Are Enneagram 9s Lazy? (A Comprehensive Guide)

This article will take a look at the type 9 enneagram in detail and determine whether they are lazy or not. The article will highlight their major traits that are relevant to the characteristics of the type 9 enneagram. The article will also comment on the ways this enneagram can grow so they can play a more active role in their community.

Are Enneagram 9s Lazy?

The enneagram type 9 is not lazy when it comes to their personality or behavioural characteristics. They are easygoing individuals who are indeed quite aware of what is going on rather than being totally clueless like a lazy person would be.

The reason why they are sometimes mistaken as lazy is because of their other traits which we will look at in detail. However, it is necessary to note that they are introverted too which means that their energy is focused on their internal processes which they usually engage in while sitting down. Also, they are peace loving individuals who prefer conflict free zones – this oftentimes means they are very cautious and careful in their behaviour. Such caution may be mistaken as being lazy by others however, in reality, they just like taking time before actually committing to something or making an important decision so as to avoid mistakes or future conflicts.

This enneagram is also quick to agree and it is not because they are too lazy to actually think for themselves but because they want to please others and ensure things flow smoothly. They understand that if they have too many demands or push forth their own way of doing things, it will not only slow down the process but irritate others and maybe cause too much friction.

So, in essence, they are not lazy but cautious and careful.

Before we look at other traits of the type 9 enneagram, let us introduce it in detail.

Enneagram Type 9 – The Peacekeeper

These personalities just want everything to be okay! They desire peace and justice and will do absolutely anything to obtain this. They avoid conflict at any cost and will prefer to stay far away from it due to the suffering and pain it causes as well as the unproductive outcomes that accompany it.

The type 9 enneagram is one that fears loss and separation and they do not want to be in the bad books of anyone. This is why they are generally quite accepting and agreeable because they do not want to clash much with others even if it means not getting their point across or effectively expressing their views and why they support a certain stance!

This enneagram type that is also known as the ‘Peacekeeper’ has a number of strengths. First of all, they can remain calm in most situations and not panic or get frustrated because they recognize conflict and know – or at least choose – how to deal with it! Hence, unlike others, they will prevent the situation from worsening. They are great mediators when it comes to helping two people calm down and end a fight between them; they will help them express their views and encourage them to let go of things wherever they can – they will not add spice to the conflict. Also, this enneagram type can see multiple perspectives because their aim is not to win the conflict but to end it and hence they will do just that even if it means listening to others and their own self.

However, with strengths there are weaknesses too! They have the tendency to minimize problems because they just want to get rid of conflict rather than truly face and solve it. Also, because they do not fully express their true feelings, they may become passive aggressive!

What Is The Basic Fear Of Type 9?

The type 9 is afraid of losing what they are fighting for; basically, they do not want to lose the thing or people that matters to them the most and they will put in all their efforts to keep what they want with them.

They are afraid of separation and distance coming between them and their loved ones. Whether it is a foreign assignment, new work tasks that prevent the peacekeeper from being at home with loved ones or the new kid at school who is slowly taking over their friends, the negotiator fears whatever can be a source of destruction for their most loved relations.

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What Is The Basic Desire Of Type 9 Enneagrams?

The type 9 enneagram desires peace which is not only external but internal too. They want to feel content, satisfied and secure in their life and not be fearful that someone or something can take away what they desire most. Their personality encourages them towards an idealized world hence these individuals not only want peace but the best type of peace which can only be achieved if they create a surrounding that is based on the best foundations.

Traits of Peacekeepers – Type 9s

Here are some traits of the type 9 enneagram that fit in with it’s overall introvert nature:

  • Complacent: They don’t like creating much of the ruckus and will be mostly satisfied with things. They won’t have too many demands because they just want things to flow smoothly without much friction and this is why they won’t be too critical with whatever they have in front of them.
  • Agreeable: Introverts usually prefer to agree with what the other person says because they know the argument can get dirty especially with their level of thinking. They are not people who think at the surface but understand things from a way deeper perspective.
  • Stubborn: It is difficult to push them away from their stance. They will stick to their ideas and beliefs and how they prefer to do things. Hence, there is often no result in trying to convince a type 9 enneagram. They may not defend their stance to avoid conflict but at the same time they won’t agree with you wholeheartedly – they will just simply nod!
  • Embracing: They are the type of people who embrace everything. They like to bring together people and accept them for who they are. They focus on the similarities and tend to push away the differences; this is important to achieve a conflict free society which they badly desire.

Growth Tips – The Type 9 Enneagram 

Here are some things the enneagram 9 should keep in mind:

  • Put Yourself First: One thing that ruins this enneagram is that they go along with the wishes of other people and hence not only put themselves in a bad situation but eventually realize that the other person will never be happy with them especially if they know they are giving the enneagram a hard time. The best thing to do is make sure you are comfortable doing what others need you to do otherwise say no.
  • Focus: When the 9 type enneagram enneagram loses focus, that is when they begin to drift away from their own self. Hence, they should exert themselves to stay in the present and be aware of what is going on around them.
  • Acceptance: It is important that the type 9 enneagram recognizes that good and bad emotions exist and hence they should not run away from their bad ones by numbing themselves and trying not to feel anything. Being hurt or in pain helps us grow and teaches us many lessons hence it is necessary to go through pain and heartache as well.
  • Exercise: By exercising, the enneagram can stay in touch with the real world and their body too. It helps them feel better and stay in control and hence develop a feeling of autonomy and presence. Physically, they will feel better because exercise has a good effect on the body and releases happy hormones. Hence, daily exercise will help this enneagram type on the road to growth and self care.
  • Analyze: It is important that the type 9 enneagram realizes how they end up in the problems they are trying to run away from! This is necessary not only to reduce the pain they receive from others but also to ensure they do not fall into such problems again! This will help them understand their own mistakes and how they can do better next time so they can live a better life with lesser problems and be satisfied with the decisions they make.


This article answered the question of whether the type 9 enneagram is lazy or not. The article also highlighted the major traits of the enneagram under discussion and introduced it in detail. Towards the end, growth tips of the 9 type enneagram were provided.


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