Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Get Bullied (top 3)

This article will take a look at the zodiac signs that are most likely to get bullied by others. The article will explain what traits they have that cause them to be a victim of such advances and also introduce them in detail so the audience develops a deeper understanding of the topic.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Get Bullied?

Here are the zodiac signs that are most likely to get bullied:

  • Cancer
  • Aquarius
  • Sagittarius

Before we explain why these zodiac signs get bullied, let us introduce them in detail!

The Zodiac Signs – Top 3

In this section we will introduce the easy going, harm less zodiacs that tend to get bullied!


Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac represented by the symbol of the ‘Crab’. It is assigned to those people who are born from June 20 to July 22. People born with this star are often considered as caring, sensitive and protective but their habits of repressing their feelings and thoughts will surprise you when they experience strong mood swings and extreme anger. Their focus is not on their own self but on others and their well being.

The birthstone of Cancer is Ruby but goes well with Moonstone, Pearl and Emerald as well! 

The Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer and represents the unconscious, one’s feelings and the self as it takes light from the Sun which focuses on the person itself. The Moon represents the feminine side which is associated with nurturing others and caring for their needs. It inculcates the instincts of caring for loved ones and those in need. 

The element of Cancer is water hence they have a deep relationship with the realm of emotions; they feel strongly and are also quick to note how others are feeling. They allow themselves to get in touch with their emotional side more compared to others so they feel and express strongly too.

This star has the power of intuition like some others thus they have much reliance on their gut feelings; they just know and don’t have to see or experience something to believe it. They are people who focus on what is going on inside; their thoughts, feelings, dreams and ideas guide them to what is right for them and drive them away from what is bad for them. They look at how they feel towards someone or something to determine if it is right for them.


Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac assigned to individuals born from January 19 to February 19. They are generally defined as fun loving people who greatly value the relationships they have and are smart and independent. They believe in a free world with as little restrictions as possible in order to have the chance to do what they desire.

Aquarius is associated with stones like Amber, Garnet and Amethyst. 

The element of Aquarius is air and this element instills a sense of thinking in people who possess it; they are focused on their thoughts and are future oriented. They like to use mind processes like imagining, associating and dreaming to make sense of the world around them. People who possess air as an element are curious and intelligent and usually live inside their heads. 

Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius and signifies freedom and the possibility of change. This planet inculcates strong values of having a vision that people must obtain; this is why people who fall under the sign of Aquarius are visionaries and want to do work for the greater good. This planet is also related to the element of the mind and gives more power to Aquarius as they are already good with their thinking abilities.

Yes Aquarius is pretty smart and they have good thinking skills. They can give the credit to not only their star but their ruling planet Uranus too! They are able to process information well and think about it , identifying any patterns or relationships that can help them develop a better understanding of things and hence make better decisions or excel in their fields.

They are good with studies and quick learners; they do not have to expend much effort in learning a new topic nor do they have to take much help from others as they are independent and clever learners.


The Sagittarius is the 9th astrological sign of the zodiac which emerges from the constellation Sagittarius in the sky and spans 240 degrees to 270 degrees. This sign is attributed to those who are born from November 21st to December 21st.  Theer element is fire and their ruling planet is Jupiter which is also known for goodluck! 

This sign is associated with the birthstones of Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon and Citrine. As mentioned before, this sign as well as Aries and Leo possess the element of fire which is one the four elements people are categorized under. Fire represents spontaneity, inspiration, intuition and passion.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of not only Sagittarius but also of Pisces and brings with it mostly luck, good fortune and exploration especially in spirituality and knowledge. This planet influences people who are related to positions such as priests, judges, teachers, imams and philosophers.

Sagittarius does not like the truth to be concealed. They value honesty and want to see the truth be upheld whereas falsehood should be exposed. They will endeavor to ensure more and more people know what is right while at the same time shun away those who lie and keep their distance from them. They simply do not like liars and are not afraid of telling the truth whatever the consequences are. 

Why Do They Get Bullied – The Zodiac Signs

In this section we will explore the reasons why these zodiac signs get bullied and how!


This is one of the zodiac signs that tends to get bullied – but there is more to it. They are the sweet ones when it comes to the zodiac signs however they use this to their advantage to make others feel guilty if they do wrong to them. Hence, they will let people tread over them and bully them but use the after effects of that to make them feel bad.

If the Cancer sign does stand up for themselves it may not always go well. They will stand up and defend themselves but likely fall apart in the process or break down into tears. Although this makes them seem very vulnerable and a likely victim of bullying – they will use this to their advantage later on.

Hence, when it comes to the zodiac signs, Cancer is one of them that does get bullied around quite easily. Sometimes they let it happen and sometimes they just can’t take a stand for themselves – either way it happens.


These are the nice guys who are also frequent victims of bullying. They avoid conflict and will forgo their own interests just to see things go through smoothly and not break up into a fight. However, this results in them getting stepped over. People will push them around, insult them and even harm them physically but they will prefer to take a defensive approach.

Aquarius , although very friendly and the nice guys in the group, do not let anyone get on their nerves and do take  stand when things get really bad. They will act and push things if they have to. Apart from that, they are passive and prefer to be defensive and thus in the process get pushed around or bullied.


They are fun loving but can also be fierce and fiery but – of course – their first line of action is that of being nice around people and hence they do tend to be one of those zodiac signs that get bullied. They prefer to deal with others in a friendly and peaceful manner – it is only later they recognize the fact that not all people like playing things smoothly.


This article looked at the zodiac signs that are most likely to be bullied by other people. The article not only introduced these signs but also explained why they are more vulnerable to being bullied.

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