Dark Secrets of The Zodiac Signs

In this article, we will explore the dark side of each zodiac sign, their dirty little secrets, which they try so hard to keep hidden from the world.

What are the Dark Secrets of Each Zodiac Sign?

You, like all people out there possess a dark side where the worst elements of yourself exist. It’s alright to admit your shortcomings or the less desirable facets of your nature, and it may make you feel better to know you’re not alone in coping with this dark side of yours.

Every Zodiac sign has its own dirty secret, a dark side that they try to keep hidden. 

Aries, for example, can seem to have a tough as nails exterior, but underneath that exterior lies an innocent child. They will only show this fragile side to people they are very loyal to, people who have earned their confidence. If you breach their faith, they might punish you in some way.


When it comes to decision making, Aries is inclined to being reckless and impatient.

When anyone else puts up suggestions to an Aries, they are usually indifferent and they just appear to think for their own.

It’s not about the need to be the greatest at almost everything; when you fail, you can be a whiny baby. A little healthy rivalry is fine, but you must avoid the temptation to take things to extremes.

Aries can be childish and petty at times and if they don’t get their way, they’ll give you an earful about it.

Sensitivity is most tied to the Water signals, but few acknowledge the Aries’ profound sensitivite side. Others may see you as optimistic and spirited, but you are a delicate and caring person on the inside.

Aries, don’t ever be afraid to reveal this side of you.


A Taurus may exhibit a variety of negative characteristics. One of them is their tendency to be overly possessive and unwilling to share. Their obstinacy tends to be associated with this.

Tauruses can be materialistic and indulgent at times. They are prone to being too absorbed in the trivial stuff, which may lead to vainness.

Taurus, you need to aim to be more accommodating and interactive, even though it’s difficult. Your obstinacy may be channelled into resolve, but continue to maintain a healthy balance.


Geminis are renowned for possessing multiple personalities, and you never know which one you’ll get on any given day.

Geminis can chatter for hours, and you may not be able to get involved in the conversation because they can go on and on and not let anyone else chip in. They can come off as cheeky or rude at times.

People born under the sign of Gemini can be inconsistent and undependable mostly and aren’t really the first ones you’d like to count on.

When you find yourself being distracted or overwhelmed, try to concentrate yourself and calm down. A daily meditation exercise is an excellent way to calm your messy head and refocus.


Cancerians are often stereotyped as moody. Since they are shy and careful, it can take them some time to break out of their shell.

They are also highly expressive and can seem to be really sensitive; although this can be a positive trait, it also ensures that they are very easy to offend. The Cancer zodiac sign is prone to overreacting to incidents or sudden changes.

Cancer, you should surround yourself with people that you can trust and who care for you. Keep in mind that you should only engage with people who raise your vibe, and stay away from people who are a disruptive force and sap at your energy (energy vampires).


Leos thrive when they are the centre of focus, because if they’re not, they will get upset. When Leos think they are being neglected by others, they will stick up for themselves to get back in the spotlight!

They may be pleasant and likeable, but their affection is frequently directed at their own selves.

They can even use their charisma to manipulate people into giving them what they want, so be cautious!

In your discussions and relationships, Leo, you must stop being rude or domineering. Learn to be more compassionate and mindful in order to increase the amount of optimism you will radiate to others.


Virgos are also perfectionists, which, when combined with their judgmental attitude, may be a somewhat cruel combination.

Virgo is the most judgy of the zodiac signs, and they could be silently judging you in their heads.

They also can be cynical, and while they are, it can be very emotional, and you will most definitely be informed of it.

Virgo, try to learn to appreciate your more upbeat side! Remember that no one is flawless, and expecting perfection will lead to a lot of disappointment.


Libras are extremely indecisive and use the most of their time planning for events. They usually take a long time to make a decision because they consider every possibility under the sky.

They love all things beautiful, and will waste their time beautifying their appearance (talk about vanity), even if they’re running late.

Don’t let chances slip by because of your indecisiveness. Learn to trust your instincts when making important decisions.


Scorpios can be master manipulators and that too with a volatile nature, so be careful if you’re in a dispute with them. When anyone has wronged them, they never forget, and they might not not be willing to overlook you.

When they are injured, they have a propensity to overreact and have a short fuse. It is tough for them to recover their composure once they are angered.

It’s important for you, Scorpio, to learn how to manage your emotions. Self confidence can easily become arrogance, and honesty can easily become disrespectful.


Sagittarius are usually very direct and blunt, and can damage peoples’ sentiments because they aren’t really mindful of how brutal they are. This might come off as rude and insulting at times. They’re also regarded as “know-it-alls” and can be arrogant.

Sagittarius is seen as arrogant or insulting when they struggle with social etiquette at times, which may cause them to be seen in a negative light.

Be mindful what you speak and how you convey it, Sagittarius. You may have good intentions, but admit that you aren’t exactly the most polite of friends.


Capricorns want to be in control of everything, and they aren’t really the ones to just go with the flow. They prefer to be in charge of and micro manage everything.

They can also use others for their own benefit, causing friction in certain partnerships.They are most likely to beat themselves up on the smallest of mistakes. Capricorns are both afraid of intimacy but also afraid of dying alone.

You never want to find yourself in a position where your shortcomings are highlighted.Capricorn you are a crazy perfectionist, and that’s the part of you you want people to see. Chill out Cap, everyone has flaws, and you for one really need to accept your own!


Aquarius can be swift to pass judgement on others, due to their belief that they are very intelligent and informed. They may be distant from others at times, which is mostly due to the fact that they reside in their own mind.

Aquarius signs must engage with their feelings in order to achieve a more neutral and balanced equilibrium of rationality and emotion. Aquarius, you must allow yourself to open up and accept your friends and family members by expressing your gratitude and affection.


Pisces have a tendency to lose focus, which may be attributed to their ‘fish’ go with the flow attitude. Since they can get tangled up in their very own secret worlds at times, they can miss out on opportunities to help people, which can be misunderstood by others.

Interestingly, even though they are the zodiac’s wisest and eldest sign, Pisces is still one of the most naive and gullible!

Pisces, you should try to practice mindfulness, and balance your emotions with logic, and not let yourself get swept away by the heavy current of your feelings.


In this article, we explored the dark side of each zodiac sign, their dirty little secrets, which they try so hard to keep hidden from the world.

Frequently Asked Questions: Dark Secrets of The Zodiac Sign

Which zodiac sign is more evil?

Aries is known as “the Death Obsessed Sign” because they are the most “impulsive” of all the zodiac signs. They are primitive, with a dark side that they only reveal to some. They can be sluggish, self-absorbed, and just care about themselves.

Which Zodiac has a dark side?

Aries (March 21-April 19)
Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War, which if left uncontrolled, has a dark side full of turmoil. Aries’ volatile tempers, envy, and impatience are well-known traits. When they’re down, they can be cranky or reckless.

Which zodiac sign is the wildest?

Gemini is without a shadow of doubt the craziest of all.
Gemini is undeniably the craziest and most erratic zodiac sign on the planet! This symbol is notorious for having a split personality, and go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds with no notice.

Which zodiac sign is fearless?

People born under the sign of Aries are fearless, according to astrology. It is, in fact, the zodiac of Mangal Dev, who is a symbol of fury, battle, and bravery.

What signs are suicidal?

The prevalence of suicide by hanging is highest in the birth sign of Virgo and lowest in Sagittarius and Scorpio, according to studies on psychiatric patients and suicide rates. Another research by Stack et al. found that the most negative sign of Pisces was strongly correlated with suicidal ideation.

Which zodiac signs are psychopaths?

Scorpio is the second most dangerous star sign, with an official psychopath. November is believed to be the birth month of several serial murderers. Scorpios are said to commit more sadistic murderers. Scorpios are the deadliest, and you have every right to be terrified of them!


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