Questions people ask on the ISTP female on Quora?

This blog post will answer the question “what do people answer regarding ISTP females on Quora?” list the characteristics of the ISTP female, give a brief description of Quora and discuss the questions and answers people give about the ISTP female give.

What Questions Do People Answer On The ISTP Female On Quora?

The rationale behind delving into the questions and answers people frequently ask and answer on Quora is to gain an understanding of the real-life experiences and perceptions people have about the ISTP. Quora is an open online forum with an overwhelming number of users providing their opinions and experiences that can be studied to further our understanding of the ISTP female in real-time. Some of the frequently discussed and asked questions include:

1.  What is it like to be an ISTP woman?

2.  Are girls with an ISTP personality datable?

3.  How do non-ISTPs feel about ISTPs?

4.  How do you spot an ISTP?

5.  Are ISTPs narcissists?

6.  Are there any female ISTPs here? If so, what makes you feel good?

7.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of an ISTP? What job belongs to such a person?

What Are The Characteristics Of The ISTP Female?

Unlike most females, the ISTP woman is not emotional and rarely overreacts and has outbursts she is calm and collected and may sometimes come across as cold-hearted.

 The ISTP woman is more inclined to believe the information she receives through their sense of modality. These are Touch, Smell, Sight, Taste, and Hearing. Ideas and theories do not particularly appeal to them because ‘seeing is believing’.

The ISTP lady does not make snap judgments or decisions about people and situations. She uses a rigorous and very analytical decision-making process based on facts and evidence. They tend to be unbiased and objective.

ISTP women are great problem solvers and enjoy challenging situations as they can easily come up with solutions and remedies to problems.

 ISTP females are very realistic and unlike other women, they rarely fantasize and can admit that things are not in their favor. They can therefore easily cope with most situations and have strong mental stamina.

What Is Quora?

Quora is an American question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Quora users, either factually or in the form of opinions. It is an online forum that allows people to share and learn information by asking all and any type of question and any person can take time to type a response. Users register as members using their Google account information and receive notifications and can access all Quora features.

Questions And Answers On The ISTP Female Discussed On Quora?

Below are some of the most popular questions answered by ISTP women on Quora on the ISTP female. The questions selected here were the most relevant and frequently asked and answered questions about the ISTP female.

The answers were in most cases provided by women who have identified as being the ISTP personality type. Other answers were provided by people who share close relationships with ISTP females.

What Is It Like To Be An ISTP Woman?

“……I cared so little for certain things that my friends invested so much energy in (boyfriends, maintaining social status, etc). My impatience with endless ideation without execution…….”

“….exhaustion, confusion and frustration with situations that involved emotionality.”

“…ISTPness has a very male sort of energy, and I come across so. As a woman, I am expected to be nurturing and retiring. I am neither.”

“I’m strong, independent, and emotionally sensitive in the moment, logical, caring, thoughtful, and sweet but can be abrupt and harsh at times with my honesty, naturally selfless but actively working on being more selfish, practical with a romantic side… I’m a lot like the stereotypical INFJ, but I’m an ISTP.”

“…..ISTPs are easygoing and fairly spontaneous (Like ENFPs). ISTPs recharge by being alone and may hide a part of themselves from everyone. ISTPs can be blunt and callous, and may not naturally take other people’s feelings into account, unless they have been conditioned to, or see a problem that needs to be solved where effective use of emotions is necessary…”

Are girls with an ISTP personality datable?

 “What I need if I’m to be in a relationship, is the guy should have a giving, kind nature, enjoy deep conversation, enjoy togetherness (not constant, but I do like a fair amount of quality time), express himself respectfully, always be honest and faithful, and this is a big one, he has to be able to handle the fact that I don’t need him in the literal sense of the word. He has to be mentally strong and not need an ego boost every 5 seconds.”

“I don’t think I’m “datable.” I see myself as the “marry-able” type, which is why I have such poor luck with dating because most single guys I meet are not the marrying type, combined with being the type I like……I think I’ve worked on myself so much that I’ve become this amazing woman and most guys have not worked on themselves and have not reached the level of awesomeness that I have. Of course, there are always improvements to make on oneself and I continue to work on myself.”

“I don’t even have the desire to be married anymore. But I guess deep down I still hope to be lucky enough to find a suitable partner for myself so I don’t have to feel lonely anymore, not that I always feel lonely, but it happens more than I’d like.”

How do non-ISTPs feel about ISTPs?

“…..first is interacting at work with impersonal information to share: ISTPs would appear very dedicated, detail-oriented, open to new information, communicating precisely in sort of a dry tone and with an ability to handle lots of data without pen-paper. A little ruthless which will go ignored as it could be because of the need of the hour. They may be a little behind the schedule but acting with an avalanche of dexterous actions at the last moment.”

“Non- ISTPs would silently appreciate the ability to handle multiple courses simultaneously; however may get impatient with the last-minute rush for every small course (of action).”

How do you spot an ISTP?

(This question was answered by a non-ISTP person).

“Look for an air of confidence and mystery. They look very aloof, but when you talk to them they sound extremely confident. They may have many people who adore them and follow them around. Look for strong physical skills or hobbies like martial arts, sports, or work with the hands. They may be artistic. May fiddle with things during meetings or hangouts. Very logically based even though they seem more like the physical type. Sometimes I enjoy solving problems. Expect direct communication. If they’re friends with you, they WILL pick on you. It’s how they show affection. Expect a tough-love attitude when around friends or loved ones. Those are just a few. My best friend is an ISTP, so I know a lot about how they act.”

Are ISTPs narcissists?

“No. Narcissists are disconnected from reality (and the reality of themselves), ISTPs live in and only in reality. If something did mess them up to a point that they became disassociated like that, at all, then they wouldn’t stand to stay that way for very long. Narcissists don’t “change” into healthy people on their own, they literally can’t.”

Are there any female ISTPs here? If so, what makes you feel good?

“Just chilling and enjoying the loose routine I’ve set for myself, First dates and fun effortless conversations…”

“Dancing/Movement – after almost a decade of wanting to start hip hop, I’ve started going to some classes.”

“Getting strangely competitive and socially uninhibited playing board games…”

“Bettering myself/the path of self-improvement, really good food that I bothered making myself”

“Cuddling and physical intimacy….”

“……downhill skiing, Zen-like environments with a high degree of simplicity and clean lines, competition, tasting/inquiring directly with gastro, olfactory, auditory senses that makes life vibrant and interesting! Restaurant hopping, traveling…”

What are the strengths and weaknesses of an ISTP? What job belongs to such a person?

“ISTPs are usually good at skill-based work. They love learning a skill, using their skills, developing their skills, and perfecting their skills. Which domain you work in depends upon your interests and other aspects of your personality. A carpenter, an athlete, a surgeon, a mountaineer, a factory worker – all are into highly skill-oriented jobs. And then there are others. But you get the drift.”


This blog answered the question “what do people answer on Quora?”, it further listed the characteristics of the ISTP female, gave a brief description of Quora, and discussed the questions and answers people gave about the ISTP female on Quora. These questions were:

1.  What is it like to be an ISTP woman?

2.  Are girls with an ISTP personality datable?

3.  How do non-ISTPs feel about ISTPs?

4.  How do you spot an ISTP?

5.  Are ISTPs narcissists?

6.  Are there any female ISTPs here? If so, what makes you feel good?

7.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of an ISTP? What job belongs to such a person?


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