Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Billionaires (The Complete Guide)

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This article will look at the zodiac signs that are most likely to become billionaires. The article will also explain what traits these zodiac signs have and introduce them in detail as well!

Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Become Billionaires?

Here are the top 3 zodiac signs who are most likely to become billionaires:

  • Libra
  • Pisces
  • Cancer

Let’s take a look at these signs in detail and what qualities they have that allow them to become the top leaders when it comes to making the big bucks!


In this section, we will take a look at what the Libra sign is and what they have that it takes to become a billionaire!

Who Is A Libra?

The Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac which is represented by the symbol of scales. People who are born between September 22 to October 22 fall into this category and are assigned the star of Libra. The birthstone of this zodiac sign is the Opal, Peridot, Tourmaline and Sapphire.

Generally, Libras are people who are peace loving and avoid conflict. They have good people skills and are gentle beings to be with; they will listen to you and understand your experiences, problems and situations and won’t really judge you for it. They want good things to happen to people hence they value fairness and justice. 

Not only Libra but also Gemini and Aquarius possess the element of Air. This signifies them as individuals who are thinkers, communicators and doers. They breeze through life in a very smooth flow analyzing, synthesizing and probing various elements and things of interest. They are intelligent which also helps them make decisions.

Venus is the planet that rules over Libra giving it it’s romantic touch and feel. Venus is a planet that revolves on the axis of love and passion; Libra with it’s calm and peaceful nature of relationships allows Venus to dump it’s love drunk influence all over it. Hence, this combination leaves Libra with the sense of not only romantic love but an eye for aesthetics too.

Libra’s As Billionaires

This is the top star when it comes to billionaires! They make the majority of billionaires who rule the world with their assets and cash. Their way of dealing with people that too in a just and fair manner gets them a long way. 

They have great people skills that are combined with some element of empathy – they listen to your problems and actually try to help out. At the same time they are smart and know what tactics others are using to get around them!

Popular Billionaires Who Are Libras

There are a number of billionaires who are Libra which include Ralph Lauren, Stefan Persson, Liliane Bettencourt, Alice Walton


Let us take a look at the Pisces star and which of them are billionaires!

Pisces – Who Are They?

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign that is represented by the symbol of the fish and extends from the period of February 19 to March 20. People born under this star are usually described as friendly people who are kind and compassionate and have a knack for wild imagination and creativity. However, they sometimes get overwhelmed by their emotions and have fears. They are also likely to become victims due to their naive nature.

The birthstone of Pisces is Aquamarine and is also associated with others such as Bloodstone, Jet and Rock Crystal.

Pisces like Scorpio possesses the element of water in its nature. They are people who allow their emotions to flow and are in touch with a deeper level of themselves as compared to others. Their emotions range from negative ones to ones that accept the world and the creatures in it. For them security is very important and they are known to have intense dreams. Words like ultra sensitive and strong intuition are used to describe stars that possess the element of water.

Neptune represents universality and the concept that we are all one hence it inculcates a sense of compassion, kindness, idealism and even imagination into the star it rules; Pisces. This influence that Neptune has on Pisces is well defined by its traits because Pisces see the good in others and rarely say no because they want to be compassionate and help those around them. Furthermore they are very naive beings and they have a wild sense of imagination.

Pisces & Money

Whether it’s their friendly nature or their empathetic qualities that allow them to connect and motivate people, pisces is one of those stars that are most likely to turn out as billionaires. They are also very creative and one of their best traits is that of being adaptable. They know how to bounce back from tough situations and hence they are more likely to get back after failures and try again!

Just like water, Pisces are great at adapting themselves to the demands of their environment. They are open to change and accept it rather than resist it and this makes it even more easy for them to change themselves in order to accommodate the ‘new’. They are also receptive in that they will know what is going on in their environment especially if it is related to people and they will mould their own behavior or thoughts in order to settle in to what is going on.

Popular Pisces

Bernard Arnault, Rupert Murdoch and Michael Dell are billionaires who have the star of Pisces.


In this section, we will highlight billionaires who have this star and introduce it as well!

What Is Cancer?

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac represented by the symbol of the ‘Crab’. It is assigned to those people who are born from June 20 to July 22. People born with this star are often considered as caring, sensitive and protective but their habits of repressing their feelings and thoughts will surprise you when they experience strong mood swings and extreme anger. Their focus is not on their own self but on others and their well being.

The birthstone of Cancer is Ruby but goes well with Moonstone, Pearl and Emerald as well! 

The Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer and represents the unconscious, one’s feelings and the self as it takes light from the Sun which focuses on the person itself. The Moon represents the feminine side which is associated with nurturing others and caring for their needs. It inculcates the instincts of caring for loved ones and those in need. 

The element of Cancer is water hence they have a deep relationship with the realm of emotions; they feel strongly and are also quick to note how others are feeling. They allow themselves to get in touch with their emotional side more compared to others so they feel and express strongly too.

Billionaires – Cancer

It seems like that people skills are common when it comes to billionaires. Cancers are the type of people who will be there for you in their difficult time to lend you a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to your worries. They believe in helping people feel better due to their strong belief in emotions and their caring nature that arises from both their ruling planet and element of water. Not only do they care but they want you to grow and they will strive to be a part of that process. This quality may help them work with their teams towards the ladder of success.

This star has the power of intuition like some others thus they have much reliance on their gut feelings; they just know and don’t have to see or experience something to believe it. They are people who focus on what is going on inside; their thoughts, feelings, dreams and ideas guide them to what is right for them and drive them away from what is bad for them. They look at how they feel towards someone or something to determine if it is right for them.

Top List

Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Elon Musk, Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken are billionaires who have the star of cancer!


This article took a look at the signs which most billionaires possess and highlighted what traits they have that get them up the ladder of success. This article also took a look at popular billionaires and what stars they have.

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