What is the worst personality match for an INTP? (3+ types)

This blog will answer the question, “what is the worst personality match for an INTP?”, it will briefly outline what an INTP is like and explain the worst possible personality matches for an INTP.

What is the worst personality match for an INTP?

The worst personality matches for the INTP are as follows:

●     ESFJ with INTP

●     ESTJ with INTP

●     ESFP with INTP

●     ISFJ with INTP

What is the worst personality match for an INTP?

The following is a discussion of the worst possible personality types to pair up with an INTP. Such a relationship is destined for failure and will most likely cause emotional distress for the INTP.


The ESFP is a bad match for an INTP because they are dominantly a sensor and while the INTP is intuitive. This is a problem because the ESFP focuses on concrete facts while the INTP is more focused on theories and ideas.

This will cause problems as they have different problem-solving approaches. The ESFP is conflict-avoidant while the INTP always needs to prove their point. The INTP will become aggressive and painfully honest trying to explain their point. Meanwhile, the ESFP will desperately try to restore peace minus dealing with the problem.

Additionally, the ESFP is an extrovert, therefore they get energized by socializing with others. They enjoy social gatherings such as functions, parties, and lunches. They can be at these events for hours on end chatting away and having a good time.

If the INTP tags along they will most likely feel very tired, bored, and drained. They will feel left out and disregarded as their ESFP partner laughs the night away.


The biggest challenge between the INTP and ISFJ pairing is communication. The heart of the issue is that they have very different styles of communication.

The INTP is complicated and tends to communicate in abstract and theoretical ways. Never hitting the nail on the head and hard to understand. This can be difficult for the ISFJ who is a sensor who thinks and communicates in a very clear manner. This can prove to be a mental block for both personalities causing frustrations.

The INTP is just too fixated on bombarding others with facts and making them see their point of view that they neglect how that feels. This often makes the ISFJ retreat from the relationship.


The issue with the INTP and ESTJ pairing is the concerns that arise about structure and organization. Even though the INTP is relaxed about schedules and plans, the ESTJ cannot abide by a person who does things randomly.

The ESTJ thrives on structure and routine while the INTP is more laid back about such. In the event that they share a physical space, they may disagree over the organization, cleanliness, and tidiness. A lack of any of these things will cause problems as the ESTJ will not rest until he/she gets what they want.

This will cause conflicts and distress between the two. This can lead to resentment and imbalance in the relationship.


At face value, the ESFJ and INTP appear to be quite compatible because they are both pretty easy-going as well as highly adept at handling change. Unfortunately, they don’t communicate in the same way. This means it would be difficult for them to resolve conflicts.

The ESFJ is too emotional while the INTP is insensitive to the emotions of others. The feeling-centered ESFJ will tend to take the bluntness of the INTP to heart. This will create a breeding ground for feelings of insecurity and bitterness. This relationship will therefore be very toxic for the ESFJ. 

Another reason why the INTP and ESFJ cannot work is that the ESFJ and INTP types can trigger each other’s worst fears.

INTPs are terrified by confronting emotionally vulnerable situations which the ESFJ will bring to the table at any given moment.

Meanwhile, the ESFP will be served with criticism and blatant honesty from the INTP. This is the ESFJ’s worst fear as they are bad at taking criticism and receiving disapproval.

What is an INTP like?

The following list is an overview of what an INTP is typically like:

●     They are complicated.

●     They are vague.

●     They are very detail-oriented.

●     People have a difficult time understanding them or their needs.

●     INTPs value their privacy.

●     Do not like to attract any unnecessary attention.

●     Their introverted nature compels them to avoid crowds and people.

●     INTPs do not do well in mundane and repetitive tasks but thrive in constantly changing environments.

●     They are very independent and go to great lengths to attain personal freedom.

●     They are autonomous.

●     Do not like to be micromanaged.

●     They struggle with expressing their emotions.

●     INTPs live inside their minds which are full of imagination and excitement.

●     They lack the necessary motivation to form and maintain relationships.

●     INTPs are not sensitive to other peoples’ emotional feelings and needs.

●     They are secretive

●     They tend are very faithful

●     They are loyal


This blog answered the question, “what is the worst personality match for an INTP?”, it defined an INTP,  briefly outlined what an INTP is like, and explained the worst possible personality matches for an INTP.

The worst personality matches for the INTP are as follows:

●     ESFJ with INTP

●     ESTJ with INTP

●     ESFP with INTP

●     ISFJ with INTP

Frequently Asked Questions: What is the worst personality match for an INTP?

What does INTP hate?

The INTP hates the following things:
●     When people believe illogical things.
●     Being micromanaged
●     Deciding exploring all the possible options
●     Having alone time interrupted

Why are INTPs so weird?

INTPs are considered to be weird because they are caught up inside of their thoughts and imagination. They struggle with expressing these thoughts verbally and emotionally, which becomes very awkward for them.

Are all INTPs smart?

Yes, most INTPs are considered to be smart and they have a high intellectual ability.

Are INTP good liars?

Yes, INTPs are excellent liars because they can rapidly model several lies with their ability to think up ideas rapidly.

Are INTPs secretive?

Yes, INTPs are secretive people, mostly because they keep a lot inside.

Are INTP clingy?

No, INTPs are the least clingy people out there. INTPs enjoy plenty of time alone, and will often become irritated with people who attempt to cling to them.


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