Does Naruto have a Disorder? (Fanfiction)

In this blog, we will discuss Naruto and his disorder fanfiction, who is Naruto, Naruto has eating disorders, and also explore conflicts and self-harming tendencies. We will also answer frequently asked questions. 

Does Naruto have a Disorder? (Fanfiction)

Yes, there have been fanfictions that revolve around naruto having a disorder. In a particular genre of fanfiction, Naruto has an eating disorder and he struggles a lot with eating and purging behaviors. 

We will discuss Naruto having an eating disorder in the fanfiction series in the latter part of the blog. 

Who is Naruto?

Naruto Uzumaki is the main character of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto manga series. Naruto is a juvenile ninja from the fictitious hamlet of Konohagakure as the book continues (Hidden Leaf Village). 

Naruto is mocked and shunned by the locals because of the Nine-Tailed Devil Fox, a malicious beast who assaulted Konohagakure and was imprisoned in Naruto’s chest. Despite this, he wishes to become the Hokage, the town’s chief, in hopes of gaining their acceptance. 

His easygoing, enthusiastic, and exuberant demeanor allows him to make friends with other Konohagakure ninja and also a ninja from another hamlet.

Naruto and Kishimoto

Kishimoto made Naruto “simple and foolish” during the first section of the story has given him almost all of the characteristics of an idealistic hero. Naruto was given a negative underbelly by Kishimoto, who added misery to the subject’s backstory. 

He’s changed Naruto’s appearance several times, giving the character new attire in order to appeal to a wider audience and make him simpler to draw. During Part II of the plot, which begins two and a half years following Part I, Kishimoto modified his style. Junko Takeuchi joined the cast of Naruto in the original anime series, and Maile Flanagan took the role in the English versions.

Miniatures and keychains are among the Naruto merchandise available. Naruto’s personal growth has received accolades from anime and manga outlets as well as academic studies. 

While some first mistook him for a standard manga and anime hero akin to that seen in popular shonen comics, others have applauded his demeanor and character building for avoiding tropes common in comparable media. The figure has been the focus of literary studies, allowing him to shine out in literature due to his characteristics and progress.

Conflicts with Sasuke

IGN’s Charles White and Jason Van Horn praised his connections with the other characters as appealing, most notably via his conflict with Sasuke, which displays “marks of growth” in Naruto. 

However, due to his future anguish, his desire to rescue Sasuke marking the termination of Part I has been criticized. Naruto and Sasuke’s feud came out on top in a survey conducted by Japanese survey Charapedia. 

Because of their parallels and when they become allies after a deadly struggle, ANN’s Jacob Hope Chapman named Naruto and Sasuke as among “Anime’s Fiercest Frenemies.” His love engagement with other protagonists caused controversy, with some fans preferring his connection with Sakura Haruno and others preferring Hinata Hyuga.

Naruto Fanfiction on Eating Disorders

There are a number of fanfictions of naruto which include his eating disorder and also attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. The following is a compilation of his popular fanfictions showing his eating disorder which can probably be not classified, as there are periods of purging as well as binge eating only a specific food which is Ramen, his favorite food.

The blonde reached for his meal, tucking it carefully back beneath the dining table, disdainfully surveying the small amount of rice slowly drying in the dish. It was almost completely undisturbed, with the exception of a few grains that had been brutally consumed.

Naruto had told himself several times that he should “man up and finish it,” but the few tiny bites he had taken had clung to the back of his throat and threatened his gag reflex.

Oh, the usual. Some rowdy children skipped classes today, so I just finished speaking to their parents. 

Are you hungry? You still don’t seem to be eating enough.” Iruka had removed his hand from Naruto’s shoulder, but he was frowning as he looked down at his previous student. The teen had felt much too thin.

“I’m still baffled as to how you eat all that stuff and weigh so much.” Iruka said, lifting an eyebrow and glancing over at the young man next to him. The adolescent had to bite his tongue as he stared straight ahead, lost in thought.

When Iruka had volunteered to buy him lunch, Naruto had been so excited to spend time with someone, so excited at the prospect of his first good meal in weeks, that he had devoured many bowls, disregarding the discomfort in his stomach and thinking only of gorging to tide him over until his next meal.

The brunette had been amazed at the amount of food eaten, but the young boy at the time had left feeling sick and had promptly emptied his stomach of his entire meal. The blonde had sworn right then that no matter how hungry, he’d never eat that much again.

However, Sasuke rounded the corner only to find an empty bed. A look of confusion crossed his normally impassive face and he paused momentarily. Hmm… maybe the Dobe’s in the kitchen… But the kitchen was just as deserted as the bedroom was. 

The bathroom, on the other hand, is a different story. Sasuke walked straight to Naruto’s restroom, ignoring the weird feeling of anxiety that had suddenly overtaken him. The door was slightly ajar. “Are you there, Dobe? I’ve been trying to reach you.” Sasuke took a step forward and pulled open the door, his breath froze in his throat as he saw what he saw.

Naruto was passed out next to the toilet, lying on his side. As he took in his teammate’s emaciated appearance, Sasuke’s eyes widened, marveling at the blonde’s ribs, collarbones, and disconcerting absence of stomach.

Sasuke dashed forward, and it was clear from the contents of the toilet bowl that Naruto had been puking. And in one terrifying moment, Sasuke realized what was going on.

Sakura has an eating disorder

Sakura was depressed since her fondness for sweets was waning, and she despised eating. It got to be a bit much at times. The din, the squabbles, everything. So when she approached Kakashi-sensei for assistance, she fully anticipated him to dismiss her, because why would someone as cool and great as Kakashi care about someone as unimportant as her?

“Of course,” the nurse replied, a patient look on her face that showed she didn’t believe them, “Sakura has been admitted to the hospital because she has been expelling the food from her stomach and is unable to eat.”

“I see Naruto. Well, how about you come down here and get some rest. I will leave now and get you something to eat. Ramen?” asked Kakashi.

“No. I hate Ramen.” stated Naruto.

“Then what do you want to eat?” said Kakashi slowly.

“I want meat. Anything with meat,” said Naruto with a thoughtful expression.

“Anything with meat?” questioned Kakashi. Naruto nodded his head.

“O.K! Meat it is then. Get some rest Naruto,” said Kakashi as he headed toward the door.

Naruto watched him until he went out.

“Black world?” questioned Sasuke.

“Yeah. I think it’s in Naruto’s mind and Naruto-nii he another personality of Naruto’s,” said Kakashi.

He sighed again and looked at his team. “Well, we’ll have to finish this mission despite Naruto’s mental health. We’ll just leave him here at the house while we guard the client,” said Kakashi.

Sakura and Sasuke looked at each other then back at Kakashi and nodded in agreement.”

Sasuke: Self-harming tendencies

So basically Sasuke had been self-harming for a long time, cutting himself so deeply that Itachi discovered him in a pool of his own blood. That’s why Itachi arranged for 

Summary of the fanfiction

Sasuke to meet Naruto and the others in a rehabilitation facility or institute. As usual, Sakura and Ino approached Sasuke in the canteen to do their fangirl antics, although they were really being treated for anorexia at the time. 

When Sasuke saw how proud they were of their anorexia, he commented on it to Naruto, unaware that Naruto was in the same facility for anorexia. Afterward, Naruto became despondent and began to starve himself and vomit until he fainted and was discovered by Sasuke after a long period of time. 

On top of everything else, when he revealed to Naruto that the females were proud of their anorexia and that at least Naruto attempted to disguise it, Sasuke informed Naruto about his cutting. 

When Sasuke attempted to stop naruto from cutting, he informed naruto that he would cut himself if he missed meals, and naruto agreed. 

Itachi got Sasuke out of the institution or whatever it was, even though Sasuke was completely against it, and naruto started starving himself again and then fled to try and locate Sasuke, the only other thing I can remember. Oh, and it’s snowing, too, I believe.


This is consistent throughout the entire series. Naruto has a monster inside of him. This has been literarily symbolic for a personality disorder or worse, abuse. Stories like The Life of Pi have dangerous animals or monsters symbolizing abusive parents or spouses or even drug/alcohol addictions. 

But here the focus is more on the eating habits of Naruto since he was an orphan and had no one to take care of him he took to a cheap meal that was available at the time, i.e – Ramen. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Does Naruto have a Disorder? (Fanfiction)

Why does Naruto eat ramen all the time?

The same can be said about Naruto, who likes Ramen since they are fast to prepare and tasty. There’s no particular reason for it, other than the fact that he lives alone and isn’t a very excellent chef. Naruto is the kind of guy who would eat anything to gain strength, yet we see him eating ramen the majority of the time in the series.

Is Hinata a bigger fan of ramen than Naruto?

It appeals to her since Naruto enjoys it. It’s almost like how Sarada and Sakura prepare tomatoes for Sasuke, but Hinata only eats ramen because of Naruto-Kun.

Which of Naruto’s jutsu is his favorite?

Naruto’s mastery of Rasengan is one of the shonen character’s most memorable moments. Naruto found it difficult to learn Rasengan, but once he did, it quickly became one of his favorite and most effective techniques. Naruto has refined the technique to the point that he has devised several variants of it throughout the years.

What was Ichiraku’s gift to Naruto? 

Teuchi offers Naruto a lifetime ticket to Ramen Ichiraku as a wedding gift in Konoha Hiden, which the anime reveals was used extensively throughout the years. During Pain’s Assault, the original Ramen Ichiraku is destroyed along with the rest of Konoha.

In Naruto, who is the mythical Queen of Gluttony?

Hinata is also known as the Legendary Queen Of Gluttony. That moniker isn’t simply a nickname for her; it’s a distinction she earned. The title appears beside her photo on the wall of Ichiraku Ramen in the Boruto anime.

That ramen vendor’s face is completely blank, why?

To hide his Tenseigan, he kept his eyes closed at all times. In addition, Teuchi wore his clan’s traditional clothing. Unlike his great-nephew, Toneri tsutsuki, he lacks the distinguishing horns and other traits that distinguish a tsutsuki from a human.


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