s feel good at work:

  • New Ideas: These individuals love to explore new ideas in the workplace. They want to discover new things and study them and prefer surprises and new stuff rather than the same old routine everyday!
  • Boss Gives Them New Tasks: These individuals get bored easily hence they appreciate it when their boss helps them grow and learn more skills by giving them new types of work or having them take a shift in another department.
  • After Work: These individuals want to make the best of both worlds! They love it when they get to spend time with their colleagues outside of work. They want to know more about the people they work with and not miss out on the possible fun they can have with them just because they are restricted to the workplace.
  • Initiative: The enneagram type 7 likes it when they can provide new ideas at work. They want to come up with interesting things that can be new experiences not only for them but others too.

The enneagram type 7 feels unhappy at work:

  • Monotony: they dislike old routines and look forward to new projects. If they are stuck in the same position with the same old work, they will feel demotivated! 
  • No Growth: If the upper management does not provide opportunities for these enneagrams, they will feel drained and bored and maybe even demotivated which will affect their work. Hence, they dislike it when they are given the same tasks again and again.
  • Unhealthy Workplace: These individuals thrive when they get to create new experiences with other people! They dislike it when they work in a place where there are toxic relationships, jealousy and insecurity!
  • Feedback: These individuals want in depth feedback about their work and how they have been doing! If they don’t get this then they will be confused and may also feel demotivated.

Enneagram Type 7 Careers: Best Jobs

In this section, we will describe jobs that are best suited for the enneagram type 7!


These individuals can become great artists who express or channel the energy they have within them into what they draw or create! Artists are defined by their work; some of them are lively beings who use it to communicate with others and help frame experiences while others may use it to express their own selves.

Nevertheless, this is a good occupation for an enneagram type 7 especially if they have the skills. It is also a good pastime for them in case they want to lay low and avoid others; it is important to remember that the enneagram type 7 may become distant because they fear pain and want to avoid it at all costs!

Interior Designer

This is a fun field that the type 7 enneagram can enjoy especially because it allows them to meet new people and create experiences together! Designing an apartment, home, office or event can be a fun experience that is not only exciting but memorable! This is a good occupation for the type 7 enneagram because they can express the energy within them here in this activity; it is not easy designing a house! You need a lot of energy to do such a job!

Travel Agent

A travel agent is a great occupation for the type 7 enneagram because they can help create the best experiences for people. It is a job that is not at all boring because every new client is a new experience that is looking for something new!

Tour Guide

Similar to the previous occupation, the tour guide is one step ahead in that they actually go with people to new places; they play a big part in creating new experiences for new people! This is a fun job that requires individuals who have a lot of energy and do not want to miss out on the fun.


In this job, the enneagram type 7 can express the moment or experiences they live by capturing it on camera!

Travel Writer

When you have traveled much, you want to share the interesting stories, excitement and awe inspiring moments that you experienced with others too! A travel writer is a great job for an enneagram type 7 keeping in mind they do not want to miss out on the fun but also might want to stay in a place that is ‘safe’! Sometimes these individuals need a break from all the fun and drama!


This article took a look at enneagram type 7 and introduced it to the audience by highlighting its major traits, fears and desires as well as it’s workplace habits. The article also listed and explained why particular jobs are best suited for the enneagram type 7! The article explained in detail what workplace activities either help motivate or drain the enneagram type 7.




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