Are there any Differences Between ISTP and INTP Females?

This blog will attempt to answer the question “what are the differences between ISTP and INTP females?”, it will give a definition of both INTP and ISTP personalities, describe the characteristics of both INTP and ISTP females, and do a modest comparison of the two personalities.

The Differences Between An ISTP and INTP Female?

Tend to be detached emotionally and insensitive to the emotions of others and their own.Are more alive to their emotions but cannot properly express their own emotions.
Employs the use of empirical evidence and facts when making their choices. They have no interest in opinions and ideas, only what is real.Is more inclined to depend on their gut feeling of what they believe to be a good choice despite the presence or absence of facts.
Have a vast store of knowledge on most things and keen on sharing knowledgeTend to be very argumentative as they are obsessed with being right.
Can easily solve practical and mechanical problemsAre better at solving more complex and theoretical problems.
Tend to be fickle and very simple-minded.Have complex thinking and are deep.

What Is  An ISTP And An INTP Personality?

The ISTP Personality

ISTP stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving and it is a personality type on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. 

Such an individual gets energized by spending time alone (Introverted), are mainly drawn to facts, evidence, and details over theories and beliefs (Sensing), make decisions by methods of critical analysis and logical reasoning (Thinking), and are more impulsive and adaptable rather than planned and routine-oriented (Perceiving).

The INTP Personality

INTP stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving and is a personality type on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. 

INTPS also enjoy time alone (Introverted) but easily believe things in the absence of any direct evidence or reasoning process (iNtuitive). They are intellectually inquisitive and enjoy the more complex and theoretical problems (Thinking), are extremely independent in both thought and action (Perceiving).

What Are The Characteristics Of INTP and ISTP Females?

Characteristics of ISTP females.

 Unlike most females, the ISTP woman is not emotional and rarely overreacts and has outbursts she is calm and collected and may sometimes come across as cold-hearted.

The ISTP woman is more inclined to believe the information she receives through their sense modalities. These are Touch, Smell, Sight, Taste, and Hearing. Ideas and theories do not particularly appeal to them because ‘seeing is believing’.

The ISTP lady does not make snap judgments or decisions about people and situations. She uses a rigorous and very analytical decision-making process based on facts and evidence. They tend to be unbiased and objective.

ISTP women are great problem solvers and enjoy challenging situations as they are able to easily come up with solutions and remedies to problems.

ISTP females are very realistic and unlike other women, they rarely fantasize and can admit that things are not in their favor. They can therefore easily cope with most situations and have strong mental stamina.

Characteristics of INTP females.

The INTP woman is complicated and cannot be easily understood. She is vague and very detail-oriented as a result most people have a difficult time understanding them or their needs.

INTP females value their privacy and do not crave the spotlight or like to attract any unnecessary attention. This mostly a part of their introverted nature that compels them to avoid crowds and people.

Because they are perceiving INTP women do not do well in mundane and repetitive tasks but thrive in constantly changing environments.

INTP females enjoy being very independent and go to great lengths to attain personal freedom and autonomy. This affirms their personal belief in their own competencies, however, this tends to breed feelings of oppression by authority figures that they feel are trying to stifle their capacity to act of their own volition.

An INTP lady will struggle with expressing their emotions but because they are intuitive they can accurately read situations. However, their intuition cannot afford them the ability to read people accurately.


This blog answered the question “what are the differences between ISTP and INTP females?”, defined both the INTP and ISTP personalities, described the characteristics of both INTP and ISTP females, and discussed the differences of the two personalities.

The differences discussed between an INTP and an ISTP female are that ISTP females are detached emotionally while INTP females are more alive to their emotions. Additionally, ISTP women use empirical evidence and facts when making a choice. 

The INTP woman uses their intuition to make choices despite the presence or absence of facts. Furthermore, ISTPs are knowledgeable and love to share what they know, unlike the INTP who is very argumentative and obsessed with proving that they are right. 

The ISTP can also easily solve practical and mechanical problems while the INTP female is better at solving theoretical problems. Lastly, the ISTP woman is considered to be shallow and very simple-minded while the INTP woman has complex thinking and is deep.


Can I be both ISTP and INTP?

No, research indicates that you cannot be INTP and ISTP at the same time.

Why are ISTPs the best?

They are considered to be the best because they have a realistic and cheerful perspective of life and are very relaxed. They can move from being very silent and cold to being generous and protective of people.

Are ISTPs lazy?

Yes, ISTPs actually have a bad reputation for being lazy and are seen as rule-breakers, rebels, and are in opposition to authority.

What do ISTPs find attractive?

ISTPs are attracted to people who are confident and comfortable with themselves. Usually, someone who is confident and in control of their emotions and does not overreact or talk too much. They are also drawn to sincerity and originality.

Who Should Have an ISTP date?

Research shows that the ISTP’s natural born type is the ESTJ or the ENTJ. Because they are introverted they are best matched with a partner whose personality is Extroverted.

Are ISTPs smart?

Yes, ISTPs are highly intelligent and possess great mechanical skills and mastery over crafts and trades.



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