Enneagram Type 5 Careers: Best Jobs(5+ List)

This article will not only look at what jobs are the best for enneagram type 5 but also help the audience develop a deeper understanding of the topic by introducing the enneagram type 5. It will highlight the personality traits, strengths and weaknesses as well as the basic fear and desire of this enneagram type.

Enneagram Type 5 Careers: Best Jobs

Here is a list of the jobs that are best suited for the type 5 enneagram:

  • Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Author
  • Scientist
  • Scholar
  • Mathematician
  • Technician

Before we look at these in detail, we will introduce the type 5 enneagram to the readers!

Who Is A Type 5 Enneagram?

These individuals are very much interested in learning things that are relevant to their area of interest. They will investigate its elements and try to gather as much information as they can! The enneagram type 5 is alert, innovative but secretive at the same time.

People with this enneagram type have the ability to build complex ideas and skills; this is possible only because of their focus on the specific area they are working within and their dedication to master it.

The type 5 enneagram has an innate need to learn continuously. They want more and more information and want to increase their reservoir of knowledge. It bothers them if they have an interest in a certain thing or phenomena however, they are not able to learn more about it. Their curiosity is indeed a problem for them. At the same time, this desire to learn more about their interests distracts them from other things in their life especially the practical ones. 

Another defining trait of this enneagram type is that they want to be different from others in what they learn or study. They want to discover a new area or an area that is least researched by others. They do not want to focus on things that are common or conventional; they want to study the bizarre, unknown, beyond limits, unexplainable topic on the list!

Fears & Desires 

We will explore the basic desire and fear of this enneagram type!

The Basic Fear – Type 5 Enneagram

The basic fear of these enneagrams is that they will become useless in the sense that they have no skill or knowledge. They are scared they will not be competent in any field of life which they can master. The fear is not associated with showing off but to give their own self a sense of assurance that they have a skill they know very well and it makes the stand out from others.

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The Basic Desire – Type 5 Enneagram

Their basic desire stems from their fear of not being competent. The desire is to learn so that they are competent and skilled in a certain area that is of much interest to them and not so common or known amongst others. They desire to be different in the knowledge they possess and skills they can employ. It gives them a sense of competence, capability and assurance.

The Best Jobs For Type 5 Enneagram: The Thinker

In this section we will take a look at the best type of jobs for the enneagram type 5. Before we do that, we will outline what factors allow enneagrams of this type to work in an optimum manner and what factors or conditions prevent them from working efficiently!

Factors: The Good & Bad Ones

Here are the factors that make working easy for the type 5 enneagram:

  • Independence: This enneagram appreciates it when they have enough space to work freely and without much supervision
  • Recognition: It is important for this enneagram that their boss recognizes their skills and capabilities so as to give them the right tasks and resources
  • Good Coworkers: The type 5 enneagram enjoys when others, especially the people they work with, understand their interests and their work. They need someone to share what they are doing.
  • Supervision: This enneagram type does not like too much supervision or too many instructions. Hence, it is never a good idea to provide much structure to the enneagram type 5. It is better to explain their end goal to them and allow them to reach it in whatever manner possible.

Factors that make working difficult for enneagram type 5’s:

  • Privacy: If they do not get the privacy or space they need, it will be difficult for enneagrams of this type to work properly.
  • Ignoring Them: The enneagram type 5 hates it when their boss ignores them or their suggestions because they strongly believe in the recommendations they pass on!
  • Information Overload: They do not like it when too much is going on! They dislike when their peers overload them with information and tasks.
  • Guidance: Although they do not like much supervision, this enneagram appreciates it when they get guidance and feedback.

The Best Jobs For The Thinker: Enneagram Type 5

In this section we will look at the best jobs for this enneagram type!


The engineer is one who is out to solve a problem! He doesn’t like being told what to do or how to do it; he just wants to know what the problem is and find a solution to it – of course the best one!

People who have the enneagram type 5 personality can make good engineers because it allows them to work in a manner that does indeed require time and space. If there is too much involvement of others then work is likely to go wrong.

People who are able to master the field of physics and understand how the world literally works can do good when it comes to engineering. Furthermore, they must have a personality that encourages them to work on solutions and not just follow a set of instructions.

Computer Programmer

Computer programming is all about finding the best code for a problem or situation that requires a ‘system’! This is a recent field that erupted with that of the era of computers and is quite interesting because there are many ways to do one job – programming is all about finding better ways of doing the same thing so it can be done faster and more accurately!

When it comes to enneagram type 5s, this job is a good choice because it allows them to work on their own but at the same time engage in discussion with other programmers to devise a good solution to a problem.


Another way an enneagram type 5 can work wholeheartedly on something is by becoming an author. They can represent the work they have done by writing on it. In this manner, they can get the time and personal space to work on something that means a lot to them and do wonders and impress others by coming up with a masterpiece!


Another great field for the ‘Thinker’ is indeed that of becoming a scientist. In this manner, the enneagram type 5 can focus on an area that is of interest to them and of course get the space and time they need to study a certain phenomena. 

At the same time, this is such a field that they not only would want to but also need to discuss their findings with fellow co-scientists and this gives them much satisfaction as they have others to understand the significance of their work.


Becoming an expert in a certain field is what interests the enneagram type 5. Hence, a good profession or post to consider is that of a scholar!


The world of mathematics is indeed another area where the enneagram type 5 should be! This field is all about problems and devising paths to get to them and solve them successfully. Hence, this field is for one who wants to work in it with all their focus and does not require much supervision or instructions; instead, they come up with new ways of going about a problem.


This field is also a good idea for an enneagram type 5 to consider especially if they like working with technical equipment!


This article focused on the type 5 enneagram and what types of jobs would suit it the best. To help the audience understand the choice of job selection, the article introduced the enneagram type 5 by outlining its personality traits, basic fear and desire. It also commented on what factors make work more easy or difficult for this enneagram.




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