1w2 Relationships (A Complete Guide)

In this guide, we will delve into understanding the 1w2 relationships. We also looked at the 1w2 personality type, Type One relationships and Type Two relationships.

1w2 Relationships

Enneagram is a categorization of personality types. There are nine basic personality types. No one is a pure personality type. Each basic type might be influenced by types which are adjacent to it on the circumference of the Enneagram.

An Enneagram Type One with a Two-Wing (1w2), typically displays the characteristics of type one. However, they may show certain characteristics of type two as well. Drawing forth predominantly from Type One, these individuals are kind and empathic. They will readily shower the ones they care for with love and concern. However, their love is not smothering. They understand their boundaries. 

1w2 Relationships

In the 1w2 person, Type 1 tends to influence this personality archetype predominantly. In Type 1, people are generally calm. They have strong personal values and ideals which they adhere to sincerely. These individuals are not very relationship-focused. Thus, the warm and empathic side of 1w2 is drawn from the characteristics of the two-wing. The 1w2 person, with their strongly held ideals and morals, will stand by what is right. They will champion a cause they truly believe in. However, there is an element of altruism to this characteristic of the 1w2. It is rarely ever to benefit themselves. They are very giving individuals, who will walk the extra mile to support another person. This is often self-less, without any expectation in return. In relationships too, they will put in the efforts to keep it going. 

1w2 individuals are in touch with their emotions. They are unlikely to suppress uncomfortable emotions like sadness and anger. Thus, these individuals might not shy away from expressing themselves emotionally. They are more likely to be open about their emotions. Their personal relationships are forged on a strong connectivity. The 1w2 person will pay attention to the needs of others, offering their care, support and help when needed. However, in the midst of this, they will not forget their own needs. While the 1w2 individuals are giving in relationships, they also tend to their own needs. They will take the time out to indulge themselves in self-love and self-care.

However, there might be unhealthy manifestations of the 1w2. This is also evident when this Enneagram type is stressed. These tendencies could also affect their relationship. For one, in the midst of conflict, these individuals might end up developing an unhealthy self-image. They might consider themselves to be righteous, leading with black and white thinking. They are less likely to accommodate the opinions of others. In the midst of fighting with a partner, the 1w2 person might not acknowledge the other side. They will try to fix the situation on their own. However, if someone does not allow them to do so, the 1w2 person might feel they are being underappreciated for their efforts. They might call out the other person for treating them unjustly. They might go on to vocalize these feelings persistently, leading others in the relationship to take a step back or leave.

Type 1w2 – Overview

These individuals believe in taking action. They are not just words and ideas. The ideals of the 1w2 person truly guide their actions in life. Even when they are doubtful and uncertain about the outcome of their actions, the 1w2 person will go do what they think is right. Veering off the path of righteousness can tantamount feelings of self-blame. To the 1w2 person, walking the right path, even when it is hard, is more important than letting things just be. As mentioned earlier, this tendency of the 1w2 person can sometimes rear its bad head when the 1w2 person is stressed or in the lower level. They find themselves stuck within the rigid realms of their ideals and values. They might believe that fixing the problem or salvaging the relationship can only be done by them.

The Type One element offers a rigid and often judgemental stance on subjects. This is balanced by the more open, tolerant, and flexible type 2. Thus, 1w2 individuals tend to have an element of tolerance to their personalities, despite having a strong ideological stance on a subject. Instead of forcefully feeding their opinion to someone, the 1w2 person is likely to help them see their side through relevant examples and evidence. The 1w2 person places a lot of faith in their own judgment. Hence, they openly express their views in public or in person. Even if it may not sit with the general opinion. They feel compelled to let others know what they feel is right.\

In a nutshell, the Enneagram 1w2 have certain strengths. They are genuine altruists who are involved in helping others. They want to make the world a better place. Sometimes, they can be pushy when it comes to making people see their point of view. They can be overly sensitive to criticism

Type One

The Enneagram 1w2 is predominantly influenced by Type One characteristics while sharing characteristics of Type 2. Hence, we will try to understand Type One with respect to their relationships.


Type One is a perfectionist. It is paramount for them to ensure things are perfect internally and externally. Resultantly, in the process of attaining perfection, they might be critical of themselves and others.

They expect their relationships to bear an image of perfection. The kind that translates into the modern-day relationship goals. However, the type one person does not realize that picture-perfect is only an illusion. Every relationship will be rife with problems too. Both the individuals bring in their flaws and qualities to the relationship. It is important to acknowledge and embrace the imperfect. The Type One partner might sometimes be critical of their partner if they feel they are falling short of something. This can be detrimental to the partner, as well as fatal for the overall health of the relationship. The Type One can be bent on fixing the relationship persistently in hopes of reaching the perfect relationship they have envisioned.

Their pull to an ideal and perfect relationship might find them focusing overly on the flaws of themselves, their partner, and their relationship. The Type One person may be critical of others. However, they tend to direct that criticism inwards either equally or more. They are very sensitive to criticism. They take it personally. Criticism only empowers their already harsh inner critic. Hence, for someone that cares and loves a type one, it is important to be cautious of how they put forth their critical points to them.

The Type One person will strive to be the perfect partner. They will try to be the best version of themselves when it comes to a romantic relationship. They do not want to disappoint the one they are with, so they will continue to work on themselves, giving ample space to improvement in their lives. Oftentimes, the relationship and their partner can take center stage in their lives. They also tend to bring an element of fun and positivity in their relationships. This is generally evident when the Type 1 is not stressed. When there is a fair balance in their lives, they will not shy away from making things fun in the relationship.

For the Type 1, there is unlikely to be a moment of complete satisfaction. They are always striving to set things right in the relationship. They always feel there is more that can be done. They do not give themselves enough credit. They might blame themselves for things that go down in the relationship.

When they are stressed, they can be overcome by many feelings, including that of not doing enough or not not being enough for the person they are with. Hence, it is important for their partners to be gentle in such a situation. Partners can reassure them. Remind them of all their positive qualities and the difference they are already bringing about. Reassurance can go a long way when it comes to a Type One. It puts them in a place where they feel valued and appreciated.

Type 2

Relationships hold a very special place for the Type Two person. These individuals have a large heart. They are very giving. Oftentimes, they will go out of their way to ensure their partner is happy. Their own needs might sometimes take a backseat. They will put their heart and soul into the relationship. They do not shy away from being there for their partner. Type 2 folks also desire to be wanted.  They want to be loved and valued in a relationship. They also expect their partner to be there for them and meet their needs.


In this blog post, we delved into understanding the 1w2 relationships. We also looked at the 1w2 personality type, Type One relationships and Type Two relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions: 1w2 Relationships

Which Enneagram type is the rarest?

The Individualist is the rarest Enneagram type.

How do you make an Enneagram 5 feel loved?

They are seeking a partner who will stimulate them intellectually. They want their relationship to be their safe place, where they can be themselves. They desire to experience a feeling of home. They see their relationship as a place for them to learn and grow.  When it comes, their interests are stirred up with meaningful and witty gifts and gestures (truity.com)

What Enneagram should a 2 marry?

Generally, for a Two, they match well with Threes and Eights. Particularly with a 3, they tend to have a “high-energy match”, with many common interests and similar charisma (midbodygreen.com)

How do you love a 4 Enneagram?

When it comes to Enneagram 4, there are certain things they appreciate. One, it is important for their partner to be open about their feelings, without being too rational. When they are upset, Enneagram 4 might say things which they may not completely mean. It is most likely to be a momentary feeling. Seek to understand what they are feeling, without necessarily agreeing to. Partners should also appreciate their idealism and emotional sensitivity (enneagramworldwide.com)


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