9w1 Growth: Enneagrams (A Complete Guide)

This article will take a look at the 9w1 enneagram and it’s growth patterns in detail. It will not only introduce the enneagram to the audience but also highlight its basic fears and desires. Furthermore, it will explain how the 9w1 enneagram can grow and how it behaves in it’s healthy state.

What Is The Growth Pattern Of 9w1 Enneagrams?

The growth pattern of 9w1 enneagrams follows the following stages:

  • Unhealthy Levels 
  • Average Levels
  • Healthy Levels

Before we take a look at how the enneagram 9w1 behaves in each level, we will introduce it to the readers in detail and highlight its basic fears and desires. 

What Is The Enneagram Type 9w1?

The enneagram type 9w1 is an enneagram which identifies mostly with the type 9 enneagram but also shares some traits with the type 1 enneagram. These individuals are pretty much stable in life with accepting and trusting behaviour. They are friendly and are hence approachable by others; they tend to create relationships easily with others due to their traits of trusting and accepting others as they are.

This enneagram wants everything to be smooth. They make sure they themselves behave and feel as well as think in such a way that there are no hurdles and they expect the same from others. They want to be in a conflict free zone where people have a generally accepting nature and do not let any elements of their thoughts or feelings create any sort of dispute.

People with this personality are usually optimistic and want to think good of others or the events that are going around them. This is necessary to maintain a peaceful state of affairs internally and externally.

What Is The Basic Fear Of The Negotiator?

The name puts it right on the table! The negotiator is afraid of losing what they are fighting for; basically, they do not want to lose the thing or people that matters to them the most and they will put in all their efforts to keep what they want with them.

They are afraid of separation and distance coming between them and their loved ones. Whether it is a foreign assignment, new work tasks that prevent the negotiator from being at home with loved ones or the new kid at school who is slowly taking over their friends, the negotiator fears whatever can be a source of destruction for their most loved relations.

What Is The Basic Desire Of Type 9w1 Enneagrams?

The type 9w1 enneagram desires peace which is not only external but internal too. They want to feel content, satisfied and secure in their life and not be fearful that someone or something can take away what they desire most. Their wing 1 personality encourages them towards an idealized world hence these individuals not only want peace but the best type of peace which can only be achieved if they create a surrounding that is based on the best foundations.

The Growth Patterns of 9w1 Enneagrams

In this section, we will highlight the journey this enneagram takes towards their healthy state and hence how they grow!

Unhealthy Levels 

Although the 9w8 enneagram may seem more peaceful and composed than others that are quite impulsive or impatient, this enneagram can become unrecognizable in its worst state. They can become catatonic and even develop multiple personalities to deal with the conflicts they are experiencing either internally or externally.

However, before they reach this stage, they try to numb everything out so as to not feel the pain they have experienced before and escape any realities that adversely affect them. They become emotionally numb and try to ignore difficult realities. This also involves them blocking out general awareness with regards to their surroundings, other people and their opinions or actions as well as what is required of them. This badly affects their performance and may cause them to feel even more stressed out due to the oncoming complaints from others.

The lowest and possible least dangerous stage of the unhealthy levels is that of level 7. During this time, the conflict they are experiencing begins to get out of control because of which they start withdrawing from others and also become neglectful. They also feel that they cannot face the problems they have and feel weak too.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Average Levels

This stage starts with the enneagram recognizing the fact that they have problems which they cannot handle the normal way – to solve them by targeting their root cause. Hence, they adapt their own selves to accommodate the problem. In the case that these problems are related to people, they try to keep them happy so as to reduce any further arising of problems. They say yes to their demands even if they don’t like them. In short, they become the perfect ‘friend’.

When things become worse, they begin to withdraw from others although they may seem active and working on things they have been given. However, one will start to see that they begin to ‘sweep’ whatever work they can’t do under the rug and just carry on as if nothing is wrong.

This stage becomes extremely worse when the person you see can’t be recognized because they are engaging in behaviours they wouldn’t usually engage in just to avoid ‘problems’. They will also engage in wishful thinking to sustain their behaviours.

Healthy Levels

Apart from the behaviours discussed above, this enneagram can reach a healthier state if it successfully resolves the issues it goes through.

At a lower level, they have a healing influence not only on themselves but others too and hence think positively. They are not only optimistic but also reassuring and supportive because they want others to feel good like they do – especially after going through a rough time.

When they improve, they become even better people. They are nice and accepting of others and will have a good nature especially in their dealings. They become trustful once again of others and their own selves. Finally, they feel at ease with life and people around them.

Growth Tips – The 9w1 Enneagram 

Here are some things the enneagram 9w1 should keep in mind:

  • Put Yourself First: One thing that ruins this enneagram is that they go along with the wishes of other people and hence not only put themselves in a bad situation but eventually realize that the other person will never be happy with them especially if they know they are giving the enneagram a hard time. The best thing to do is make sure you are comfortable doing what others need you to do otherwise say no.
  • Focus: When the 9w1 enneagram enneagram loses focus, that is when they begin to drift away from their own self. Hence, they should exert themselves to stay in the present and be aware of what is going on around them.
  • Acceptance: It is important that the 9w1 enneagram recognizes that good and bad emotions exist and hence they should not run away from their bad ones by numbing themselves and trying not to feel anything. Being hurt or in pain helps us grow and teaches us many lessons hence it is necessary to go through pain and heartache as well.
  • Exercise: By exercising, the enneagram can stay in touch with the real world and their body too. It helps them feel better and stay in control and hence develop a feeling of autonomy and presence. Physically, they will feel better because exercise has a good effect on the body and releases happy hormones. Hence, daily exercise will help this enneagram type on the road to growth and self care.
  • Analyze: It is important that the 9w1 enneagram realizes how they end up in the problems they are trying to run away from! This is necessary not only to reduce the pain they receive from others but also to ensure they do not fall into such problems again! This will help them understand their own mistakes and how they can do better next time so they can live a better life with lesser problems and be satisfied with the decisions they make.


This article took a look at the 9w1 enneagram in detail and introduced it to the audience and also highlighted its basic fears and desires. Furthermore, it highlighted its growth path and described how the enneagram behaves at each stage. Finally, the article offered tips on how the 9w1 enneagram can grow in a healthy fashion.




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