Can Type 7 be an Introvert? (A Guide to Enneagram Type 7)

In his brief guide, we will discuss the question “Can type 7 be an introvert?”, as well as other related questions subjects like Enneagram Test, Enneagram types, and other introverted Enneagram types in particular.

Can Type 7 be an Introvert? 

No, the type 7 enneagram generally cannot be an introvert, but at the same time, there exist people who consider all the traits of Type 7 enneagram to be applicable to them, without the tendency to be an extrovert, which may be due to several other factors in their personality, like their MBTI personality type, their environment or even a possible enneagram wing involving the type 7 enneagram type.

Personality study is a complicated field, due to the obviously complicated nature of people, and usually, personality theorists need to keep that in mind when they pore over research to come up with ways to describe a person.

Typology theories of personality like enneagramm tend to describe distinct types with many characteristics for each type, and the person is said to fit any of the types, which may be measured by understanding their traits or taking a personality test.

Trait theories, on the other hand, mention specific traits that a person may have and how that might affect their thoughts, emotions, and behavior, an example of which is the Big Five personality type.

Due to the fact that type theories are more limiting and distinctive, it takes away the possibility of someone being more than just a type, which means that many type 7 people, for instance, may not know what to do if they are introverts but they identify with all the other traits mentioned under the Enneagram Type 7, which leads to questions like “Can Type 7 be an Introvert?”.

Enneagram is slightly different from other Type theories though, as there is a provision in the enneagram theory that one may be an amalgam of their adjacent types and their main type, and this is done in the manner of a wing.

A wing in enneagram is essentially a crossover with the adjacent personality types which allows for the person to associate with some personality types on either side.

In the case of type 7, then, it is possible that if someone had the traits of type 8 as well, who may sometimes be introverted, they may say that they have a 7 with wing 8 personality rather than purely a type 7 personality.

In addition to the wing, a crossover between MBTI personality types and enneagram type 7 may also be considered, as the cognitive functions outlined in the MBTI personality theory tend to be slightly more open in terms of how they work, and the definition of an introvert in that theory is also slightly wider than it is in the enneagram personality.

Lastly, it is also important to remember that type theory cannot encompass all the traits someone has, because it is simply not possible to include every nuance of someone’s personality, and you may always feel that there is some trait in your that doesn’t seem to fit in with the type you most identify with, which is okay, and you may still see what you identify with the most and use that like your type, whether it is Type 7 enneagram or any other.

Type 7 Enneagram

The type 7 enneagram is a personality type in the enneagram theory of personality and they are known as the Adventurer, with traits like being novelty-seeking, excitable, and optimistic.

When one understands the type 7 enneagram properly it may be easier to answer the question “Can type 7 be an introvert”, which usually may be no, given that this personality type is characterized by their willingness and openness to their environment.

The Type 7, typically, is usually playful, high-spirited, and practical, but they may also be somewhat scattered and undisciplined, and they may have a tendency to over-reach for things that overestimate their abilities.

The Type 7 enneagram personality is known for their need to seek adventure and newness and they may sometimes get too focused on doing this and may ignore the other more important things in their lives.

Because the type 7 enneagram has such plans for exploring and newness, and have a tendency to keep moving constantly, they may be impatient and impulsive, and their impulsiveness can lead to risk-taking behavior in those that are prone to that sort of thing, or if they are going through a rough time.

Their healthy versions may be very focused and energized about their goals and they may be deeply appreciative of their environment, but the unhealthy version of the Type 7 enneagram perosnality may be all over the place, constantly rushing off after newer things, or easily distracted and inattentive.

Before we further understand the Type 7 Enneagram personality let us take a look at their basic desire and basic fear.

Basic Desire

The basic desire of the type 7 enneagram is to be satisfied and feel content, and these people mostly try to go in directions that fulfills this basic desire they have.

The Type 7 enneagram personality may be considered a little hedonistic, and they may often have trouble delaying gratification, as they constantly seek to have their needs fulfilled.

This basic desire may be the reason why the type 7 tends to be on the go all the time, and why in their unhealthy versions they tend to take so many risks and try to do so much so quickly.

Basic Fear

The Basic fear of any personality is the stimulus they have on the inside that drives them to do whatever they can to avoid it, and in the case of type 7 personality, the basic fear is that of stagnation or being stuck.

The type 7 personality in the enneagram fears most of all the possibility of deprivation and being in pain, and being stagnant or stuck would do that to them.

They also crave lavishness and goodness in everything, so the underlying process is the extreme fear of being uncomfortable or just generally not having enough and going through adversities.

The type 7 enneagram is also a part of the thinking center of the enneagram, but they may not seem like that on the surface, as the thinking and analytical part of them are rather hidden.

An Enneagram Type 7 describes her process though, and reading about it one may realize that they are in fact, run majorly by their thinking processes:

“I am definitely a list person. It’s not really for memory since I have a great memory. It’s more for down-loading information so that my mind won’t spin on it. For example, I was at a concert where the tickets were hard to get and very expensive. I couldn’t sit through it. My mind was torturing me with the things I needed to do. Finally, I had to get up and leave. This was very upsetting to the person I went with and I missed a good show.”

Introverted Type 7 Enneagram

Now that we have discussed what the type 7 enneagram is and how much possibility it is for the type 7 to be introverted, let us discuss some possible situations where the type 7 enneagram personality may also be introverted.

Before we discuss introversion in terms of Type 7 enneagram, we need to explore what it means, because it has come to mean much more than “not being a people’s person”, and it has come to encompass the person’s thinking processes, their preference for the inner world and their general orientation to the inner or outer world in terms of what they need in terms of their optimum performance.

Jung describes introversion as the following:

“Everyone whose attitude is introverted thinks feels, and acts in a way that clearly demonstrates that the subject is the prime motivating factor and that the object is of secondary importance.”

“Always he has to prove that everything he does rests on his own decisions and convictions, and never because he is influenced by anyone, or desires to please or conciliate some person or opinion.” 

Jung also says that an introvert is more influenced by their inner world, but this does not necessarily mean that the person will not want to see people or interact with people at all, and going by his definition, one may easily consider that a type 7 may well be someone who likes themselves more and want to be with themselves far more than others.

There are also Myers Briggs personality types that are technically introverted but still like to go out and experience things in their outer world, like the ISTP or the INFJs, who are types of people that are technically ruled by an introverted dominant function but still like to mingle with their environment a fair bit.

Introverted Enneagram Types

Some commonly recognized introverted enneagram types are Type 4, who is called the Individualist, Type 5, called the Investigator, and Type 6, known as the Loyalist.

In addition to these predominantly introverted enneagram types, there are also some slightly introverted types who may not always be introverted but they may be included in the type of outgoing introverted category as some MBTI personality types are, and these types may commonly be Type 1, the Reformer or Idealist, and Type 9, the Peacemaker.

Type 8 the challenger may sometimes act in an introverted way, but their orientation to the external world may be more dependent on their emotions rather than their general tendency.

Enneagram Definition

The Enneagram may be defined as a theory of personality that makes distinctions between types of people and is based on the spiritual practice of enneagrams and connections given by George Gurdjieff.

Enneagram is a circle with 9 equidistant points on it and it has lines going through it that connect all the points with each other, and in doing so they make parallels or crossovers between the points.

Enneagram Types

Here are all the names and basic traits of the 9 Enneagram types:

  • Type 1: Idealist: Reformer, logical, moral, rigid.
  • Type 2: Caregiver: affectionate, outgoing, caring, loving, people-oriented.
  • Type 3: Achiever: driven, focused, ambitious, goal-oriented, optimistic, extroverted.
  • Type 4: Individualist: Romantic, introverted, creative, thoughtful.
  • Type 5: Investigator: Skeptic, curious, investigative, knowledgeable, open-minded
  • Type 6: Loyalist: Loyal, friendly, dependable, keen, engaging, committed
  • Type 7: Adventurer: Funny, outgoing, adventures, enthusiastic, novelty-seeking
  • Type 8: Challenger: Intimidating, focused, strong-willed, opposing, rigid
  • Type 9: Peacemaker: Calm, relaxed, conflict-avoiding, peaceful, friendly.


In his brief guide, we discussed the question “Can type 7 be an introvert?”, as well as other related questions subjects like Enneagram Test, Enneagram types, and other introverted Enneagram types in particular. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can Type 7 be an Introvert?

Which Enneagram types are introverts?

Enneagram types that are introverted are Type 4 the Individualist, Type 5 the Investigator, and Type 6, the loyalist.

Type 1, the Idealist, and type 9, the Peacemaker, may also be somewhat introverted from time to time.

What are the 4 types of introverts?

The four types of introverts are: social, thinking, anxious, and restrained. 

When describing someone as an introvert, most people use the sense of being a social introvert, which means an introvert that does not like hanging out with people much or may not be too outgoing, but there can be other types as well, and this may make a huge difference in the personality.

What is a Type 7 personality?

Type 7 personality is known as adventurous and they tend to be enthusiastic, extroverted and people-oriented, and optimistic.

The type 7 personality is a part of the enneagram theory of personality and they also tend to be rather versatile and spontaneous. 

Type 7 may show behavior like playfulness and they may often engage in risky or impulsive behavior as well.


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