Zodiac Signs That Have Killed The Most (Top 3)

This article will take a look at which zodiac signs have killed the most as well as highlight their traits that increase their tendency to do so. The article will also introduce these zodiac signs in detail so the audience has a better understanding of the topic under discussion.

Zodiac Signs That Have Killed The Most – Top 3

Here are the zodiac signs that have killed the most:

  • Pieces
  • Gemini
  • Sagittarius

Let us take a look at them in more detail and understand why they are so notorious!

What Is Pisces?

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign that is represented by the symbol of the fish and extends from the period of February 19 to March 20. People born under this star are usually described as friendly people who are kind and compassionate and have a knack for wild imagination and creativity. However, they sometimes get overwhelmed by their emotions and have fears. They are also likely to become victims due to their naive nature.

The birthstone of Pisces is Aquamarine and is also associated with others such as Bloodstone, Jet and Rock Crystal.

Pisces like Scorpio possesses the element of water in its nature. They are people who allow their emotions to flow and are in touch with a deeper level of themselves as compared to others. Their emotions range from negative ones to ones that accept the world and the creatures in it. For them security is very important and they are known to have intense dreams. Words like ultra sensitive and strong intuition are used to describe stars that possess the element of water.

Neptune represents universality and the concept that we are all one hence it inculcates a sense of compassion, kindness, idealism and even imagination into the star it rules; Pisces. This influence that Neptune has on Pisces is well defined by its traits because Pisces see the good in others and rarely say no because they want to be compassionate and help those around them. Furthermore they are very naive beings and they have a wild sense of imagination.

Pieces – The Expected Killer

Infamous Pisces serial killers: 

  • Richard Ramirez aka the “Night Stalker” (born February 29, 1960)
  • John Wayne Gacy (born March 17, 1942)
  • Aileen Wuornos (born on February 29, 1956)
  •  Donald Henry Gaskins (born on March 13, 1933)
  •  Dennis Rader aka the BTK killer (born March 9, 1945).

This may be surprising but Pieces are known for their caring feelings and creative spirits but this could also be the reason why they can get hurt so easily and hence take revenge!

Empathetic – A Heart For All.

The star of Pisces is emotionally intelligent. Possessing the element of water, they allow their emotions to flow for others and hence are able to identify how others feel. This ability allows them to structure their behavior and conversations in a manner that is suited to the other’s mental state. This is why they seem kind and compassionate because they are able to sense others emotions.

Overwhelmed by Emotions.

Unfortunately life has its rules and what empowers you may also be the reason for your downfall! Pisces may easily get overwhelmed by their emotions. Yes they are in touch with themselves and they are extremely intelligent when it comes to the realm of emotions but they may drown on their own and this may lead to depression and anxiety.

They are sensitive beings and can get stuck in their thoughts and feelings especially if someone wrongs them which does happen! They give much weightage to what they feel and it can take up most of their thoughts and experiences and hence they become overwhelmed; they are saddened and upset. 

No Boundaries.

Pisces find it hard to say no. They believe in helping everyone come across and understand others using their emotions. Yes they may want to help others because they feel the urge to do so but it may not always be right or appropriate and that is where they must control themself!

What Is A Gemini?

Gemini is the third astrological sign from the zodiac that is a star of people who are born between May 21 to June 21. The zodiac sign is represented by twins. People born under this star are affectionate, quick and clever thinkers, social, flexible and curious. They are also known for their moodiness, inconsistency and selfish behavior at times! Overall, the Gemini is a fun person to be around that can have interesting and diverse conversations with you and will keep the party alive. However, they can sometimes be too nosy in your affairs!

The birthstone of the Gemini is Alexandrite however they associate well with Pearl and Citrine too. 

Gemini is ruled by the planet of Mercury which is known for communication. It influences Gemini in terms of thinking; Geminis are quick and clever thinkers who are able to process much information and converse with you efficiently over a number of topics. It hence represents where your tools and techniques lay.

The element of Gemini is that of air! People who possess the element of air are in line with Jungian theory of thinking. They are thinkers who like to stay in their heads and are future oriented. They have much skill when it comes to using their mind processes and they are driven by the thirst for more knowledge hence they seem to be quite inquisitive. Usually Geminis are the ones who can bring different people together due to their thinking skills and finding the common points.

Definite Killers – Gemini

Infamous Gemini serial killers

  • Peter Sutcliffe aka the “Yorkshire Ripper” (born June 2, 1946) 
  • Jeffrey Dahmer (born May 21, 1960) 
  • David Berkowitz aka the “Son of Sam” (born on June 1, 1953).

They are not dishonest but they are very good with their words especially because they are ruled by the planet of Mercury and hence they can easily get away with what they do!


Ruled by the messenger or planet of communication ‘Mercury’ and the element of air, Geminis are very good when it comes to their intelligence and they are also pretty good at expressing it and their opinions or ideas. Air allows them to have strong mental capabilities that are centered around processes like thinking. Furthermore their ruling planet allows them to express their inner world very well hence not only are they intelligent but they walk the talk! 


When you have thinking skills and are fast in your everyday dealings it can make you a bit impulsive and Geminis are pretty impulsive! They will not hesitate to think twice over something and they will be in a hurry to decide on something and get over with it!


Their ability to do many things at once should not surprise you because they are indeed multitaskers and are pretty good at. They not only manage things mentally but physically together and their energies will not be depleted like yours would.

What Is A Sagittarius?

The Sagittarius is the 9th astrological sign of the zodiac which emerges from the constellation Sagittarius in the sky and spans 240 degrees to 270 degrees. This sign is attributed to those who are born from November 21st to December 21st.  Theer element is fire and their ruling planet is Jupiter which is also known for goodluck! 

This sign is associated with the birthstones of Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon and Citrine. As mentioned before, this sign as well as Aries and Leo possess the element of fire which is one the four elements people are categorized under. Fire represents spontaneity, inspiration, intuition and passion.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of not only Sagittarius but also of Pisces and brings with it mostly luck, good fortune and exploration especially in spirituality and knowledge. This planet influences people who are related to positions such as priests, judges, teachers, imams and philosophers.

The Eccentric Fun Loving Killer

Infamous Sagittarius serial killers 

  • Ted Bundy (born November 24, 1976)
  • Larry Eyler aka the Interstate Killer (born December 21, 1952)
  • Dennis Nilsen (born November 23, 1945)
  • Rosemary West (born November 29, 1953).

Why would some as fun loving as a Sagittarius kill? This may be a mysterious but their fun loving streak and desire for adrenaline rushes as well as their recklessness may be a clue as to why they are in the top list.


Fun loving and wild free souls, Sagittarius’s can turn on you in the blink of an eye expressing how they feel; whether angry, surprised or upset they will let it out all on you as if they were storing it up inside for a long time. This will most likely surprise and shock you because if you listen and watch closely enough you will learn a lot on how they think and feel; somethings you may not have even expected. So be ready for such outbursts. Don’t let them scare you but stand strong because even a Sagittarius needs an outlet!


It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that these people can be careless. With their fun loving optimistic personality responsibility can be something they avoid or at least try to. They become careless especially if they are in those moods when they are being fun and wild and just want to relax. They might forget to run some errands, do a favor you asked them to do or even forget you at the grocery store. Don’t worry it’s just how they are but that doesn’t mean they aren’t reliable – they are just careless sometimes! Keep that in mind though.


This article took a look at the zodiac signs that are most likely to kill and why. It introduced each of these signs and highlighted traits that reflect their serial killer tendencies.