Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Serial Killers (Ranked)

In this article, we will rank the zodiac signs from most to least likely to be serial killers. This article also looks at some prominent serial killers from each zodiac sign. 

Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Serial Killers

Here are the zodiac signs ranked from most to least likely to be serial killers:

  • Capricorn
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius
  • Scorpio
  • Aries
  • Libra
  • Pisces
  • Gemini
  • Virgo
  • Cancer
  • Taurus

Oh My God! So it seems like people can never get enough of serial killers and now serial killers are being psychoanalyzed at every possible level. Well, including the zodiac sign they were born under. 

So what is it that drives these serial killers to commit cold-blooded, spine-chilling murders? Is it some kind of sick fantasy? Could it be the influence of their zodiac sign?

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Also, if you’re up for more spine-chilling details, look up the serial killers who share your zodiac sign!

Capricorn (55 Serial Killers)

I, for one, am not shocked. The fundamental nature is plainly apparent: a desire for absolute influence and control. 

Capricorn is indeed totalitarian, but they’re also known for ritualised murders, including strangulation, theft, and a moral reasoning based on fate having taken its course.

Capricorn Serial Killers

  • Joe “The Alligator Man” Ball … (2-20 victims)
  • William Bonin … (21-36+ victims)
  • Ian “The Moors Murderer” Brady … (5 victims)
  • Dean “The Candy Man” Corll … (28+ victims)
  • Vincent “The Brooklyn Strangler” Johnson … (5 victims)
  • Charles Ng … (11-25 victims)

Leo (46 Serial Killers)

The zodiac’s regal sign, Leo, will be next on the list. Though Leo seems to have a smaller number, their total number of victims and the severity of their crimes should put them ahead of Capricorn in the rankings. 

The modus operandi is closest to Capricorn’s, but it’s somewhat extra sinister, since it often includes sexual assault and brutality. Cannibalism, especially among the young as well as children, is a contentious issue. This is why Leo is the lord of the children’s field.

Leo Serial Killers

  • John “The Acid Bath Killer” Haigh … (6-9 victims)
  • Myra “The Moors Murderer” Hindley … (5 victims)
  • Anthony “The Cleveland Strangler” Sowell … (11 victims)

Even their given names are enough to give you the chills!

Sagittarius (43 Serial Killers)

We were shocked by Leo, but Saggie isn’t quite as surprising. Rape, suffocation, and theft were all part of their arsenal, but age was less of a factor in their victims.

Necrophilia and “trophies” such as mutilated parts of the body and the victim’s personal belongings set much of these killers apart from the rest.

Sagittarius Serial Killers

  • Ted Bundy … (30-36+ victims)
  • Alton Coleman … (8 victims)
  • Richard “The Torso Killer” Cottingham … (6+ victims)
  • Carlton “The Stocking Strangler” Gary … (7 victims)
  • Edmund “The Co-Ed Butcher” Kemper … (10 victims)
  • Dennis “The Monochrome Man” Nilsen … (12-15 victims)

Aquarius (42 Serial Killers)

The humanitarian of the zodiac is not quite so compassionate. Who’d have guessed? Surprisingly, homicidal (and hateful) hitmen have been popular among Aquarian killers.

Although they are known for torturing, raping, and necrophilia, many of them chose weak targets and like the destitute,homeless, prostitutes, vagrants, or anyone associated with them.

Aquarius Serial Killers

  • Jerry “The Lust Killer” Brudos … (4 victims)
  • Robert “The Butcher Baker” Hansen … (17-21+ victims)
  • Derrick Todd “The Baton Rouge Serial Killer” Lee … (7+ victims)
  • Joel Rifkin … (9-17+ victims)

Scorpio (42 Serial Killers)

In view of this article, Scorpio is a cross between Leo and Aquarius. On the extreme end of the spectrum, Scorpio is just what we would anticipate: a creepy perverted sadistic murderer who, prior to their murderous rampage, was frequently a convicted rapist and a sexual predator. 

Their modus operandi included coercion, strangulation, necrophilia, and defilement. Other Scorpio serial murderers used a handgun, though all of them were carried out in the form of executions.

Scorpio Serial Killers

  • Alton Coleman … (8 victims)
  • Nannie “The Giggling Granny” Doss … (11 victims)
  • Belle “Hell’s Belle” Gunness … (40+ victims)
  • William “The Lipstick Killer” Heirens … (3 victims)
  • Charles Manson … (7 victims)
  • Carl Eugene “The Sunday Morning Slasher” Watts … (22-100 victims)

Aries (42 Serial Killers)

Firstly, none of them had a similar strategy, with just a handful of the offences being sexually motivated. A gun was the most common preferred weapon. 

Not to mention being dumped was the top catalyst behind these crimes. Their killings were generally inept, disorganised, and inspired solely by the need to be number one (which is definitely what we can expect from an Aries).

Aries Serial Killers

  • Wayne “The Vampire Rapist” Boden … (3 victims)
  • Joseph “The Racist Killer” Franklin … (7-22 victims)
  • Donald Harvey … (37-57 victims)
  • Keith “The Happy Face Killer” Jespersen … (8 victims)
  • Paul “The Casanova Killer” Knowles … (18-35+ victims)
  • Herbert Mullin … (13 victims)
  • Charles “The Serpent” Sobhraj … (12+ victims)
  • Christopher “The Beauty Queen Killer” Wilder … (8-9+ victims)

Libra (42 Serial Killers)

Who’d have guessed Libra could become so ruthless? Their killings were, predictably, much less bloody than most others. 

Strangulation, torture and rape, and taking the victim’s possessions as “trophies” are all standard tactics, as is locking up at least a few of the targets and displaying them afterwards. I’m guessing the symbol of punishment has some contrition— or they see their crimes as an artistic expression.

Libra Serial Killers

  • Angelo “The Hillside Strangler” Buono, Jr. … (12 victims)
  • Gerald “The Love Slave Killer” Gallego … (10 victims)
  • Patrick “The Freeway Killer” Kearney … (21-43 victims)
  • Bobby Joe “The Classified Ad Rapist” Long … (10+ victims)

Pisces (40 Serial Killers)

Who thought Pisces, the cute and pleasant doe-eyed sign, could be so wicked? Pisces serial killers are the ones our mothers warned us about.

Disfigurement, rape, abduction, detaining, and cannibalism are by far the most prevalent forms of maltreatment, however what sets Pisces apart is that their emphasis on the youngest and oldest members of society (kids, juveniles, and the senior citizens).

Pisces Serial Killers

  • John Wayne “The Clown Killer” Gacy … (33-34 victims)
  • Donald Henry “The Meanest Man in America” Gaskins … (9+ victims)
  • Randy Steven “The Scorecard Killer” Kraft … (16-67 victims)
  • Richard “The Night Stalker” Ramirez … (14 victims)
  • Gary “The Green River Killer” Ridgway … (49-90+ victims)
  • Dennis “The BTK Killer” Rader … (10 victims)
  • Dorothea “The Death House Landlady” Puente … (3-9 victims)
  • Douglas “The Sunset Slayer” Clark … (7 victims)

Gemini (40 Serial Killers)

Apart from being insane, Gemini serial murderers appeared to be mostly motivated by vengeance. 

While strangulation, eating humans, nailing the bodies, and abuse are all common tactics used by serial killers, Gemini stands out and they’re the most prone to murder somebody they meet or kill by affiliation. Many people murdered couples, friends, neighbours, and even their own family members.

Gemini Serial Killers

  • Jeffrey “The Milwaukee Cannibal” Dahmer … (17 victims)
  • Peter “The Monster of Dusseldorf” Kurten … (9+ victims)
  • Wayne “The Atlanta Child Killer” Williams … (23-29 victims)

Virgo (39 Serial Killers)

Although Virgo is rated relatively lower than predicted, the essence of their crimes is just what we would predict. What sets Virgo apart from other serial killers is that almost everyone of the 39 had included theft or a bank. 

The most prominent Virgos, on the other hand, were retired healthcare workers who poisoned or surgically mutilated their patients. Only Virgo is capable of such meticulousness.

Virgo Serial Killers

  • Richard “The Angel of Death” Angelo … (8 victims)
  • Paul “The Schoolgirl Killer” Bernardo … (3-4 victims)
  • Richard “The Thrill Killer” Biegenwald … (6-9+ victims)
  • Albert “The Boston Strangler” DeSalvo … (13 victims)

Cancer (34 Serial Killers)

Cancer has a superhero complex similar to Aquarius’, with the exception that each of the 34 serial killers had previously committed crimes such as fraud, petty robbery, violence, and rape. 

For several, it was someone abandoning or trying to blackmail them that set them off. Other casualties were mostly high-risk individuals, such as prostitutes. Having cancer at the end of the list is perfectly reasonable given their cute smooshy persona.

Cancer Serial Killers

  • John Reginald “The Monster of Rillington Place” Christie … (8 victims)
  • Gary Heidnik … (2+ victims)
  • Genene Jones … (2-60 victims)

Taurus (22 Serial Killers)

We always assumed that the zodiac’s huge teddy will have the lowest amount of joy killing. What sets Taurus apart, however, is that so many of them essentially chased their victims through walking trails, recreation areas, hills, and other areas where land is involved.

Taurus Serial Killers

  • Martha “The Lonely Hearts Killer” Beck … (3-17 victims)
  • Albert “The Moon Maniac” Fish … (3-9+victims)


In this article, we ranked the zodiac signs from most to least likely to be serial killers. This article also looked at some prominent serial killers from each zodiac sign. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to reach out to us!

Frequently Asked Questions: Zodiac Sign Most To Least Likely To Be Serial Killers

What state has most serial killers?

The United States has the highest number in serial killers of any country. With 1,628 total serial murders, California is the state with the most, led by Texas with 893.

What is the most dangerous Zodiac sign according to the FBI?

Cancers are by far the most violent criminals of all the zodiac signs, according to the FBI website, preceded by Tauruses. Aries ranks third, followed by Sagittarius.


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